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  4. We've partnered up with ForgeHub to host a map contest! Read more...

    1. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      This will be fun, anxious to see what remarkable environments we get to drive in!!

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  6. Banana hammock!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Oh, ferr sherr

  7. Happy Birthday, Masta!

    1. Masta Hippie

      Masta Hippie

      Thanks buddy. And happy death defiance day to you!

  8. I just got two Twelves put in the back of my Soul!!! The bass is incredible :)

    1. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      The drinking has impacted your soul? You should stop now before your soul falls to pieces.

    2. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      You do remember that I am sXe right

    3. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      No sorry, I don't know your sex.

  9. There's no way to post images here hmm?

    well in simple terms I am looking for anyone at the moment that is interested in joining our development team. We are creating a Horror Game. msg me if your interested.


    Story origins created from Micheal .T

    Story Developer/Lead Project Manager: Nathaniel .S

    Story Narrative Director: (Unknown)

    Lead Music Director: Jose .R

    Lead Programmer: (Unknown)

    Lead Art Design: (Unknown)

    Lead Animator: (Unknown)

    Website Lead Design/Editor: (Unknown)



    Alastair: Michael .T (Status unknown)

    Captain Nolik Syringe: (Unknown)

    Rook Navin: (Unknown)

    Connor Navin: (Unknown)

    Virusia Volkov: Lilia Ebony (Maybe)

    Luca (Lucas) Guarigione: (Unknown)

    Alexandre Arifiser: (Unknown)

    Jacob Copper: (Unknown)

    1. kogaGmente III

      kogaGmente III

      Not really looking for voice actors at the moment in time.

  10. another random edit i didnt have the clips to make it


  11. I ran the Surf n Santa 5 Miler race last night in 01:05:06 at an average pace of 13.02 per mile in a Santa Suite!!!

    1. kogaGmente III

      kogaGmente III

      Good to see your still around about HT.

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