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    Banner provided by @Pancake "What is HARDCORETRACKS?" HARDCORETRACKS is a variant of mayhem racing, which takes place on skytracks modified with traps and obstacles that are designed to hinder or kill the racer. Races consist of 3 rounds with racers having one life per round. Each round ends upon the completion of 5 laps or last remaining racer. Intentional wrecking is permitted and encouraged. Rounds 1 & 2 use a traditional 2nd destination starting procedure for Halo 3, while Reach uses the in game timer. Round 3 starts immediately on spawn. Points are scored based on completion. For H3, it's 1 lap = 1 point, death = -1 point. For Reach, it's 2 checkpoints per lap, score freezes on death, racers can potentially score a maximum 15 points, or -3 points for H3. For Reach The amount of points scored per race attributes to overall standing in a tournament. For more information about HARDCORETRACKS, visit HC Compact Document and/or What is HARDCORETRACKS??? "What is on a Hardcore track?" As mentioned, Hardcore tracks feature traps which are designed to hinder or completely halt a racers progress. Maps vary in difficulty based on the track layout and traps present. Traps can be static or dynamic to spawn throughout the round. Some examples of traps include: Fusion coils/landmines - static with respawn time or dynamic. Man cannons/gravity lifts - placed to slow players down or push them off the track. Obstruction blocks - built into the track or loose obstacles like barrels and cones. Fake shield doors - placed in spots to push players off the map or into catastrophic traps. Fake jumps - serves the purpose of tricking players into following a false path. Pitfalls/holes - usually built to kill the player, placed in blind spots or without much warning (blind not recommended). Exploding vehicles - placed in killballs to destroy them and fall through man cannons to spread scrap pieces. Maps also feature enjoyable features such as shortcuts, man cannons and shield doors which serve to assist the player. Rules: Entries are open for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, no limit on map submissions; the more the merrier! Co-forges are welcome and encouraged; remember to give credit where it's due! Maps must feature various elements of a Hardcore track. Maps must be made completely from scratch, no exceptions. Maps must be made within one week prior of the contest start date, no exceptions. Maps must be compatible with the Hardcore gametypes for H3 and Reach, as well as being able to accommodate 8 players for H3 and 16 for Reach. Maps can be made on any forge canvas. The recommended canvas for H3 is Sandbox, Forge World for Reach. Maps must be made to prevent blatant cheating; this means griefing the checkpoints or unintended skipping a large portion of the track. Maps must me made to outright kill the player in the event they completely fall off the track; systems such as honor death teleporters will not be accepted. Maps are highly recommended to be optimized for console usage, as various levels of performance will influence participants who vote. Judging: All maps forged in good faith will move on to voting. Voting will be instant run-off style. How to Submit: Track Creator(s): Track name (no explicit names): .mvar file or Fileshare GT: Rewards: 1st Place will receive a $20 Steam gift card, provided by @Sqeazu! All submissions will be reviewed and have a chance to be added to the map pool for Season 6 of HardcoreTracks! Deadline: All maps must be submitted by October 2nd, 2021 at 11:59pm ET Submissions:
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    Where has time gone? I remember joining HT when I was like.. 14/15. Now I'm in college D: DAFUQ