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    Okay, I tried to race tonight AT 6. But it started at like 5:30, bullshit. It was supposed to start at 6!!! Not 5:30, and I'm actually pissed. It's hard to guess when we race if we don't even race at the scheduled times!!!! Get your shit straight please! And I never know when these 'random' tournies happen.. I'm on, but never receive invites. I'll check Hatter or Deano's friendlist and what do you think I see? Oh that's right people are racing VIP on Halo 3, guess no one bothered to tell me!! This is velocity's fault! Not mine!
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    Hello angry black friend!!
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    Why didn't you? And also you have completed 8 races which puts you in the top 5 for people with most completed races. You missed 5 races? Oh, I missed 10, sorry.
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    1. I have work every STUPID wednesday so i cant make most tournements by YOUR schedule. 2. If there are a few tournements I have been on for and missed is because i had signed up for another tournement that was posted way before these. 3. I cant be doing two velocity tournements at 12:00 a.m. at night, i have work in the morning. 4. Also your going to kick me cuz i get lag flipped and sent to last almost every tournement OK. 5. Maybe if we went by the actual schedule maybe more people would want to do tournies. I had like 5 people say they didnt want to do velocity cuz it was midnight yesterday. (agreeing with Curved)
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    uh oh masta, you finally have to face your fear of racing in velocity!!!!
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    Why? Masta Hippie isn't on the warning list. The only reason I haven't been racing is because you don't even try to enjoy yourselves anymore. Everyone just bitches at each other over every little thing (e.g. a joker reference). Bring the fun and the people will come. And of course people have lives. I can't even get online all week. Racing in Velocity is nowhere near the top of anyone's priorities (except a few people). You can't force people to race just because a few bright people decide to host unscheduled tourneys while not enough people are online. There are other games to play and all free time should not be expected to go into Velocity. I'll show up to scheduled events when I can but don't expect me to waste the rest of my spare time on unplanned tourneys. It also baffles me how your idea of increasing activity is to decrease members.
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    masta.... if your going to be like that then just leave now and save me the trouble.
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    I am giving a fair warning to all members of velocity. I am getting very irritated with the attendance and attitude of members in velocity right now. No one is allowed to wreck other racers in velocity. I am going to start watching the videos for intentional wrecks and if anyone is caught doing this i will immediately remove you from the squad. No more warnings, no more shouting in the races. Also we have had so many opportunities for people to join velocity races and they have not felt like joining. If you are below a certain number of tournaments per week i will clean you out of the squad since you are not going to be considered an active member. We have members right now who have over 10 tournaments raced in and that is easily attainable. I work most of the time and also i have a girlfriend who obsessively takes up my time and i still have made many velocity tournaments as well as other squads tournaments. From now on if a member is below a certain amount of tournaments they will get kicked from the squad and replaced with a more interested halotracks user. Velocity is about to get a lot more exclusive. Right now anyone who has 4 tournaments or under i want to see you attend atleast 1 or 2 tournaments this week or i am removing you from the squad. ACTIVITY WARNING LIST Deano Josh Emo Curved Jeff Aviator Masta Blasta Pappys Speedy Taxxman Classified Ump double Ump PERFORMANCE WARNING Deathlord Deathlord i am going to give you three races to get your percentage above a 18%. If you can not get above an %18 by then then i will remove you from the squad for performance. There is no excuse for having such a low percentage. I am sorry but we are a highly competitive squad and we cant have one of our racers being last so consistently. To get an 18% from where you are right now you need to get atleast a 30% finish in all three tournaments. All velocity members please make everyone aware i am going to start throwing people out of the squad.