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    Deep Eclipse SX Update: Unfortunately for most, this race was more or less decided by the first lap. Two of the podium finishers started on the podium after the first lap, and stayed on the podium for the remainder of the race. However, the mid-pack racers were much more mobile than the top three contenders since they weren't given the pleasure of a wide open track to slowly multiply their leads. The plus minus statistic shows us the best mid-pack warriors, like TheOffice1808 and Casselfied, who started out in 11th and 12th respectively and both gained 6 positions. Pancake gained 3 positions throughout the duration of the race to earn the last podium spot. xSODAPOP 13x was also very active, gaining 5 positions and missing what would have been his third podium of the season. Gogetarulez of Geico Honda was the first place finisher this race, and after 4 races this season, was the first repeat first place finisher. However, a race-ending wreck that he committed on BxA Real Deal D cost him two points. Which brings us to BxA Real Deal D. A first for HT Supercross, BxA Real Deal D managed to earn a "-11" plus-minus for the race, blowing away whatever the previous record might have been. So congratulations to Real Deal for earning that honestly quite depressing award. In honor of BxA Real Deal D, this award will be named "The Smoove Moves +/- Dominance Award." . We had yet another first time Rookie participate in this race, PapaSlaunch, beating the odds and qualifying for the 12-man main event. He placed in 9th in front of his teammate, Turkeyshot98, who is also impressive for his first HT Supercross season. Continuing their Main Event dominance, Main Event Guaranteed qualified for their 4th straight Main Event. Bean05 once again gets the MVP award for this race. On the leaderboards we saw some movement. Despite winning, Gogetarulez actually lost a point on PANCAKEMUFFIN due to the major intentional wreck he commited on BxA Real Deal D. Below them, xSODAPOP 13x and xNJD1x overtake xTheSully, who was absent this race. xSODAPOP 13x now sits comfortably in third. Overall, the podium positions are fairly spread out, all by 9 points. Fourth through tenth went through many variations. They are listed below: xNJD1x: 10 → 4 King Edward I: 6 → 8 Shazzle4: 11 → 10 Cassel: 5 → 6 TheOffice1808: 8 → 7 MtnDewx97: 9 → 11 Thank you all for showing up and thank you to King Edward I for hosting the majority of the races. See you next week! RESULTS: 1.) Gogetarulez Geico Honda - 12 2.) xNJD1x Muscle Milk KTM - 13 3.) PANCAKEMUFFIN Rockstar Energy Racing KTM - 13 4.) xSODAPOP 13x Monster Energy Kawasaki - 11 5.) TheOffice1808 Rockstar Energy Racing KTM - 10 6.) Casselfied Tactical Advantage - 8 7.) King Edward I Rockstar Energy Racing KTM - 9 8.) Shazzle4 Monster Energy Kawasaki - 7 9.) PapaSlaunch Troy Lee Designs Racing - 6 10.) turkeyshot98 Troy Lee Designs Racing - 4 11.) Bean05 Main Event Guaranteed - 4 12.) BxA Real Deal D Muscle Milk KTM - 5 HOLESHOT DNQ - Purpledinosaur0 DNQ - Hatter is Mad DNQ - Deano is Super DNQ - imSOshiftfaced DNQ - Unrealiztic DNQ - Neudlez DNQ - xxARMYFLASHxx DNQ - ZI PWNAGE IZ Minor Intentional Wreck Offender: Casselfied Victim: King Edward I Minor Intentional Wreck Offender: Turkeyshot98 Victim: PANCAKEMUFFIN Major Intentional Wreck Offender: Gogetarulez Victim: BxA RealDeal D +/- Reference