Rocket Race FEB.17
*Rocket Race FEB.17* A HaloTracks 5.0 Tournament Event - Friday February 17 2017 10pm eastern - Teams of Two players on Gungoose RACE from checkpoint to checkpoint to score points. Each checkpoint is ONE point, Team WINS at 20 points. We are using a variety of maps that have been setup for AnonFriction's Rocket Race gametype. Weapons are the SPNKr (prime) Rockets and (tarturus gavel) Hammer, with 6 Frag. Grenades. Do not EXIT your vehicle during tournament play, if you are thrown GET back ON quick, or if killed by traps, you will be respawned randomly. Players on foot are fair game for grenades and rockets! Players on foot shooting should not impede others unfairly. Maps may or may not have automatic killzones. So, stay on! This event is Fun-based but everyone likes to win. Some rules apply: Be a HaloTracks member (both players of teams), Click on the "Participants" section and enter your info. The (HTRSoC) Rules below apply... NOT, it's Rocket Race, no rules!!... well,The 'Hosting' rules listed DO apply ...AND these are in effect as well. - No excessive whining or complaining. - Respect the tournament host, do as he/she asks. No excessive arguing with him/her as it will slow the tournament down and hinder good hosting. - Have fun, and if in great peril feel free to yell. However, don't yell too much, be too loud, or be too annoying or the host has every right to reprimand you. - Be respectful to fellow racers: trash talk for fun and mainly as a joke, but rude comments, serious insults, sexism, racism are not tolerated or allowed. - Be quiet when the host in explaining the rules to new members, during the countdown, and if someone needs the host during a race. - You must be sure to talk over others if you get stuck, have lag, etc. to contact the host to ask him what to do. If in this situation, you have the right to interrupt anyone. - Criticism of the tracks will be tolerated provided it is done respectfully and constructively, remember not all tracks are going to suit you, and we may have others who really enjoy the track. - be cool, and keep the foul language to a minimum as we are public group and will likely have stream and video rolling. MAPS Include: iceBEAR Region; The ROCKTAGON; Ridgeline Rocket Race; Vortex RMK Rocket Race; avalanche rr, and Deadlock. Thanks!
iceBEAR Region Results:
1. Le HefePoints Earned: 20
2. RobPoints Earned: 20
3. Mad HatterPoints Earned: 16
4. xEasyTargetxPoints Earned: 16
5. ducain23Points Earned: 12
6. NOKYARDPoints Earned: 12
7. OrionHardyPoints Earned: 10
8. Kenjamin1 MIPoints Earned: 10
Vortex RMK Rocket Race Results:
1. ducain23Points Earned: 20
2. NOKYARDPoints Earned: 20
3. Kenjamin1 MIPoints Earned: 14
4. OrionHardyPoints Earned: 14
5. Le HefePoints Earned: 12
6. RobPoints Earned: 12
7. Mad HatterPoints Earned: 7
8. xEasyTargetxPoints Earned: 7
1. Mad HatterPoints Earned: 20
2. xEasyTargetxPoints Earned: 20
3. Kenjamin1 MIPoints Earned: 18
4. OrionHardyPoints Earned: 18
5. ducain23Points Earned: 14
6. NOKYARDPoints Earned: 14
7. Le HefePoints Earned: 8
8. RobPoints Earned: 8
The ROCKTAGON Results:
1. Le HefePoints Earned: 20
2. RobPoints Earned: 20
3. Kenjamin1 MIPoints Earned: 16
4. Mad HatterPoints Earned: 16
5. OrionHardyPoints Earned: 16
6. xEasyTargetxPoints Earned: 16
7. ducain23Points Earned: 14
8. NOKYARDPoints Earned: 14
Deadlock Results:
1. ducain23Points Earned: 13
2. NOKYARDPoints Earned: 13
3. Mad HatterPoints Earned: 11
4. xEasyTargetxPoints Earned: 11
5. Le HefePoints Earned: 10
6. RobPoints Earned: 10
7. Kenjamin1 MIPoints Earned: 3
8. OrionHardyPoints Earned: 3
avalanche rr Results:
1. Mad HatterPoints Earned: 16
2. xEasyTargetxPoints Earned: 16
3. Le HefePoints Earned: 10
4. RobPoints Earned: 10
5. Kenjamin1 MIPoints Earned: 7
6. OrionHardyPoints Earned: 7
7. ducain23Points Earned: 6
8. NOKYARDPoints Earned: 6
Individual Points Standings:
2.Mad Hatter86
4.Le Hefe80
8.Kenjamin1 MI68
Team Results: