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    This. 100% this. Also, I played a few weeks back, but none of my friends would play with me so I didn't play for very long. According to them, "Halo 4 is the best Halo yet." Yeah, I need new friends.
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    Long time no see Bre. Yeah, it just a file share item, you don't need a modded Xbox or anything. 343 said they won't ban anyone for having it on their fileshare or playing it on Xbox Live as long as you do nothing malicious with it. DRL is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you wanna race.
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    I do not believe this should be moved to General Halo discussions only because their is no acutal topic other then "when you last played Halo3". Seems to be more offtopic then anything.. Just my opinion on the matter. But in other news, I played Halo 3 a couple weeks ago with about 4 other people. It is truly sad that people do not play it as much anymore. Halo racing was truly at it's highest then, in my opinion. There are just so many flaws in Halo 4 racing, even if there are some good things. Although i do have to say that Halo 3 slayer/swat was way easier then halo 4 or Reach.