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    Hey guys! It would mean the world to me if you could give my brand new EP a listen. A lot of hard work went into it, and I think you'll be surprised.
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    I officially retire as a mapmaker. my health has become too critical too continue. If you didn't know I was in the hospital the last 6 months but I can't do it anymore. Hopefully I did enough during my time. I consider myself the G.O.A.T coaster forger throughout my halo reach, 4 and 5 maps. But everyone has their end.
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    Its been 4200 days since Ive been on HT, legit tears in my eye just thinking about the good ol days.
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    I am happy to say that I finally can run over an hour. I know there is a 10% increase rule, but I really want to run the half Marathon in Mid November which is exactly 30 days from now. So I think with a 2 mile increase every week with 1-2 short runs and the long run a week I should be right on time. I admit It's a little fast, but you got to have goals and you got to put them as a priority or they just sit on the back burner and they just become a memory something you didn't accomplish!
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    most of you know, I'm a Dad to three sons, 21-19-19, I scored tix to a concert this summer!!! So, the 4 of us are gonna ROCK! - I'm So Fired-Up! ...In my younger pre-dad days I was a 3 show a year concert goer. (76-96)
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    I like racetracks and Oreos... might need to combine that sometime.
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    Well, @NukedIceCreamand i have made a proper co-forge 10 years after we met.
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    I think I will make my last racetrack for the mountain dew series and combine Code Red & Blue. It will be a hard coaster!
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    I'm working my way up to prepare for running a Marathon this year :) Ran 9 miles in 2hrs yesterday evening, VA Beach.
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    I bought my very first brand new car last weekend. It's a 2018 KIA SOUL+ :) Time to move on to a new chapter of my life :)
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    Happy 10th anniversary as an independent website, HT!!!
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    New Map - Contest Entry - Wish me Luck! - "EIGHT" http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=maps&module=view&section=view&id=2542
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    We've partnered up with ForgeHub to host a map contest! Read more...
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    I ran the Surf n Santa 5 Miler race last night in 01:05:06 at an average pace of 13.02 per mile in a Santa Suite!!!
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    I ran my 1st Half Marathon in 3:13:00 this morning at the Chartway Nofrolk Harbor Half Marathon. Though the run was painful mostly after mile 7, the shits is much much worse! I am so proud to have hit my goal and have decided to run for another year and focus on half marathons before I go to a full one.
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    Ran 10.5 miles in 2:30:00! Training paid off and I am ready for 13.1! Whoo-Hooo!!!
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    See you guys before the holidays! Heading back to the Carolinas today. I'll still be on the Discord and the forum. Adios!
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    14 days away from my Half Marathon! I ran 7 miles in 1:36:28 today. I was going to run 9 but I ran out of water and didn't want to risk it where I was at.
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    I ran my 1st 5k yesterday :) My time was 37:30. Not as slow as I thought. I rand over 3 miles Monday and Wednesday so I was prepared for the small battle!
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    It's final, in 29 days I'm running 13.1 miles! Got some hard work ahead of me. Ran 5 miles Thursday night and didn't make six, so I have to try again tomorrow or today. Which ever!
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    If anyone wants to race on Halo 5 sign up for my one hour endurence tournament
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    HYPE. Also, I hope y'all are doing well. I miss you guys a bunch. What's new?
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    Back compat has finally arrived! Tournies coming soon!
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    @Kenjamin1 MI I added back the map search by author feature and made it so it doesn't crash the browser. Now stop complaining about it.
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    Finally moved in! Still in Richmond Hill. Got a house on the lake!
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    I have arrived in America. Will be here for a week.
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    Played at the monthly H5 Microsoft Store FFA tournament in downtown Toronto today and ended up taking 3rd O/A against some tough players!
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    Halo 2 Legendary with Iron enabled is harder than beating cancer.
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    Photobucket can go to hell. $100 a year for 3rd party hosting? No.
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    Swapped out Cascade for Alpinestar SXG2 for tomorrow's tourney.
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    Ive been a member for 9 damn years. Wow.
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    Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament this Wednesday at 7PM EDT!
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    I literally had a dream about forging last night... Think it's about time to get back to that track.
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    So, here's some advice I wish I woulda got when I was your age: live every week like it's Shark Week.
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    Haps Births, Cam. Haps. Thx 4 bein u
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    Where has time gone? I remember joining HT when I was like.. 14/15. Now I'm in college D: DAFUQ