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    Also, your composition is terrible in this screenshot, Cam. You have too much lead room on the left side of the frame, and Masta is facing the short lead. Git gud. 2/10
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    Hey TRED, Very interesting read as it seems that you and I both are going through a similar process. I probably won't ever explicitly renounce gaming (I may eventually get Civ VI and Halo 6 when possible), but I've come to realize that my previous love for gaming was just a preparatory love affair that was getting me ready for the real world. I always wanted to make a puzzle map, but I realize that everyday life is a puzzle a hundred times more dynamic than any puzzle map I could make in a Halo game. Competitive racing was an expression of my love for level playing fields and striving towards goals. HT Supercross Season 6-7 in Halo 4 was absolutely the peak for me in these terms. That truly was a wonderful experience. But being employed part-time and attending college courses about topics such as Digital Circuitry also gives me this. Part of growing up is realizing that all of your imaginative childhood passions existed as preparation for their final application in the real world for pursuing real goals. I also find it interesting that we both are finding a new interest in religion. I've been going back and forth between a Lutheran and Catholic church for the past few months. I appreciate the beautiful organ music and choir at the Catholic church and the philosophical sermons--very refreshing to me in such a chaotic world. I'm in love with the idea of transcendental and eternal truths. I've also started a personal philosophical blog to contribute to in my spare time. I always admired your determination in forging so many unique tracks. And you got a lot of shit from a lot of people who found whatever reason to give you it, but you stuck through and continued with your passion. That's about all I have to say. Good luck TRED. And I'll add God bless. Mike
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    Always sad to see you go, dude, but I think the terms of your leaving should be up to you. We'll always support whatever decision you make, and there's always a place for you here. Regardless, I truly wish you the best of luck. I'm happy that you're finding yourself and making a commitment to your goals. I hope the relationship you have with your lady becomes a physical one as soon as possible, as well. Distance definitely sucks. And never say anything like we've forgotten you. Your accomplishments withing the racing community as a whole are a contribution to where we are, now. That's not anything to forget you for. That's something to thank you for. So I thank you for being a part of the HaloTracks community, but that ain't no goodbye son. You're always a part of this [dysfunctional] family, whether you like it or not ;) GGz, bud.
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    Ran 10.5 miles in 2:30:00! Training paid off and I am ready for 13.1! Whoo-Hooo!!!
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    See you guys before the holidays! Heading back to the Carolinas today. I'll still be on the Discord and the forum. Adios!
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    14 days away from my Half Marathon! I ran 7 miles in 1:36:28 today. I was going to run 9 but I ran out of water and didn't want to risk it where I was at.
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    I ran my 1st 5k yesterday :) My time was 37:30. Not as slow as I thought. I rand over 3 miles Monday and Wednesday so I was prepared for the small battle!
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    Forge logo or digital file logo? ...I'm not always up-to-date. Was something incorrectly used?
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    Found a YouTube series affiliated with PBS called SpaceTime. It is absolutely intriguing. Here is one of my favorites (I played probably like a dozen in a row thru automatic “Up Next” pivoting).
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    KEE Specs - vol. THREE. 32 Maps 24 Skilled Forgers 2 fun music cuts from my oldest son's new EP.
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    So that's what happened behind me on that round. Tournament was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting, Cameron. That extends to the tournament's participants as well. Let's get some consistent racing going, eh?
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    It's final, in 29 days I'm running 13.1 miles! Got some hard work ahead of me. Ran 5 miles Thursday night and didn't make six, so I have to try again tomorrow or today. Which ever!
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    If anyone wants to race on Halo 5 sign up for my one hour endurence tournament