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    I'm looking forward to seeing PFR back up in action Keen as!
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    I've played that Season 8 graphic at least 10 times already. It gets my adrenaline going.
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    I'm just blown away from the intro and graphic Jeff, you have yet to disappoint me. And I love what your doing to not only keep the racing community alive but also attempting to get Halotracks and ProForgeRacing back into their prime. I am also thinking of some ideas to add-on to the PFR intro if it's not to hard... But knowing how much you love video editing and Photoshop I don't think it'll be a problem. Well I'm gonna go back to watching the walking dead marathon now and I be back to tell you the ideas later
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    I can't wait for the bright future to come for HT! I also can't wait for Battle Tracks to come, as its extremely fun to play! Sick Season 8 video Jeff. Cassel will appreciate all the green lol.
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    Looks like you're working hard, Jeff. I think it will pay off. BRING BACK BATTLETRACKS!
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    "My little chemo-infested heart." I literally "aww"ed and laughed out loud when I read that. Thank you for the kind words and even more so for keeping PFR alive. I worked hard to keep that channel, as well as HT and the fiber of the racing community alive, and I'm glad to not see it die away! The new intro looks awesome, as does the Season 8 graphic and I hope that season is a success for all involved. That's awesome that you are reviving BT, especially to the extent of a season-based squad. I'm glad to hear you have so much in the works, my only concern is when the release of those HT posters will be! Lol but awesome stuff Jeff, thank you, and thanks for the epic outro music for me to listen to as I type this.