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    I forgot halo 5 even had ranks.
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    Hey guys! It would mean the world to me if you could give my brand new EP a listen. A lot of hard work went into it, and I think you'll be surprised.
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    @Kenjamin1 MI I added back the map search by author feature and made it so it doesn't crash the browser. Now stop complaining about it.
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    Finally moved in! Still in Richmond Hill. Got a house on the lake!
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    ... knees weak, arms are heavy
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    @AutzenDucks Don't; Mike is arguably the worst Halo player on the website lol @Le Hefe *franticly types out accolades in anger only to respite and realize they serve no purpose.
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    I have arrived in America. Will be here for a week.
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    Nah, Cameron sucks. He's a total BK. Just ask him about his 50. I think my highest rank was like Onyx 1649 or something. I rarely play Halo 5.
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    Current all time best is Champ #50 in FFA during the August season last year, which was around Onyx 2700. I ended up at Champ #88 when the season finished. I can't remember my bests for other playlists. Nowadays I usually complete my placement matches and call it a day.
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    I'm a pretty casual player when it comes to Halo, at least nowadays I am. I don't really play Halo 5 competitively or even at all when it comes to matchmaking. Swat - Diamond 4 FFA - Platinum 4 Slayer - Gold 6
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    I have never changed my gamer tag, because it is awesome.