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    Hey guys, I'm running through this version of HaloTracks in an effort to increase its efficiency. A lot of HT 4.0 was built on images. Lots and lots of images. As such, the load times on HaloTracks are less than I'd like them to be. So I'm combing HT 4.1's markup to eliminate as many unnecessary images as possible. This will be a continuous process, as I will not shut the site down to perform these tasks. You will, however, begin to notice some changes here and there. Additionally, I'll also change the look of a few things when and where I see fit. You might be asking yourself why I'm spending time working on this old girl. HT 5.0 sits on a development board... and is definitely much cooler... and is a more worthwhile venture, right? My answer to that is I simply want HT to function well in any state. HT 5.0 isn't out yet, leaving this version of the site as a source for many first impressions. At the very least, it's important that this version is also somewhat presentable. I will not be making this version of the site to be mobile friendly! Doing so is more than possible, but would take a development period akin to the tournament system. In short, that would take weeks; possibly months to do. I'll post an update to this topic once I have completed the changes. If you have any concerns or possible suggestions, please post them here and I'll respond as quickly as I can!
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    One important feature that should be added next: Display everyones rank images next to their names under the "Tournament Participant" list in each tournament page.
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    This list contains feature requests from the community that have been expressed to me, but haven't found their way to the forums. If you have any specific requests for Aaron and I, please post them here or create a new topic. It's much easier for us to track what features you want from our applications when it's in writing! Requested Features Display the date map was posted in Map View. Implemented Features Rejected Features
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