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    The T-shirt would be cool, I'll probably end up buying my own halo 5 so don't worry about that. I've been meaning to contribute in some way so I'm just happy to help out
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    Another bug seems to have appeared from no where. When I try to view a map post, it's starts to load the page, then suddenly reloads the map homepage instead. Okay scratch that. its only the top current two map posts that do that.
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    She did, but he never finished it.
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    lol... I responded on the stream.... but I don't have a clue what you are parodying.
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    Bean wins the post of the month, hands down. OOOHHH! SHIFT! Coming in with the big greens, lol! Thanks so much, bro! That's cover art, plus a standard HT T-Shirt, plus a custom tee, plus a custom nameplate, plus a copy of H5 added to the queue! We're already passed our donation goal, but donations will still be accepted up to June 18th for these rewards. Of course, donations after that date are always accepted. More donations equals more security for HT's future and more good stuff for all of you. Thanks again, Shift!