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  2. Love Rollercoaster - seek the video...

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  4. Rewatching some of the season 7 HTSX races. never forget the smoove moves 

    +/- Dominance Award

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  6. MCC Halo 4 tomorrow. Halo 5 on Saturday.

  7. Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament this Wednesday at 7PM EDT!

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    2. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      On a side note. Is the shoutbox '5-shout' rule still in effect? I feel like as long as you don't spam or go overboard it would be ok. I mean, I'd hate asking for someone to say something just so I'm able to post an update there as well, regarding my tournament's status.

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      If it's important, it's always OK.

    4. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      Don't scrap the MCC tournament. I can move one of the two to Saturday, I just need a few responses from HT as to which they prefer so I can make the right arrangements and changes.

  8. I literally had a dream about forging last night... Think it's about time to get back to that track.

  9. What's good, HT? Good to see the site still alive and kicking!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      We're alive, but I wouldn't say we're kicking, lol. Things have just been really chill... too chill. I'm doing some stuff behind the scenes, but not much is happening on the surface right meow. How are things going with you, bro?

    2. smm2010


      I take it Halo 5 still isn't up to par?

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Everything but the Mongoose is, at least for us. I think the vanilla gameplay (competitive and stuff) is still garbage, but the Custom Games options are magnificent.

      The Mongoose is a total dumpster fire, though.

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