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    YES!!! I'll test it for mongooses and then have a lot of fun with this. We could use this to make hardcore racing traps or a very complicated scoring system.
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    Please put back the recent gallery images underneath the shoutbox. If Le Hefe didn't post that he added a map to the gallery i wouldn't have known it was there. Even if it has small visual glitches they are better than no visual indicator that a new track has been posted.
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    1. Glaciation 2. Straights MX 3. Tire and Ice
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    Submissions for the contest have closed! We will be proceeding to voting with all 8 submissions and the topic will be up within the next couple days.
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    Yep, that was a typo. I fixed it now; nice catch Casselia.
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    This post contradicts itself. Either it's a typo or I'm not understanding it; you're saying it's not hard to earn a feature, but it's hard to earn a feature. I still think earning a single feature is difficult, regardless. Having been around for all era's of forging, I can say that each era brought something different to the table. I wouldn't exactly say that newer forgers should get more praise and recognition than "prehistoric" forgers, entirely. Remember too, that each era had different challenges, capabilities and boundaries. I actually think this a good idea and would be very useful in the future.