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  2. Its been 4200 days since Ive been on HT, legit tears in my eye just thinking about the good ol days.

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  4. Jeff you're a beeeeeeeeeee. Oh hey guys.

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Fuckayoo, whale

  5. This community was awesome and I loved racing with you fools. Can’t believe how long it’s been! I’m 26 now and randomly thought to check this site after years

    1. MikeEgan


      Hey Bomber, this is purpledinosaur0.  I'm 24 now .. I thought you were like 4 years older than me, guess not.

    2. Bomberman914


      Hey Purple! I’ll be 27 in September. Which means I was like 15 or 16 years old when I started velocity. Crazy it’s been a decade already 

  6. For those checking in on the site, we now have a Discord! Join here:

  7. Holy, just found this site again. Sorry for being the annoying 11 year old that I was...

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      That was all of us. Some still.

  8. Performing Data Management Tasks: Currently in the process of moving videos to my FHR channel from my two main accounts that I uploaded to years ago. FYI, my xbox TRED account is not more. I was unable to login with that ID and it gave me a new GT. Don't know if you can find my old maps from the Halo 4 days anyhow. It's more so history now. Superior Forger is my only account now. If Halo 6 becomes a smashing success and forge is great then I will certainly try and make a few maps, but until then I will remain inactive in forging halo racetracks.

  9. I wonder what everyone has been up to all these years since the old days of Halotracks. Its been awhile since I've taken a peak at the ole site. 

  10. Got a new computer and going to be making vids again for FHR. Mostly just map previews,

  11. Haven't been on here for awhile, what's up guys? I'd like to say I came back completely own my own but I just came back for a college class. I will say this is the first thing that came to mind though.

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