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  4. Yo is it possible to change your Display Name?

    1. xDangles25x


      Yes you can change it under account settings.

  5. Hi, is this site for Rocket Race on Halo 3?  I've been looking everywhere for a community so I can play.  Could I get the discord info please?  Thank you.

    1. Pancake


      Hey Blong! We have done a bunch of Rocket Race stuff in the past! There aren't currently any consistent events happening for Rocket Race, but many members of our community love it and have played for years. Perhaps you could convince them to get back into it! I will dm you the link to the Discord!

  6. For anyone new or returning to the site after a long hiatus, we're mainly on Discord now! Shoot me a message and I'll get you in there !HALOTRACKS

  7. oh yeah so im back

  8. It's been more than 4 years since my last visit. How has everyone been?

    1. ducain23


      Well I didn't reply in the chat thing, but just wanted to say I've recently been playing a lot of your maps again since the MCC Reach Custom Game Browser was released. So much fun!

      Hope you make time to create tracks in Infinite when it releases :)

  9. first login in two and a half years, my longest hiatus from the best Halo community ever. 

    What's up, everybody?1?

    1. Le Hefe
    2. xDangles25x


      Still smells like poop.

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