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Toggle this category MCC Mayhem Forge Contest

Posted By:  masterkitty17 @ 20 April 2015 - 05:41 PM
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This contest will be to make a mayhem track. On MCC we have yet to see any mayhem tracks that aren't Demo tracks. Because of this we have been unable to run any DRL lobbies. So this contest is here to help build up at least one lobbies worth of DRL tracks. The scripting aspect of H2A forge will help create some crazy fun maps in my opinion, so let's get to forging.

What is a mayhem track? It's a track where racers are constantly trying to wreck each other while also avoiding elements of the track. Sometimes the track may cross over itself, split into two directions or even face directly back towards the way it came.

Examples, if you need to see what a mayhem track is like.

Mall Me by MasterKitty17 (in my file share)
Ball Me by MasterKitty17 and ImSOshiftfaced (in my ...
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Toggle this category Steak and Potatoes + lel

Posted By:  NukedIceCream @ 02 April 2015 - 07:16 PM
Steak and Potatoes + lel

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Creator: Bean05 and NukedlceCream

Track Name: Steak and Potatoes + lel

Map Name: Awash

Supported Gametypes: Demotracks

Description: Steak and Potatoes + lel is a simplistic demotrack set on Awash. It's variety of blocking spots will keep the racer guessing about where their impending doom lies waiting (or where they can find their dinner).

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Toggle this category HT Tournaments Beta Information

Posted By:  Lazy Algorithm @ 20 March 2015 - 09:40 PM
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HT Tournaments Beta Information
    Over the last three years, we have been talking about 5.0, the new skin, and the tournament system. We are pleased to announce that, soon, we will be releasing a preview of what's to come in our much anticipated update: HT Tournaments. Additionally, we will actually be opening a live beta for all our users, here, on HT 4.1! The HT Tournament system has been redesigned from the ground, up to provide the best experience possible across the a variety of gametypes, squads, maps, and just about anything else you can think of. We wanted a system that can be used and updated with ease, to stay up to date with the community and its creativity. Over the years, this community has been very creative in making some of ...
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Toggle this category Voting for MCC Demo Forge Contest

Posted By:  King Edward I @ 20 March 2015 - 09:23 PM
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Voting For MCC Demo Forging Contest!
You know what to do.

This is the community voting portion of the challenge, where you, the HaloTracks awesome guys and gals, can vote on which maps you like the best and decide who will win the prizes, which includes a map feature on HaloTracks and nothing for anyone who loses!

Voting Instructions, Specifics, and Rules:
  • To vote, reply to this topic with your top 3 favorite maps out of the 5 which have been put through to community voting, in the or ...
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Toggle this category Help Your Community!

Posted By:  Le Hefe @ 15 March 2015 - 06:53 PM
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But seriously, we love you and you deserve the best.

We have some pretty high standards as to how HaloTracks works. Last year, we made an upgrade to dedicated servers to ensure that we can maintain a good level of overhead to accomplish whatever our hearts desire. Dedicated servers, while flexible and fast, come with a cost. That cost is in dollar signs and is why I'm asking for your help. It costs us just over 2K American dollars to rent our server for one year.

While some may call a dedicated server overkill for a site like HT 4.1, it's paramount to the success of HT 5.0. Specifically, our tournament system which will require a fair amount of processing power to remain speedy.

Normally, I could cover ...
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