Completed Tournaments:

Hardc0re on a Budget

A change up to your everyday broadcast! Came across some racing that hasn't been done in a hot minute, and I figured I'll throw my hat in the ring of trying to host one of these bad boys!

Stop Begging for SX

Same rules as the previous Supercross tournaments.

You Shouldn't Have SX In Public

You know how it be. Same rules as the last ones, except for the ones I change.

Sweet, Passionate SX

Please.. be gentle with me. Same rules as last time. I might come up with new ones. Who knows?

SX On the Couch

Same rules as before.

You Just Need More SX

Vigorous SX We will run heats if we have too many in overflow. Standard HTSX rules.

Race on Overplayed SX Tracks

Race on my 2020 reworks of Enigmatic SX and Victoria Field SX. Standard HTSX rules. No wrecking allowed; all racing incidents will be reviewed. Two 15 minute + 2 lap motos on each track.

omg rcement

To liv es teh rce, tuh rce is teh liv We are here to rce, and to lel Rules We will be rceing on MCC Donglowing is encouraged If you this tournament seriously at all, you have problems, cameron No driving backwards on the track You can go slow to wreck, but completely stopping is a no no - this will be judged at my discretion There is no such thing as missing a checkpoint, you aren't done until you have enough laps complete All tracks will be 50 laps except the following: omg rce005 - 25 laps omg hepta rce sx 008 - 12 laps omg rce00bowt - 15 laps omg rce011 - 25 laps

Not So Safe SX

A race on Kat2BKittnMe's and Jabbleston's new SX track. This track is on MCC in Halo 4. No wrecking. Blue Flag Rule. Gate start. I get last you know the drill. Squishy SX is the best SX. Squishy SX: (Kat2BKittnMe's Fileshare) 2 Moto's 15 laps each.

River Rapids Mayhem

Two moto format, on the old school TRS (Terrain Rally Showdown) style track River Rapids TRS. Short simple terrain track with a couple line options and two collision sections for crazy action!

Protected SX

Make room. Don't be a douche. Wear a rubber and practice safe SX.

H4 DRL 2020

H4 DRL on the best maps possible Wrecking is allowed and have fun, dont go backwards or cut the track, dont stop and wait for someone, dont purposefully demo block someone

MotoCross the Halo's

MX Tracks on different Halos. No wrecking allowed, no going backwards, and no hindering other racers. Blue flag rule is enforced if the leaders want to call it. Races will start on the gates in Halo 4 and on a grenade toss in H2A (when the grenade explodes). All tracks are 15 minutes + 2 laps H2A: Westlake MX by Kat2BKittnMe H4: Copper Canyon National by Populare and Pancake H4: Whitewater National by Populare H2A: A.51 Motocross by MtnDewx97 Backup Tracks on H4 if the tracks crash the lobby Lone Pine Andromeda


Competitive Halo 4 tournament focused on MX tracks. Tracks will be technical so get laps in. No wrecking and 'blue flag' rule is present. Estimated run time is up to 90 minutes. 7:00PM EST start, please be on time. Fileshares w/ maps: Camonized: NPR Jabbleston: Pinetop Panccake: Breakpoint, Deep Dish purpledinosaur0: Yolt Park Xreignz: Killshot

MCC: Halo 4 GP Tournament

MCC Halo 4 GP tournament 4 Tracks, Races are 20 Minutes +2 laps. ( No Pit stops unless requested by the majority of racers) Racers will line up double-wide staggered. Order for the first race will be random, after that starting order will be reverse finishes from the previous race. Be 10 minutes early PLEASE.

Robs Legendary H4 maps drl style

6 of my best drunkenly forged maps. mix of terrain sx and mx DRL rules apply, no stopping on track, no going backwards on track (unless missed checkpoint), dont let it get out of hand on the raging (Cameron im talking to you), if youre getting lapped wreck the fuck outta the people lapping you


Going old school with some Halo 3 terrain. 8 participants max All signups after max participants has been hit will be in overflow and invited on a first come, first serve basis provided a non-overflow participant does not show up to the event at the designated start time.

Just More Supercross

AMA Supercross format: 20 minutes + 2 [full] laps Overflow is enabled. If in overflow, you will be invited to the event if any non-overflow participants do not show up on time to tournament. I like to be punctual, so assume I will start the tournament at the designated time. On average, 2 participants drop out or do not show. Be 10 minutes early, and don't forget to get some practice laps in. Tournament will be streamed at:

[Xbox] Reach Mixed Terrain

Classic Reach tournament format. Pairs of SX, MX and terrain. Maps are relatively unpopular compared to more traditional tourney picks, so check them out if you can. 7:00PM EST START, please be on time. FILESHARES CONTAINING MAPS: WhiskeyWarm (BreakNeck!) Goldman 010 (Gold Trails) v Ionized (Xerosere, Epcot SX) blh728 (Sandstone MX, Valparaisa MX)

MCC: Halo 4 Supercross

Tournament on the Master Chief Collection utilizing the newly transferred Halo 4 Supercross tracks, tracks made between 2012 and 2014. 10 Laps on each of the following tracks: Richmond SX v2 Chrysolite SX Outbreak SX PPL Park SX

TRL Race 1 - Box Hill SX

TRL race 1 Box Hill SX - XreignZ April 2nd 2018 6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Halo 3 MLG Hardcore Tournament 4

Casual-competitive Halo 3 tournament, featuring HardcoreTracks.

Halo 3 MLG Hardcore Tournament 3

Casual-competitive Halo 3 tournament, featuring HardcoreTracks.

Motocross Mix

Time for another tournament. Get ready as the intensity takes new heights. We we will race five tracks of Supercross and Motocross mixed together. For MX there will be two motos of 5 minutes plus two laps and a single moto of 8 minutes plus one lap for SX. Braaap! Sharpen your skills with practice tracks on purpledinosaur0's and blh728's fileshare.

Supercross Pro

Classic Motocross was a huge improvement in all aspects however there is still room for growth. This tournament features extremely consistent tracks which will make for some snpectacular battles from start to finish. The previous two tourneys seen crazy close results, and this tourney should be even better. We will be doing five races on five different tracks each consisting of 8 minutes and one lap. See you at the races. Braaap! (tracks on blh728's and v Ionized's fileshare).

Classic Motocross

Last tourney sucked. We had to deal with a 30 minute late start due to low attendance, lag outs and black screens. Now that my feet are wet, this tourney will be an improvement. I have shortened the total race time to 50 minutes as opposed to 1hr 10 minutes, moved to another Xbox in the house which has proved to better connection, and a faster way to add points during intermissions. We will be racing 5 tracks with 2 motos each of 5 minutes plus 2 laps.

Classic Supercross

It’s time to go racing and dump the clutch. We will race 6 different tracks but here’s where it gets interesting. Race 3 and race 6 will feature a unique format unlike the others. They will each be a triple crown as seen in Monster Energy Supercross this year. Race 1, 2, 4 and 5 will be normal 10 minute plus one lap races. As for the two triple crown races, each one has 3 motos with the duration of race time increasing from 3min. plus one lap, to 5min, and to 7min. Halzor SX and Viscera SX will be our triple crown tracks. A purse of $188.75 will be distributed amongst the top 5 finishers overall.

HT H3 Demo Throwback Tournament!

All racers will need to have Halo 3 downloaded along with the heroic, mythic 1 & 2 DLC to play on all of the maps. All DLC is free for backwards compatible Halo games. Map List: 1. Wave Runner 2. Corridors 3. Afternoon Delite 4. Waka Waka 5. R.R. Overpass

Halo 4 Demo Tournament #1

Have you ever wanted to plow your best friend? Here's your chance.

Halo 3 MLG Hardcore Tournament 2

Casual-competitive Halo 3 tournament, featuring HardcoreTracks.

Halo 4 Backwards Compatibility Tournament

Competitive Halo 4 Tournament. Features motocross, supercross and terrain tracks.

Halo 3 10th Anniversary Tournament

Competitive Halo 3 tournament. Features hardcore, motocross, supercross and terrain tracks. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Halo 3.

MotoMates 3

(June 17, 6:30 P.M. EST) The first MotoMates tourney on Halo 5! Battle it out on a series of supercross tracks with a teammate.

MotoMates 2

(June 10, 8ET) Fight it out on a series of supercross/motocross tracks with a teammate. There can be only one winner...

June Rocket Race 2017

June Rocket Race 2017 - 7pm(e)

Rocket Race FEB.17

*Rocket Race FEB.17* A HaloTracks 5.0 Tournament Event - Friday February 17 2017 10pm eastern - Teams of Two players on Gungoose RACE from checkpoint to checkpoint to score points. Each checkpoint is ONE point, Team WINS at 20 points. We are using a variety of maps that have been setup for AnonFriction's Rocket Race gametype. Weapons are the SPNKr (prime) Rockets and (tarturus gavel) Hammer, with 6 Frag. Grenades. Do not EXIT your vehicle during tournament play, if you are thrown GET back ON quick, or if killed by traps, you will be respawned randomly. Players on foot are fair game for grenades and rockets! Players on foot shooting should not impede others unfairly. Maps may or may not have automatic killzones. So, stay on! This event is Fun-based but everyone likes to win. Some rules apply: Be a HaloTracks member (both players of teams), Click on the "Participants" section and enter your info. The (HTRSoC) Rules below apply... NOT, it's Rocket Race, no rules!!... well,The 'Hosting' rules listed DO apply ...AND these are in effect as well. - No excessive whining or complaining. - Respect the tournament host, do as he/she asks. No excessive arguing with him/her as it will slow the tournament down and hinder good hosting. - Have fun, and if in great peril feel free to yell. However, don't yell too much, be too loud, or be too annoying or the host has every right to reprimand you. - Be respectful to fellow racers: trash talk for fun and mainly as a joke, but rude comments, serious insults, sexism, racism are not tolerated or allowed. - Be quiet when the host in explaining the rules to new members, during the countdown, and if someone needs the host during a race. - You must be sure to talk over others if you get stuck, have lag, etc. to contact the host to ask him what to do. If in this situation, you have the right to interrupt anyone. - Criticism of the tracks will be tolerated provided it is done respectfully and constructively, remember not all tracks are going to suit you, and we may have others who really enjoy the track. - be cool, and keep the foul language to a minimum as we are public group and will likely have stream and video rolling. MAPS Include: iceBEAR Region; The ROCKTAGON; Ridgeline Rocket Race; Vortex RMK Rocket Race; avalanche rr, and Deadlock. Thanks!

HT 5.Rce

HaloTracks version 5.0 is finally here. Join us as we run through a myriad of different tracks to kick off the launch in style! Wrecking is not allowed for this tournament.

SX Party

Following Kat2BKittnMe's successful This tournament will be live streamed at

Halo 5 Supercross Rce!

Lets do some SX baby!

The Jump Start Tournament

We've been pretty lacking in the racing side of things for a little while. Now, we stand on the precipice of HT 5.0. Racing is our culture, and I'm making this tournament so we can get the adrenaline flowing once more. Just remember to let the engine warm up for a little bit. Helps to avoid explosions. I would have liked to include some terrain tracks in this, but we don't have a lot in the gallery. Upload those maps, peeps!

Halo 5 Fiesta Cross

Teams of 2 face off on SX tracks.

Halo 4 Demothon Tourney

Best 6 of 11!

Halo 5 GP Rcement

Halo 5! Lets race some Gip.

The trabbedoor Special

So this first map is called v Ionized and umm obviously it’s made by … excuse me. This first map is called X-Crosser and obviously it’s made by trabbedoor because this is the trabbedoor special.

HT Team Fiesta 1st Tourney of H5

Come test out H5 Team Fiesta!

Beaver Stadium Preview

Previewing Beaver Stadium SX for the HT Supercross season.

Halo 5 SX Preview

Come rce on some of the first Halo 5 SX tracks.

Jake's BOHR Part II

Sign up now. Egos are on the line.

MCC Team Fiesta (Best Of)

Race of the favorites of MCC and Fiesta before Halo 5 is released!

Project SHiFT Week 1- The Gulch

This is a racing series consisting of multiple vehicles and style of racing.

Team Fiesta Season 2 Week 2

Week 2 of Season 2! Lets rce

HT Team Fiesta Season 2 Tourney #1

Season 2 of Team Fiesta gets under way! Come join us!

Teal Team Six Compound Open

Welcome to Teal Team Six practice facilities!

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #8

Final Event of Season 1 of Team Fiesta!

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #7

Silver! Two weeks to go on the season! New Tracks!

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #6

Signup for this one I broke the other one. :)

69 min forge contest/tourney + lel

Forge a map then rce the map!

HT Elimination Tournament #3

Gold level tournament. Start time is 8PM EST on MCC.

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #5

Week 5 of Fiesta will be the first to feature a 10 player lobby!

HT Elimination Team Tournament #2

This is a GOLD tournament! Whoa! Start time is 9PM EST on MCC.

HT Elimination Tournament #2

This is a silver tournament. Start time is 8PM EST on MCC.

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #4

New Terrain Tracks! New SX Tracks!

A.51 Motocross

Brap. Braap. Braaaap.

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #3B

2nd lobby from week 3

HT Elimination Team Tournament #1

This is a bronze tournament. Start time at 10PM EST on MCC.

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #3

Tourney 3 of 8 in season 1! New MX Treks!

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #7

Jakes Impromptu Tournament

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #6

Impromptu tournament because Mtn Dew

Velocity Season 6 Tournament #6

Who knew it was so hard to make a berm?

HT Demo Tournament #9

All are welcome to sign up.

HT Elimination Tournament #1

This is a bronze tournament. Start time is 10PM EST on Halo MCC.

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #2

Week 2 of S1 of HT Team Fiesta! Everyone can join! (4 Mayhem Tracks)

Velocity Season 6 Tournament #5

When do you think betting will come out?

HT Demo Tournament #8

All are welcome to sign up. Our new start time is 6:00 ET, this is a Bronze level tournament.

HT Team Fiesta Tournament #1

The first tourney of the Fiesta season!

Velocity Season 6 Tournament #4

Matching Demo's Bronze with our own Bronze

HT Demo Tournament #7

All are welcome to sign up. This is a Bronze level tournament.

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #5

Great late night atmosphere

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #4

The Intensity of Season 6 is RISING.

MCC Team Fiesta Test Tourney #2 (Wrecking Allowed)

Teams compete on different styles of tracks for victory!

Velocity Season 6 Tournament #3

Someone else podium please.

HT Demo Tournament #6

All are welcome to sign up. Our new start time is 8:30 ET, this is a Bronze level tournament.

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #3

Hatter didn't get last

Offrce's Mayhem leltacular

Just a tournament with wrecking allowed

MCC Team Supercross

Two lobbies of 8 clash for the title!

Velocity Season 6 Tournament #2

Lets mix up the leaderboards with the second tournament of the season.

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #2

Late Night fun but its without Hatter

HT Demo Tournament #5a

All are welcome to sign up.

HT Demo Tournament #5b

All are welcome to sign up.

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu #1

Velocity Season 6 Impromptu Tournament #1

Velocity Season 6 Tournament #1

Season 6 opener for Velocity

Halo 4 DRL Tournament #3

Halo 4 - Xbox 360

HT Velocity Pre-Season 6 Open Tournament #4

Hatter tied for 4th last tourney!

HT Demo Tournament #4

All are welcome to sign up. Teams will include 4 people. Double Elimination.

HT Velocity Pre-Season 6 Open Tournament #3

Lets hope that Hatter can place better than 6th this time... FFS....

HT Demo Tournament #3

All are welcome to sign up. Teams will include 3 people. Round Robin.

Beanz MCC Terrain Time #2

Terrain racing

April Fools MCC DRL Test Tourney

April fools wrecking party! Open to everyone.

HT Demo Tournament #2b

All are welcome to sign up.

HT Demo Tournament #2a

All are welcome to sign up.

Halo 4 DRL Tournament

Collision Courses

HT Velocity Pre-Season 6 Open Tournament #2

Lets hope that Hatter can win this time.

HT Demo Tournament #1

All are welcome to sign up.

Open Tournaments:

Second Hand Harc0re

On the verge of getting sued for this. Enjoy!

Racers 8 / 8