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    Tutorial On How To Make A Curved Banked Turn By: Vapour knuckles This tutorial will show you how to make a curved bank turn so this is very important to know if you want to be an amazing forger. In this tutorial I will show you how to make curved bank turns using Double walls (any object whatever you like to use for your bank turn) and spawn points are being used in this guide shown below: You can use any type of item that you think is good for the type of bank turn your trying to do and you all use the same techniques for each of them, just different materials. You will need to read the following topics so it will be much easier for you to follow this tutorial: How To Interlock Objects by killer200o, Advanced Method for Freezing Objects Mid-Air by locoskier78. Step One: Once you have read those topics and you know exactly how to interlock and freezing objects in mid-air than you are ready for continuing the rest of this tutorial. First off get a double wall and hold it in the air on an angle and press start and save changes. Now start up the game and you should see the double wall like so shown below: Step Two: The next step is to grab two spawn points and place one on the far corner of the side you are going to the double wall next. And place the other one where you would line up the other double wall with like so: Step Three: Now you get another double wall to place underneath the other one. You will be using this double wall to make an accurate placing of the other double wall that you are going to interlock with. So place the double wall shown below and freeze (save and quit) it in its position and start up the game and it should be as shown below: Step Four: Here you need to go to your first double way press "X" once and go to "Respawn rate" and put it to "180" seconds, next go to "Place at start" and put it to "No". Step Five: Now start a new round and the first double wall should disappear like so: Step Six: Spawn a double and put it on the floating double wall and line the back edges up with the spawn points: Step Seven: Go to the double wall that you recently lined up with the spawn points and press "X" on it twice and to "Run-Time Minimum" and put it as high as you can so you can spawn the other double wall right away. Both double walls should be interlocked: Step Eight: Now go to the first double wall and put the "Respawn Rate" to "Yes" and put the "Run-Time Minimum" to "Zero": Step Nine: Now repeat all the step over until you completed your bank turn. Remember to make it smoother, no mistakes are acceptable because people will enjoy your map more if it's perfect. I will show you examples of good bank turns: Thank you for reading my Tutorial on How to make a Banked Turn. If there is any problems, Spelling mistakes, just reply and I will answer them as soon as possible Also give me plus 1 rep at bottom right of the post ~Vapour knuckles
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    Please note this isn't meant to be offensive to anyone. Just for laughs and giggles! WhiskeyWarm Wisdom: 70 Intelligence: 85 Speed: 95 Stamina: 60 Special Ability: May cast "Win" on targeted tournament. Casselfied Strength: More than you Stamina: More than you Speed: More than you Pissed: At you Special Ability: Automatically casts "Rage" with each encounter. Wolf 8499 Strength: 1 Stamina: 1 Racism: 85 Lapped: 99 Special Ability: May summon "Sandwich". May cast "Bathroom Break" on targeted tournament. Orionhardy84 Strength: 1 Vitality: 3 Wisdom: 85 Adorableness: 95 Special Ability: Can cast "Admin Power" on targeted forum post or thread. Immune to Cute-type spells. Dom Motionless Dexterity: 50 Anger: 50 Stamina: 50 Cannibalism: 90 Special Ability: Automatically casts "Last Lap Failure" with each encounter. Can't use Winning-type spells. NukedlceCream Strength: 80 Dexterity: 10 Speed: 60 Stamina: 90 Special Ability: May cast "Cancel" on targeted tournament. May change to Wizard-class during an encounter. Bean05 Dirtiness: 99 Lag: Yes How much: Too much Really: Sorry bro Special Ability: May cast "Voice-Pitch Change" during an encounter. Jeffh3962 Wisdom: 75 Speech: 90 Dexterity: 60 Stamina: N/A Special Ability: May cast "Commentate" or "Stream" on targeted race or tournament. xNJD1x Stealth: 99 Grammar: 99 Parenting: 99 Tryhard: 99 Special Ability: May cast "Correction" on targeted everything. May cast "Daycare" with each encounter. May cast "Stalker" with each encounter. BxA Real Deal Living His Life: 75 Smoove: 85 Singing: Really Bad Splash: 60 Special Ability: May cast "Prove It" with each encounter.
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    Ooooooooooo. Was she a naughty little feline? Did she play with your scratching post?
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    Well, the race playlist has already arrived and it is successful so far! But, one of the biggest issues that mostly everyone has already noticed are the people that grief in it. I'm talking about people cheating, demo blocking and going backwards. This is a major nuisance to everyone who plays fairly and nobody should have to deal with it. However, I've already found HT members that have been doing it to other random players in the playlist. While this is disappointing news, this thread is not to expose those members, but instead to raise awareness for what it means for HT. Say you and 7 other (8 total) racing buddies go into the race playlist to mess around. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, as you are messing around with your own kind and it's acceptable. But that's not the problem; it's when you mess around with random players. You're probably thinking "who cares and why does this matter?" Well, it matters if angry people start looking at your motto or bio on your Xbox profile! I've noticed a lot of HT members like to advertise halotracks.org on their bios (which is completely understandable). However, by advertising HT it means that you are also associated with it. If you and you're friends trolled one person, that person could send a message and rage at you; big deal. But that person will see halotracks.org on your profile and it will immediately give HT a bad name. It doesn't matter if it's one person or who that person is. Word could travel to his friends, to his friends friends, etc. What if it was a person that was streaming? What if that person was a 343i rep? What if it was somebody popular like Ducain? This just goes to show how messing with the wrong person can have a hugely negative impact on HT. All it takes is one pissed off person. Not only could these actions hurt HT, it's just not right. It's extremely disrespectful to HT, 343i and everybody that worked their asses off to make this playlist happen. The first playlist was a let down, but this playlist is solid and big things could happen for HT because of it. This community has been begging for a race playlist since Halo 3 and it's a joke that HT members would take it for granted after all this time spent waiting. As members of this community, we need to act professional, be a great example, set the standard and raise the bar. This playlist is a privilege for this community and we should make the best of it while it lasts, instead of taking advantage and abusing it.
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    Season 6 hosted some of the most intense racing in our squad's history. It birthed a new champion and set the bar high for the next season. Season 7 is going to the the biggest season we've attempted in HT Supercross. With more competition and rewards, every driver is going to be pushed to their breaking point. Adding to that, your accomplishments will be available for the world to see. We're going to stream as many races as possible this season, and we've upped the stakes for both teams and individuals alike. currently holds the title of HT Supercross champion. It's a victory hard won and not one that he'll give up lightly. Season 7 presents a new test. You'll need to be ready for this. [youtubeHD=pSw8RS28vPY][/youtubeHD] We'll be posting a topic detailing the changes occurring in Season 7. A huge thanks to everyone that has made this possible! Purple and I are extremely proud of how far HT Supercross has come and even more so towards the guys and gals that continually show up for races, putting in 100% effort and pushing the limits of skill and determination. Season 7 wouldn't be possible without you guys. See you track-side!
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    Fantastic update, but there's one thing that should have been included in the Media section: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVVflV547PY
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    You know this gets real when someone links a "discussion" to locoskier78. Look, I'm only going to go over this once so I suggest reading the following thoroughly and without preconceived notions. I have other things I should be doing right now, but it seems like once again the internet hate machine has gotten out of order. It seems like any discussion, argument, whatever, lately on this site ALWAYS has to reference and come back to the "Great Staff Resign" of December 2010. Regardless of the topic, always someone has to bring that up and then start to talk about how each of the members of that time rightfully should have left, been demoted, etc... The problem with this is that the event was just about seven months ago. In Internet terms, that is forever. That's the third trimester in a pregnancy! So why does this always keep coming up? I'm not going to name names, but it's a combination of faults between current staff, members, and retired staff. Now whether they are aware or not, the retired staff tend to respond to these topics as if they were knowledgeable about the topic. They actually are pretty knowledgeable and SHOULD be more than welcome to post at their own whims. They do not need to leave once they've left a staff position. But understanding just that does not solve this continuous problem of a complete diversion of the topic within these discussions to an argument of the "Great Staff Resign." What all of you should be doing is moving on. Whether you're aware or not, whether you agree or not, the principles this site was built upon are dying away. We all know that this is partially due to an interest in racing in Halo declining, but it's also due to the fact that these discussions that COULD further the justification of this website's existence, are not happening. Move past the problems of before. Move past the fact that previous staff sometimes care. Move on to discussing how to CURRENTLY solve the CURRENT issues with HaloTracks. The past issues are in the past, and the current ones are being forgotten about way faster than they should be. For once in my whole life, I will agree with C u l8er's position on moving on to TriggerPoop. The age of HaloTracks is running out and if things aren't done, it's as good as gone. Move past your issues, stop acting like a bunch of children, and when a topic comes up that could be extremely beneficial for the site, try for once to actually have a discussion that doesn't bring up the past ever. Additionally, FSUFMX, try and do some research before you post about irrelevant things that don't matter. Comparing BeyondForge to HaloTracks is like comparing a dying apple tree (HaloTracks) to a seed that hasn't even been planted in the ground yet (BeyondForge). Not that it matters anyway because essentially two months after we decided to do BF, it was irrelevant. I've moved on to other things, have you? -Hath Spoken.
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    Hello HaloTracks, I make this topic not for sympathy, attention, or praise, but simply to say goodbye. I resign from Head Map Maker, I retire racing in the DRL, I am giving the DRL to WhiskeyWarm, and I am probably done making YouTube videos as well; CoookkieMonster and ProForgeRacing are done. I think I can proudly say I made my mark on this community, but it is time for it all to end. If you would like to know why I resign and leave, then please keep reading. If you don't care, then I'd recommend you stop reading lol. [Deleted] May the next Xbox, the next Halo, and any future squads be fun, and may the DRL live on. As always guys, nom nom nom, Coookkie Out! (Say hhwhat!?)
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    Yugno you've been to more races than anyone else yet you're complaining that you didn't make it to all of them.
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    Doctor's Analysis Member: Tdudes Diagnosis: Involunary urges to stop arguments Prescription: Stop caring Doctor's Orders
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    Didn't BP get fined for dumping sh!t in the ocean?
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    Hello to all, and welcome to your last HaloTracks Update by me, Goldleader5 General news Apparently change is coming to the tournament section. In a recent announcement by Wrangoth and Snake have been discussing ideas about changing the tourney section. They plan on making it "more user friendly" and "easier to use and understand." They will be detailed instruction for all members to learn how to join/hot a tournament. All of the rules for the standard HaloTracks game type(s)'s rules will be posted for all to read, and recommended tracks for tourneys. We hope to see this feature soon and can't wait until HT Tourneys 2.0! Now Hiring! HaloTracks is currently hiring new staff members! Here are some basic prerequisites for applying: If you are interested, please read the full topic first, and submit your application here. Staff Changes Head Journalist: Goldleader5 -> BreMerie93 Spectacular Ra-> Head Mapmaker The Lone Hammer->Retired Staff Good-bye Gold As some of you may know (or used your context clues to deduce from the title) that this is going to be my last HT Update. I know I never got that far into being Head Journalist, but I'm starting to feel the same as Phoenix was. Now that the school year has started, I am spending a lot more time on school work, friends, and more school work. Like Phoenix, I attend a special academy and have a harsh curriculum and a 6 point grading scale. During the winter/spring time there is just too much going on. I'd rather pull out early than disappoint later. I will still be surfing the HT Forums from time to time, and am not sure about how able I will be to even lower myself to a Journalist, but we will all still chat. I will be online over the weekends most of the time, and if my grounding lightens, maybe on the weekdays also. But for now, this is good bye, but not farewell. Phoenix and I have been chatting, and you guys know the result of that...So before I say my last good bye here is the rest of the update. Tournaments Whiskey's Goosebattle Tourney 6 ~ November 23rd Scrataract's Elimination Tournament! ~ Novemeber 29th Or December 5th New Members Tourney #5 ~ November 28th Drag Showdown II~ December 18th Deathlords Modern Warfare Team Tourney ~ December 5th - December 6th Classic Carnage ~ November 28th MX and HC Tourney ~ November 28th Edward's Gobble - the - Points Tournament~ November 26th bounty's pick your track tournament~ November 15th Tournament Host tourney ~ November 28th Media Do you like graphics? OF course you do! Otherwise you wouldn't look at this section! Churchy Recon Swat Snake Whales Whales Masta Blastr Moto Churchy VOTW Here is KGB XD's new track "Revelation" Closing Well, It's been Fun, It's been real, It's been Real fun, but now I must say my good byes, good luck to all, and happy holidays. Your good friend, guy you nag with FRs, guy that made those 3 half-decent maps back then, guy that never made it to his one year anniversary, ~Goldleader5
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    General Hey, everyone! I bet you're excited about the new Halo game coming out, "Halo 3:ODST!" I know I am! The only thing to make it better is that it comes out next month! To be exact, September 22nd! It's going to be a great game! More info about ODST in the next section. Info There will be a whole new campaign in Halo 3:ODST. You will be able to play 4-Player Co-op over Xbox Live on the campaign, and, a new game mode! The new game mode is called "Firefight." Have you ever played Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty:World at War? Or Horde, on Gears of War 2? Well, Firefight is similar to those. You will pick one of 5 ODSTs and then fight off waves of Covenant creatures. The 5 ODSTs you will be able to choose from are: (Note: Some will have to be unlocked before you will be able to use them.) Rookie Dutch Mickey Buck Romeo Dare But that's not all! If you pre-order ODST, you will also be able to play as Sgt. Johnson! That's right! The famous marine from the other Halo games! There will also be a second disc that comes with ODST. It will include the complete Halo 3 multiplayer experience! It will include Matchmaking, Custom Games, Forge, and Theater! Not only that, but it will include the 3 new Mythic maps, Longshore, Citadel, and Heretic! Not just those maps, but all the other maps, too! I have not heard anything about a demo coming out for ODST, and I doubt there will be one, due to the game only having a month until it comes out. Read further to learn about what you can get from the different pre-orders of ODST! Pre-Orders Different things will be included depending on what version of the game you pre-order. If you pre-order the normal version of Halo 3:ODST, the game will include the ODST campaign, Firefight, a 2nd disc containing the complete Halo 3 multiplayer experience, an invitation to the Halo:Reach beta, and a code to download Sgt. Johnson for use in Firefight mode. But, if you download the Collector's Edition of the game, you will get the ODST campaign, Firefight, the Halo 3 multiplayer experience, an invitation to the Halo:Reach beta, a code to download Sgt. Johnson for use in Firefight, AND, if you pre-order the Collector's Edition from Gamestop, you will also receive a Special Edition Halo Wireless Controller. There is, of course, news about ODST on Bungie.net, which you can read about in the next section! Bungie Updates This section of the update is where you can find some of Bungie's updates about Halo 3: ODST. This is Bungie's main ODST page. If you click that link, and scroll down just a little bit, you can read some of the features of ODST. Also, from that page, you can access trailers of ODST and the ODST forum! You can also access 4 trailers for the game, and screenshots, renders, concept art, and wallpapers. Another thing that is on the ODST page is a section called the "Field Guide" where you can learn about the different types of enemies you'll fight in the game. (No flood, thankfully!) There are some other articles on there, about health packs, New Mombasa, the Superintendent, ODSTs, the Brute Plasma Rifle, and others! Below are the Bungie Updates for each new mythic map: Heretic - Heretic is a map based on Halo 2's "Midship." Bungie has an interview with the creators of Heretic if you click that link. Citadel - Looks like it's going to be something like part of the Halo 3 Campaign, "The Covenant." There is an interview with the creators of Citadel at that link. Longshore - The shores of Old Mombasa. Yet another interview, at the link. Want trailers and gameplay videos? Then move on to the video section of this update! Halo 3: ODST Video The Halo 3: ODST Firefight Trailer Halo 3: ODST E3 2009 Trailer Citadel Gameplay Heretic Gameplay Longshore Gameplay Thanks for reading the HT Halo 3: ODST update!! -DaReconGuy
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    It's been almost two years since Halo 4 was released, and the racing community has definitely been through a lot. There were a lot of hurdles thrown our way, but we persevered, innovated, and prospered. The strength and resilience of the race community as a whole is continuously tested. We continuously pass that test with impunity every single time. We've shown that there are no limits to a creativity and ingenuity. As long as the tools and will to create are there, this community always finds it's way through. Perhaps not completely unscathed, but nonetheless through. It's time to end an incredible and historical two year run in Halo 4. Forge and race have a lot to show for it, but we want to know what stands out the most. Welcome to Best of Halo 4! How It Works Best of Halo 4 is a one-month long contest. In it, the best racetracks and racers will be decided. This event is separated into two sections. The first section focuses on Forge, so let's go over that one first. The Forge section of BOH4 focuses on racetracks created using the Forge in Halo 4. Best of Forge is split into 11 categories: Best Overall - The track that towers over all other racetracks. Truly the best of Halo 4. Best Map Maker - The best Forger in Halo 4. General - These tracks have a little bit of everything, but do not necessarily fit into any specific category. Best Terrain - Tracks where the majority of the racetrack is forged on natural terrain. Best Motocross - This category is made up of Supercross and Nationals tracks. Best Skytrack - These kinds of tracks have almost all of their track in the sky. They float, basically. Best Roller Coaster - Roller coaster tracks are made to look like, well, roller coasters. Best Mayhem - Tracks that cause mayhem. You know it as wrecking. These tracks are designed to cause collisions that maim or kill. Best Demo - Demo tracks are designed to accommodate the Demo race variant. In Demo, two teams square off against each other to win. The goal: Get your racer to the finish and block the opposing teams's racer! Best City - Tracks that take you on a stroll through city-themed tracks. That stroll, by the way, is over 100kph. Best Aesthetic - Tracks that focus on scenery. The only category where form can be more important than function. Nominations Tracks are nominated by the Halo community (that's you) over a 2 week period. You can nominate for every category, and may do so to your heart's content. Things are going to be changed up a little bit this time around, though. Unlike previous Best of Halo events, we're allowing self-nominations for every category except Best Map Maker. To nominate your own creation, you must first nominate a racetrack not of your own making. You can also only nominate one of your own tracks per category. There is no minimum number of nominations you can make. If one is all you've got, then we're cool with that! You cannot nominate tracks for the Best Overall category. This category is reserved for the winners of the previous 8 track categories. To start nominating and view all of the rules, click here and get those nominations done! Judging After the nomination period ends, we will begin a week of preliminary judging. We, the HaloTracks Staff with some assistance from VIP's if necessary, will boil down the nominations to just the tracks that unequivocally stand out above the rest. This process lasts approximately one week. Voting This is where you come back in. Voting is the last stage in choosing the best tracks. As with past BOH contests, you will vote on your top 3 tracks per category. Your first vote counts as 3 points, the second is 2 points, and the 3rd vote is 1 point. As with nominations, you don't need to vote in every category for your vote to count. You can also come back at any time to add votes in categories that you haven't voted in. Category voting lasts two weeks. The winning racetracks of each category are placed into Best Overall contention. The voting for Best Overall ends on November 8, 2014. The best racers of Halo 4 will have to earn it. Starting October 11th, a series of tournaments will take place to determine who makes it to the final rounds. These tournaments will be 12 racer-maximum lobbies and only centered around competition-friendly tracks. The final round will be a 1v1 double elimination bracket consisting of the top 12 racers from the first series of tournaments. The schedule goes as follows. All tournaments begin at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time (US). October 11, 2014 - Preliminaries 1 October 12, 2014 - Preliminaries 2 October 18, 2014 - Preliminaries 3 October 19, 2014 - Preliminaries 4 October 25, 2014 - Finals 1 November 1, 2014 - Finals 2 (Semi-Finals and Finals) Qualifying Getting into the finals requires qualification. This is what the preliminary tournaments are for. At the end of the prelims, the Top 12 racers will advance into the 1v1 bracket finals. Where you qualify is important. Your seed, or qualifying position, determines who you're matched up in the first round. The Top 12 racers are determined through the four preliminary tournaments. After each tournament, the Top 3 finishers from each lobby move into a final qualifying round. The top 3 finishers from this final round advance to the finals, but can no longer participate in the other preliminaries. Finals The finals are a 1v1, double elimination bracket tournament. The first round commences on October 25, and will stop once the semi-finals are reached. Losing a round automatically moves you into the loser's bracket, and this where the fight for 3rd place begins. Losses in this bracket mean elimination from the tournament, entirely. Who you face in the first round is determined by your seed. First place seed will face last place seed, second seed will face second-to-last seed, et cetera. The higher you qualify, the better your chances are of getting past the first round. The title of Best Racer goes to the winner of the final round! The loser of the final round on November 1st will play the winner of the loser's bracket for 2nd place. Again, all times are at 3:00PM EST. If you're not a racer but still want to see what happens, you can watch live streams on our Twitch channel! These tournaments will have individual topics assigned to them. You can expect the first set of tournaments to be posted very shortly. PRIZES! What's a competition without prizes? Winners of all categories will have their maps posted in our Best of Halo 4 gallery and granted the Distinguished rank on HaloTracks. The winner of Best Overall will have his or her track featured on HaloTracks, with a video showcase that will be posted on our YouTube channel. The winners of Best Overall and Best Racer will also receive a free copy of this: Already getting it? Don't worry, we'll get you something of equivalent value instead! That'll wrap up this introduction to Best of Halo 4. We have an amazing month planned out for the racing community. It's been a wild two years, and it's finally time to send it out with a bang. We hope that you enjoy the event, and thank you for participating in Best of Halo 4!
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    Ironically, one element of our community which is often overlooked and taken for granted is the actual racing. While HT has officially endorsed it's own content creators and given them the proper recognition they deserve (with many more to go), it's time to turn the spotlight over to the scene of the Halo racing tournaments. This edition of Community Spotlight is about the highly decorated and overwhelmingly successful Halo racer, Dominic Kolenda. He holds many different aliases, but he is widely known throughout the community as Sodapop. Hailing from Michigan with a background in motocross racing, Soda has won every major tournament and championship that HT has to offer. He holds major titles across every Halo game HT has had tournaments for. His prestige aside, Soda is a humble mentor for his piers and an ambassador to the entire racing community. We caught up with Sodapop for an interview which has been a long time coming. Formally Introduce yourself. My name is Dominick "Soda" Kolenda. I just turned 20 and no longer a teen sadly but also a good thing of course. I've been at the same occupation for the past 15 months, (Discount Tire Tech) and still remains to be my first job. At this point in my life I'm not quite sure of what I want to do for my career yet but I'm sure I'll find it. One thing I'm trying to get more serious about is bodybuilding. I'm 6ft and 135lbs. I used to be 6ft 124lbs just a few months ago. Even now I get comments every single day about how skinny I am. At work, at home, at party's, so that's motivation in itself for me to go to the gym. I've learned that it's not just going to the gym though it takes a full life commitment. You're food has to be right and for me I need LOTS of it; which isn't easy working a 10 hour shift job. You need 8-9 hours of sleep every single night because that's when you're body grows. My goal is to reach 185lbs and maintain it when I get there I don't wanna become too big. What attracted you to Halo racing and what got you started with HT? Through the internet. I watched YouTube videos of Rogue and Dream and all the guys that made the incredible SkyTracks back in 2009. Initially that's how I discovered the website and at that time I wasn't too interested. I didn't talk to anyone I just downloaded the tracks and raced on them for a few weeks and left. I didn't come back for at least 18 months. In October of 2011, (beginnning of Halo Reach) I was playing around in Forge with some buddies from school. Out of all the random things we forged one of those things just happened to be a jump, and that little jump turned into a racetrack, a really bad racetrack. My passion with Halo racing started here. I continued racing on the track me and my friends made for about a month until I finally remembered about HaloTracks. I downloaded Ionized's tracks and Purple's tracks primarily. I remember how excited I was racing on them for the first time. I was like a little kid opening a Christmas present with each new track I raced on. Even racing alone I had a deep level of passion and excitement. I truly loved it. You struck gold when you started competing in big racing tournaments; did you ever see yourself finding so much success? When I started racing I didn't have any expectations for myself but to only have fun. My first official tournament race was an HT Supercross event on Purpledinosaur0's Tundra MX. I won the first Moto and finished 7th in the second Moto. Next race was on Everglade MX by Ionized and I actually ended up going 1-1 for that race; towards the end I remember Camo saying, "you're killin' it man, good job". I have an extreme amount of love for racing. With this single win the game actually whispered to me "I love you too Soda" and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. She was mine and only one person can have her and I actually seen myself finding success very early after that, I believed in my victory. Before the Best of Halo: Reach I knew I could do it but I never overlooked anyone. I knew anything could happen and my competitors are strong and I think this mindset is healthy. You're among a select few members on the website who are or were involved in motorsports outside of video games. Do you feel that experience transitions and benefits you when race in tournaments? I think growing up around racing in real life gives you an eye for things others may not have. Soda entered the competitive Halo racing scene in 2011, during the time of Halo: Reach and HT Supercross Season 3. He quickly turned heads in the game by not only nearly winning his HTSX debut, but his first ever tournament. From there, he would go on to be the unofficial HTSX Season 3 Champion. He's continued his reign of dominance across Halo: Reach, Halo 4 and even Halo 3. For more information, Soda's official racing stats can be found in the unofficial racer stats database. Could you elaborate on your previous answer? If I were to watch basketball my whole life and try to race, it may take me longer to learn how to race, (if I were to even find racing interesting). I was brought up to ride. My whole family watched the races so I ended up watching them too. I'm sure my interest would be much different if my family were huge football fans and watched that instead. Growing up racing you're mind gets wraped around it so it comes easier to you. What are your thoughts on the current state of tournaments and the future of Halo racing? We're very inactive and tournaments aren't there. This has been an on-going trend for quite some time now. The core people of the community are still here which is a good thing; great forgers, racers, and leaders of the site. I feel like its important to have strong leadership for the website when it's in a dark place and luckily we have it. The future of Halo racing relies heavily on 5.0 releasing. We need a strong change and the new website is the only answer to that. Players that have been here through thick and thin, (like myself) need to step up and take leadership of hosting tournaments. Forgers need to forge more innovative tracks and release consistently for the excitement to be there. It seems we have to much conflict between one another and are unable to accomplish the things we want because of it. I think we'll figure it out. Where do you see yourself in the future of HT and what are your plans for Halo racing in general? The future is uncertain for me. I got so much goin' on I'm not really focused on the site at the moment. I'm turning into a young man so there's quite a bit of learning I gotta do for me and the family at this time. I wanna get back into the scene once I get my schedule cleared. My plans for when I'm not so busy are to host tournaments. I'm not a forger and H5's forge is pretty challenging, so racing and managing is the route for me. I like to think I can give good ideas and suggestions to the leaders of the site. With his busy schedule and the recent tournament drought, it's been a while since we've seen Soda at the races. However, he did recently return to the scene for two rounds of the '2016 Nationals Open Series', where he posted perfect 1-1 scores in each round. Which game presented the most challenges for you as a racer and which was the most difficult to master? Halo 3 to Reach was a much different mongoose, and Reach to Halo 4 was a much different mongoose. I began racing in Reach so I never experienced the first change. I did however experience the second one and it was tough. I remember blh728 made his first Supercross track and him and Mythic, (xPA32x) were faster than me. So I concentrated a lil' more and I was still slower. It took some time but luckily HT Supercross needs to wait for high quality tracks before a season begins, so that granted me the time. To conclude, Halo 4 was the most challenging game to master. Who has been your toughest competition? There are a lot of legendary racers out there. First that come to mind are Le Hefe, Camonized, and Hatter is Mad just to name a few. Me and Le Hefe had intense battles back on Halo: Reach. The one that stands out the most was a race on Overlook SX. We traded positions for first place throughout the entire race until he passed me on the last lap to take the win, (I know you still remember Jeff lol). Le Hefe was the reigning champion of HTSX during these races. I felt the weight of his determination and skill more than anyone else on the racetrack. My all time greatest competitor is Pancake. The fiercest, fastest, and most consistent racer I have ever raced is him. He has a passion for the game and rose to fame very early in the ORL, beating all previous and reigning champions in his rookie season even lapping them and sweeping the Championship finals with 3 wins in 3 races. He is the one and only racer that actually makes me scratch my head at times. You must be laser focused and be operating at every ounce of you're mental capacity if you want a chance at beating him. While Pancake was rising through the ranks in the ORL, about 2 years prior I was rising through the ranks on HaloTracks. We both dominated our leagues and came together in the end to demonstrate the most high quality, legendary rivalry the racing community has ever seen. While his future in Halo racing is ambiguous, Soda's legendary racer status has granted him a place in the community of HT for many years to come. One cannot help but question; will his accolades ever be surpassed, or his records be broken? Either way, it's been one hell of a journey for the Michigan native. Of all your championships, titles and big tournament victories, which one stands out the most for you? The one that shines the brightest for me is my Season 7 HTSX title; It was the hardest one to earn. All of the best racers participated in that series besides just a couple. Those racers being Le Hefe, (commentating) and Jake Bobius who we missed as well, (which just happens to be two of the three previous champions of the squad). I actually just now realized that. It was still the toughest I've had to fight for a title. When you go back and watch the streams my interviews are so quiet however my mind was peaked like I was on crack or something. That may have been the sort of delusional quality that you have to have to accomplish extremely challenging goals even in real life. How are you supposed to make it through high pressured situations without being a little insane? To wrap things up, what advice can you offer to newer racers, or general racers who want to be better at racing? To new racers its all about practice. Try to watch the races on YouTube as much as possible. In the HT Supercross streams Jeff makes a lot points and explains how racers use their strategies to overcome adversity. Try to race in as many tournaments as possible to get the experience. For me personally, I love racing and that's my core motivator. I have so much fun racing. Find what motivates you. Interview and article composed by @Camonized Screenshots provided by @xEasyTargetx
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    Or... You can simply look at our gallery and pick some tracks from there, considering you're already on our site.
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    Hey there, forgers. Do you know the situation in H2A when you made a great map, but it would always crash when being played with a larger lobby? Well, I think I have found the reason for that. No good news. You may have noticed that every map you make has got a certain byte size. Well, if that byte size is over a certain point the map won't load with a certain amount of people. Let me explain (The following part is contained of details - if you want to see the important message, skip the spoilers) : The next part includes examples and speculations, but important ones. So at the beginning of MCC I made a map that was full of large cliffs, but only had like 200 objects. We didn't know why, but it worked with a 14 player lobby. It was laggy, but it worked (as I said before, byte sizes have nothing to do with framerate issues, that would be another topic about rendering objects). That map has got about ~6000 bytes. Five days ago I checked out all of the maps' byte sizes and they all made sense to me in the matter of lobby experiences and overall performances. I came to the solution that a map has to be under a certain byte size in order to work with a bigger lobby. In the following I want to share my speculations to the byte sizes and how they affect a custom game. If you want to make a map that can support 14-16 players and has got multiple rounds the byte size has to be under 5000-6000. A map that supports 10-12 players and has got multiple rounds should have a byte size of under 7000-8000. One that plays with exactly 8 players should have under 8000-10000 bytes (multiple rounds) or under 9000-11000 bytes (one round). One/Two player/s can play a map with any byte size together without having any issues. With three players it already could be crucial if they play a map with over 13000 bytes. Keep in mind that all these results are not official. You understand that it is pretty difficult to decree standards due to connection failures, no dedicated servers in custom games and other bugs in the MCC. So I'll leave you with these speculations that are vague, but may not be all that wrong; and they should be taken seriously. Thanks for reading this. Please tell your friends about this thread and fill in your own experiences. I suppose this is pretty important for every single forger since I don't think that :343: will fix that issue in the near future. But as you will know the Halo Forge Community is indestructible. We'll just deal with it. Note: This whole guide was made by Buddy Jumps. All credit goes to him.
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    Hello Everyone. It's been quite some time since I've even graced the forums with any sort of presence whatsoever, and for some odd reason I ended up here tonight. I never expected to ever be here again, but it's incredible for me to see that the forums are still alive (to a degree) and kicking (to some extent). Honestly it brings a few tears to my eyes and I'll explain to you, briefly, why that is. Since the days of yore, I've had the opportunity to grow, change, reflect, and become someone that I can be proud of. It's an exciting time in my life for me. I'll be graduating soon, hopefully with a job in Graphic Design, and moving to New York City. Yet, I don't think I would be in the same position if I hadn't spent any of the hours that I did engaged in this site, this community, the games, the races, everything. If it wasn't for the amazing times... the really terrible power hungry times... the exodus... etc... I don't think I could be here where I am today. So for that, I thank you. Each and every one of you. Old, new, long-gone, gone but not for long. Doesn't matter. Your choices and engagement made me who I am and put me in a really great place. The long nights of our stupid lobby sitting tournaments, our attempts at tournaments that got posted to bungie.net, our squads (go IceStorm!), our silly design competitions, these things are somehow fond memories of a time that was easier. A time when nothing really mattered, and yet everything mattered. A time when we were young enough to make mistakes that were easily forgiven... sometimes within hours... sometimes not for months. A time when Halo brought out the best and worst in all of us for us to see and to breathe and to live. So thank you HaloTracks. The Community. The People. The Racing. The Games. The everything. And for those still around, keep going. Keep racing. Keep chatting. Keep being stupidly dramatic about stupid shit because at some point, you can't be dramatic at stupid shit anymore. Learn to be young and infinite, before you grow old and finite so that your boundaries are further than you may have otherwise had. Be you. Be yourself. Be awesome. To those from the past I may have wronged. You can go f*** yourselves. But I only say that in the way like when you get headshot from across the map. Because I love you. Each of you. For the times you were a***es, to the times you weren't. So let's chat. Let's reconnect. Let's be a**holes together because that's the way it should be. There were hundreds of bonds formed in this community and yet the only thing that kept those bonds together was that we kept coming back and logging online. Well unfortunately we all grew up and HaloTracks didn't. So let's reconnect. Again. Here. There. Someone just create an effing Facebook group. To all of you. Thank you. Again. Eric Margusity aka locoskier78 I can be reached at eric@margusity.com if you'd like to get in touch. And check out my site: www.eric.margusity.com
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    I have three points to make. 1. Shut up. You are not important to this community. I am not important to this community. Nobody is important to this community. You are no better than anyone else here in all terms. Stop kissing up to the admins, grow a pair and deal problems by yourself in private. I think the rep system abuse topic was caused by kissing up to Jeff. I got my warning status raised for a silly comment that wasn't even directly threatening you. 2. You are the most active member on here that is not an admin. Every squad, every tournament, every little thing(you almost let Velocity go today). This is good, but it makes you look really stupid to a lot of the people who have been here longer than you have. It is pathetic that you stay up to 12-3 AM in the morning to race with complete strangers on a video game. I know I play all day but I don't lose sleep over it by staying up all night. Jesus... 3. I have talked to many people about this and I really believe it is the reason why practically the entire community hates you. You continue to be a serial hypocrite. This started months ago. You continue to be unsportsmanlike and unfriendly when you perform terribly in a race or tournament. Everyone gives you the middle finger and you take huge offense to that, more than anyone on here. Then, when you do perform well, you brag about your small accomplishments that are insignificant.
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    Hello everyone, another shot at another year awaits. As a long and feared year of Halotracks passes, let a new and Replenishing one come. This year has held many events of inactivness to the loss of our Co Founder. But through the worse we stuck together as one. We might have got lost a few times along the way, but who doesn't. From the weak to the strong within the community, we are here still working hard to keep things alive. We lost some friends along the way, but we sure gained more with that one leaving. As the new year comes, I'd like to share with the community a few things that Members/Staff have to say about HaloTracks. C u l8er created his first track on sandtrap, intentionally for a Warthog, had some choppers, and other small things for the fun of it. He posted it on Bungie.net and saw his first "racetrack", after that decided to create one of his own. His first racetrack created on Last Resort with the help of Killer200o. After he posted his first racetrack on Bungie.net, he decided to keep making maps and linking them together so that with one person downloading one map, they'd end up downloading all of them. After creating his 5th or so map, he created a Bungie.net group and invited Killer. After getting the RACETRACKS gametype created, he and Killer started on their mission to create the best tracks for Halo 3. With the ones that had already been created before them, they noticed that they were all crap. The tracks had bad bordering, no finish lines or even starting points. They had some competition that made C u l8er want to make things look better. After getting RACETRACKS as an official gametype being used by others, he kept two maps on the first page at all times. He created HaloTracks, as his main goal for people that wanted to enjoy the tracks that him and Killer had created. As time went on he decided to let others create their own tracks and post them on Halotracks. The first rank was made for people to write reviews under his maps, They were called RACETRACKS Testers. His main purpose with the testers, was to test the MapMakers maps that were being created for the site. For those who have joined this site recently you are in for a long time friendship with the community of HaloTracks. You may not have been here through the best, and worst. But you sure do add a new meaning to this community. As many members agree with the best times for HaloTracks was when Halo3 was new, and the game was still popular. With the new games out, less and less people play Halo3. But even with there being new games out, people still come here. Everyday we have at least 5 - 10 new members. You can go to any other site and find great forgers, and RaceTracks. But you can not find a community as strong, and close as HaloTracks. We all may have our differences at times, but with that said we are still a strong growing community. We are all trying to create something for the Halo3 community, not just HaloTracks. As one, we are trying to make the community better, the site better, and to make better tracks. With such a big community, you get to know people, and you have fun doing so. We might fight sometimes, and some might get banned. But with that, it's a lesson for the community. HaloTracks has given many one of the best experiences of their lives. From just the start of downloading maps and posting on the Bungie group, to racing in squads. We have all enjoyed our experiences and friendships within the community. As some only come to Halo3 anymore, for the wonderful creations that we all make. Whether it be the thought of a map, or the building. The creations of these wonderful tracks, and the community around us is what keeps this site going. With a bright future Ahead, we look back and remember the community from the beginning. Where it all started with just two friends, trying to create something that we all are apart of this second. From forging in foundry to sandbox, we have all created this community. Tournaments, and Squads to keep the community entertained. With graphics, and Media to show the skills of our community. To the creation of maps, and testers to keep things aligned. The staff works hard to keep this community going. To do the best for everyone, and provide the community with an experience that keeps them coming. As many of you are the creators of maps, and some are the helpers. Whether it be adding something to a Track to make it better, or upload it to HaloTracks. You work together to do what needs to be done. We all have a job to do here, may it be the members that give us our base. Or the staff that makes HaloTracks the place for the community. We all shape to form something so grand. Some might seem so pointless, but when you look at it from a different angle we are all the same. And we all play an important rule in the HaloTracks community. So lets make 2010 the best year of them all. We have the ability to do so, but you must have your heart in it 100%. Because without that, we are nothing, and we will not grow to be a strong community that will last for years to come. From member eleven, To sixteen thousand and seven. Through the good and the bad, The happy and the sad. I have been here, With a very long career. Some people think I lag, I just think they're a fag. I am an alright racer, But I am a better poster. I don't mean to boast, But I have 5400 posts. All and in gold, But none are in bold. I've made a few maps, But most were crap. What made me the best, Was my ability to test. So to Elite Tester I was promoted, Until a contest Killer posted. To replace the inactive Whiskey, To someone who was more frisky. So I used my awesome reviewing skills, To become Head Mapmaker without any spills. Now I do the mapmaker applications, Even though I'm from another nation. Years later I am still active, And no it's because I've been held captive. For the good times is why I stay, And btw it was just my birthday. So give me presents, My little peasants. -Masta Blastr- Once upon a time, There were two wizards Whom hatched a great big plan. They decided to take a regular game And create something very grand. From the regular customs of Halo 3 They fashioned something anew, Something to charm all gamers alike And thus HaloTracks began. The wizards, their names, cu and killer, Surely were not aware That they had created a great thriller. That was sure to fright a bear, Starting out as a Bungie group With only 100 members. Is how I found the site, But I didn't know then what I would do To help this newfound group. Twas only a few days before I became, One of the first Testers. And after a month no one would believe That I'd done 35 reviews, Elected unanimously I was to a throne I still now hold. The position of Head Tester, long and behold The place that I still reign. Throughout the years I've seen it all, Despite my yearlong absent. I was here before and I still am now, And can only say wow. The group has evolved to sixteen thousand, And we reside in a community. A community run by Vapour, And still owned by the founding wizard. Who may know what will happen next, No one can surely know. But with Reach around the corner, And members whom are loyal We're sure to have a blast. -Mr Frodo- Special thanks to, BreMerie93, C u l8er, Vapour Kunckles, Mr Frodo, Deano, Fretless, Masta Blastr, Smm and Loco. Other thanks, Thanks to bungie.net for creating such a community for us to be a part of. If it wasn't for them, we would not be here. Thanks to C u l8er, and Killer200o for the creation of HaloTracks, and sticking with us through the good and bad. Without them, we would not be here right now enjoying the creation of such a wonderful community. Another thanks to Locoskier, and Mr Frodo for being the managers of this community. Keeping the staff from killing each other. As for our MapMakers too! Without them, you wouldn't see these wonderful creations that makes HaloTracks, Halotracks. And our last thanks goes to the community in general. Because without you, this site, and community would be nothing. No matter what rank you have, or what your purpose is on this site. You come here, and make this community what it is today. So lets all as a community replenish this site, and friendship as a group in 2010. May it be better then years behind, and better for the future of this amazing community some call home.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v36RTWoZ-I&feature=channel Done by lil kyle and HJ in LayedBackGaming
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection leltage a year of poo Relive the greatness and rce of MCC.
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    I will take the sock and then go on holiday to the Netherlands to visit my family. While over there I will naturally be obliged to visit my friend Gogetarulz. When I meet him I will treat him to a nice dinner and a romantic walk through the tulip fields. At the end of a wonderful evening he will lean in for a goodnight kiss. As his eyes close and his lips get ready meet mine, my hand will be on a wide trajectory towards his unsuspecting face. I slap him... with the smelly sock covered hand. Mission accomplished! No homo.
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    I think a lot of the little tricks and abilities add more diversity to the game. While 343i has always tried to steer Halo in a revolutionary direction (and not always for the better), I applaud them for their efforts this time specifically. I think they have finally reached a new style of Halo that is balanced and competitive. It's new. It's fresh. It's different. I really like it so far. Yes, a lot can change before the game's release. But for now, I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. Maybe in the fall, we can finally say that Halo is back. BTW Eddy, stick to Destiny.
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    Banner by Jeffh3962 Hello everyone! This month and I would like to present you with March's Member of the Month! He now has the privilege of being 2014's second Member of the Month! In addition to being an extremely active member on HaloTracks, he contributes a lot of his time to HT Supercross and other active squads, has an outstanding attitude when it comes to the community, but most importantly he's stuck with HaloTracks through thick and thin since website activity has dropped over the past year. Without further to do, please welcome the man himself -- @King Edward I! What is it like to be a member here on HaloTracks? "Having the privilege of being an important piece of the puzzle here on HaloTracks is truly a unique honor. My history of getting into Halo racing is like most people: I tried my hardest to get into those modded warthog races on Halo 2 and whenever I got into one I would stay there for hours on end trying to get a recently spawned warthog out of the spawn area. My true beginnings with the race community didn't come until July 2008 when HaloTracks was featured on Bungie Favorites. I was absolutely inspired to make my own tracks by forgers such as @blademonkey751 (GOTCHA XD), @Bulle jr, and @WhiskeyWarm. I made a track on every single map that I could forge on, naming them Race #1, #2, #3, etc. The hilarious part was that they were extremely tight (even on Foundry!). When HaloTracks was on Bungie Favorites for the second time, I met a really cool person named @B0tteDeRubber in Halo 3 matchmaking. He saw my racetracks in my fileshare and we hooked up with the goal of sticking together and getting better at forging racetracks. We forged many tracks, attempting to become popular skytrack forgers like oO SLiK Oo and @SpEcTaCuLar Ra. In order to gain some exposure to the race community I made friends with a small Youtuber named Vlexx and co-forged a track with him called Jinx. @B0tteDeRubber and I have been featured in several of his videos as racers. It wasn't until July 2009 that we decided to join HaloTracks as actual members. He went on to become one of the greatest Halo skytrack forgers and I evolved into more of an event host and experimental forger. The atmosphere hasn't really changed on HaloTracks since then – I had joined at the later end of HaloTracks' successful era, where the community was starting to become much smaller. The people here are all different characters and come from all across the world. I sincerely believe that a majority of my own thoughts have stemmed from a member or section of this community. That is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. If you've been active on this website at any point, you have taken something from the community and made it your own." You seem to be fairly active in HT Supercross, What keeps you going? "Out of all the squads I've joined on HaloTracks, HT Supercross has been the only squad I have been continuously involved in since I joined. I am proud to say that I've been a member since Season 1. Joining HT Supercross was more of a learning experience because at that time I didn't know much about real-life racing, especially motocross. I became so engulfed into the squad that I attempted to forge a Halo 3 Supercross track called Cyclades, which was actually used in several HT Supercross tournaments. I remained active in the squad throughout Halo: Reach but wasn't tempted to forge a track because of my inability to make layouts (I did help , , and @Ionized on a co-forged Endurocross track). My role in HT Supercross dramatically changed from a racer to innovator after I started forging multiple supercross tracks on Halo 4. I began forging supercross tracks because I wanted a challenge and I wanted to help HT Supercross increase their supply of maps to race on. My biggest inspiration in forging supercross tracks is and without his encouragement I probably would've given up during the creation of Enigmatic SX, which took about two months to complete." "As far as HT Strictly Stock goes, I don't have any plans on reviving the squad unless there are a large number of people interested in doing the squad again. However there is a map pack dedicated to the racing we did in the squad located in the modded maps section of the gallery." What is life like for you outside of HaloTracks? "My life outside of HaloTracks is somewhat normal. First off, I am seventeen years old and I live in a suburb of a suburb in California. I've lived in California my entire life. Even though this isn't really important, I have attended a new elementary school, new middle school, and new high school all in the same school district. I'm a senior at Citrus Valley High School and a concurrently enrolled student at Crafton Hills College. I am taking several A.P. classes in addition to Philosophy 101 so I am constantly busy during the week doing assignments and studying. I plan on attending California State University San Bernardino this fall to major in history and possibly minor in political science. I want to have a job as a high school teacher. My immediate family consists of my mom, dad, sister, and dog named Snort. I currently don't have an actual job but for the past 13 years I have been a part-time background actor for television, commercials, and movies. I don't plan on continuing after I'm 18 because it was only so I could build a savings for the future (I made some serious bank from investments). If you don't believe me, I can take a picture of my Screen Actors Guild card. Additionally, I was in the Boy Scouts of America for about 10 years. I left the organization soon after earning the BSA Eagle Scout award in the summer of 2010. My hobbies consist of staying on top of current events, watching motorsports, and hanging out with friends when I am available." What do you hope to bring to HaloTracks to help further it’s future? "The future of HaloTracks is always in my thoughts as website activity has slowed significantly over the past year. My current goal is to possibly host a few events on some of the outdoor motocross tracks I've built so far. Other than that, I will continue to participate in the active squads here on HaloTracks, especially HT Supercross. As a newly inducted race host, I will do my best to promote the squad and motocross racing in general. HT Supercross is the essential backbone of this community and I would like to see it grow into something bigger and better. Speaking of bigger and better, I am definitely looking forward to HT 5.0 and the return of the tournament system and TriggerPoop-styled squads." You’re an active Map Maker/racer, what is your motivation to keep forging/racing? "My motivation to keep on forging comes from the positive feedback and constructive criticism from producing each new map. As far as racing goes, there's always room for improvement and I want to learn how to avoid being unintentionally wrecked by people, a skill that is vital in being consistent. My best creation on Halo 4 is probably Cassiopeia National only because it is unique in the fact that I used Halo: Reach style elevation changes on Impact, which hadn't been done before. Most would agree that my worst creation on Halo 4 is the first version of Victoria Field SX. My favorite map maker of all time is @blademonkey751 (GOTCHA XD) because in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach he would forge completely original and unconventional maps with crazy stunts. In fact, he was the first person I met on the shoutbox when I joined the website. My favorite types of tracks to forge are supercross tracks on Impact due to the fact that the pieces look good and the landforms are cool to build off of. I enjoy racing on Halo in its current state but I would like to see the competitive atmosphere of HaloTracks to make its return." If you ever decide to depart from HaloTracks, what do you want to be remembered as/for? "I don't think I'll depart from HaloTracks completely. I love this community too much to completely abandon it. I've made too many acquaintances on here. However if the community dies or the website permanently ends, I want to be remembered for being an active member here on HaloTracks who just happened to forge tracks and race in tournaments and squads."
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    I find you being a bro-like douchebag disgusting, "Mr. I'mguaranteedafulltimehighpayingjobwhenIgetoutofuniversityandIhaveabsolutelynochanceoffailureatlife". I also find it funny and entertaining that you choose to nitpick a little grammar error that means absolutely nothing. Save the jokes, please.
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    Lol is this a joke? Did you know that I was a national mountain bike champion, 2nd place national TT champion, on the USA national team for several years, and podium at UCI races? Not to mention I have also betten the world TT champion in a 36 min TT by less than half a second at road Nationals. Are you for real?
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    Welcome one and all, gather around the podium as I, Snake, am here to deliver my final, and longest, piece of scripture that the Halotracks community will come to see. Some will laugh, some will cry, some will applaud, some will boo, it's all a matter of judgement and personal opinion really, but as I close my personal chapter to just the beginning of my internet relations, I think it's time that someone finally steps up and shows some care for the site, through constructive criticism as always, as well as a story to give those who don't know background info about major events in HT history. Enough with the Shakespeare talk... let's get down to business. *Note: If you take offense to this, then you are not comprehending this correctly. This is supposed to tell you about what happened and the feelings of many during that time, and if it is about you, just continue reading and think back about it. This is not meant to flame or downplay anyone or anyone's actions. I am only stating facts and events. When you start with the bottom of things, the core values of what was the Halotracks community in its hay day, it was a site that somehow your neighbor or best friend downloaded a few maps from. It was at its pinnacle. Members were flocking from everywhere, activity was great and tournaments were plentiful! It was almost more fun to be on the web than it was to race because you were able to reach so many more people that way. The original site skin was simply a classic and the homepage was kept up to date with at least 3 articles daily from different staff members. This my friends was what most of you never saw, and most likely never will again, on this website. We were recognized by Bungie and had a few appearances from employees here and there (ego... down boy.) The massive feuds between ForgeHub all because of their Map of the Year competitions (and Locoskier...) the massive Mythic Tournament that was featured on the front page of Bungie and failed (also Locoskier...). Yes, the community had its fair share of problems... to name well... 2 (Dracostrybyrn, chew...) and a few mishaps here and there like Draco hiring some guy to post the most disturbing images many of you will never witness (which I still remember to this day, and yes... I deleted that post lol) and some hack attempts. By none other than... yep. Draco. Chew on the other hand was just annoying... I'm sure most of you will agree (maybe besides Josh and Deano.) He wasn't always that way, but he always had some grudge against someone, especially me... maybe it was because I got staff and he was on the site longer than I was and had twice as many posts. Not sure though... Anyway, you see, this sums up what Halotracks used to be like. And I'll sum it up in one word for you, Fun. (Spongebob fan boys... now is not the time) Everyone, no matter your rank, was making maps, even if they were terrible at it. Yes... I'm serious, it didn't matter how good you were, you just made maps for the hell of it. Yeah, I wasn't one of those people because hockey took up too much of my time, but that was the community back then. Tournament activity was through the roof, there were no squads (oh no! it's like back in the day when our parents didn't have cellphones. yes....) there were no points, you just raced for the hell of it or some user bar prizes, and had a little list of your tournament placings on your profile, all color coded and what not (prime example: chillybob) which gave you some pride within the community as well. Yes... the good ol' days. Sadly... around a year and a half ago, things went very, very wrong. Before the site upgraded to the IPB 3.0 series, we were still using the old IPB 2 series (if I remember correctly) which was very stable for us and our needs. The site skin looked great, and was probably the best for any Halo community. Once Draco was banned though... things turned very ugly for us. He, or one of his people he possibly hired, hacked (or attempted to) our server multiple times, leaving many of the not so loyal or those who were considering joining wondering what's going on. Which in that case, leads to them not checking for a few days... and that few days turns into forgetting to even check back and we've lost another possible member. But, after the outages, activity still remained very constant and things were still going good for us and eventually interest was back to normal. Until we upgraded... Once we upgraded... we had a whole mess of problems with the old features of the site when we tried converting them over. The skin, looked honestly no different than now besides maybe a few things here and there and some features. But what you are seeing is pretty much what we've had for the past year or so when we got this. Anywho, killer couldn't do 3 million things at once, and his partnership with C u was on thin ice. Especially once C u went to race in Europe for 3 months or something like that. This... this is where some of us, especially me, knew things were going to be very, very rough from here on out. Once C u came back, Killer was furious, because most of the features that needed to be fixed, he couldn't do because C u never gave him access to the Host Gator. They had the argument for the ages (slightly over-exaggerating of course) which left some of us to choose sides on who we were more loyal to and what not. This led to the beginning of the staff corruption in a sense (I'll explain that soon) and after some more riffs and the banning of killer by C u, Travis (C u... if you didn't know that I put this little tid bit for you) decided to put the site up for sale. Out of anyone, luckily someone within the community by the name of Vapour knuckles came to try and save the day. Things were getting close to be completed, and he was even given Admin. He planned to bring killer back, use me for some more help, fix some problems, etc... activity was increasing during this time. Because of the announcements about Vapour getting the site and he made a new account for killer and gave his post count back (C u changed his old account's password and Vapour couldn't get it back,) it gave us a sense of security that the site isn't going to fall, etc... But... C u decided to back out during the final stages of writing the contract. Which of course had a not so good ripple effect within the community, and the staff became 2 sided again. Which leads to some more corruption in processes like Applications and what not. You see, Mr Frodo24 came up to power after being Head Tester, and had a lot of say in things while C u and killer were having it out. He was given admin... in which no vote was taken and we already had 2 admins. But he also kept Head Tester, which many of us thought was strange. This also had a ripple effect through the staff, not in choosing sides, but in how the staff came to be during this time. Wolfy, God knows where he is, was Head Moderator until he had it out with someone again (which... alright you have to admit, isn't new) and was demoted. Smm, at the time, was just a moderator and was given the position. I, at the time, was Head Events Manager. This, my friends is a perfect summary of what I mean by staff corruption (a.k.a. hypocrisy) During most of my time as events manager, well... most of the team per say, was told by people like Frodo and killer to always do more work. Well... let's see... this was around the time squads really became popular as in HT Velocity (we've always had them, I was in Ice Storm back on the old site but that died, they were much harder to get into and had much more requirements than squads now which I will talk about in a bit) so all of the events were happening within the squads, which was not under out jurisdiction. So, the flow of tournaments decreased dramatically, leaving us with really not much work to do. It was kinda fun, but kinda annoying, because if you were in a squad, you usually never raced regular tournaments. There were, and still are I believe, only 2 features in the store that you could use points on (change title and change username I think, don't remember anymore) so points really had no value. In squads, you had leader boards, weekly tournaments, etc... Well... when this was occurring, I was trying to also re-write tournament application rules to simplify the process, as well as coordinate the team the work specific jobs. During this time, ego wanted to organize an event with some of his Bungie friends and I didn't approve of him being a tournament director because I knew he wouldn't pan out (no offense ego, but I just didn't think you fit the job) Frodo comes in, and tries to talk me into it. I still stood my ground. I log in one day and see ego is an Events Manager. So I was like alright... come on really. I tried talking to Frodo, but when I did, guess what. I was demoted and ego was given Head Events Manager. I wasn't sad, I wasn't upset, I was mad that someone would go to that length to do that to me and give someone who wasn't as loyal the job. Frodo's explanation: "You weren't doing your job." Which, what was there to be done?! I did everything for the week and was still writing the new rules and waiting for Tjmax to finish his part so I could proofread and edit. This my friends... is hypocrisy because what was Frodo doing during this time? N.o.t.h.i.n.g. I got the same explanation from killer. The only person who understood was C u, but nothing came of that and I just said screw it with staff. After I organized some community humpdays (which Loco rage quit after getting his ass handed to him by Joshness so many times) and providing ideas, input, and some pretty cool articles to the community, I get trashed. This is what I mean about hypocrisy. Yes, we are all hypocritical at times, but this is when it was at its peak in the staff and I, as well as some others whom I can't remember right now (I think one of the journalists did... not sure) get shafted for something that people just don't see that's in them. Enough with that... I left around late August/September of last year in which things were very bad staff wise and I just didn't care for even posting anymore because activity was so low. So that's my story until there. I came back around December like a day after the mass exodus by most of the core staff who some of which have been here since or almost since day 1. Then I left again... until last week. After noticing the Opinion of Halotracks thread last week, I've realized what has become of this site, and I don't know how some of you guys don't see this. (when I logged in last week it reminded me of Fallout... lol) Many people, whom I will not start to say names in this portion of the topic, don't understand their place in a community and what it takes to earn respect. Trollers and spammers (though some of those made me laugh) were not doing anything to contribute to the topic. Trollers, though you will never be able to get rid of them, need to be disciplined. Letting them run their mouths (or keyboards) does not help the image of the fallen community at all. Locking a topic that may have led somewhere should have been last resort, instead, the topic should have been moved to at least VIP where most of the ex-staff could have it out without plaguing the main forum page. Here are some of my other observations Advertise. I can't say it enough. Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. I know this site pulls in enough money through AdSense (If that's what is used) to in turn help pay for advertising. And that's just site ads. We could do free advertising, and have the Events Managers branch out and become Affiliates on other sites. We only have 5 affiliates... and one of them leads to a survey scam that looks like Facebook (FacilityB5D.) For a site that used to be as big as we were, where in the hell did someone forget to acquire affiliates!? Don't take that wrong, but seriously, BWO has tons of them. If people don't know we exist anymore, then how are were going to get stronger? Ranks. This was something that started to occur before my leave. We have too many. Plain and simple. The 4 that can go are Ambassador, Squad Manager, regular Media Director and Samurai. The reason I say Samurai is because that is something the Manager can do, because in essence they are the same jobs anyway. Ambassador... I don't really need to explain. Squad Manager, this is something that should be part of the regular EM's daily job, which is why many of us lost our staff anyway because it wasn't included during that time. (If I hear the excuse of "well we didn't think about that" then I'm gonna smack someone because I don't know how many times I've said that squad should be under our position). With Media Director, they also don't really have much responsibility. The Head oversees the contests anyway, and the fact that someone is good in something doesn't mean they get a staff position on a silver platter. That's not how any company works, no how any website works. Rules. I would love to see the day that people actually read and follow the rules on a website. This one is the prime example of how the rules are not being enforced to their context and instead moderators are locking topics or deleting posts that are well within acceptance all because of their personal opinions. Since he isn't around anymore, I will say this. Wolfy was one of the people who did this, no offense to him, but he moderated to his liking, which is what got him in trouble. The trend needs to stop, because that is what scares members away, it's almost like communism when you really think about it. Because the media (or in this case posts) are being watched like a hawk by different people and are moderated differently all due to their liking. Leadership. It all starts with the core members. This is the only time I will say this, and please, take this as something you need to work on. C u, you are not a good leader. Killer, neither were you. You both have a lot to work on when it comes to leading a site and keeping members active. It starts with being active yourselves, following the rules yourselves (you made the rules, thus, you must follow them. Making them does not mean you are above them. The Bible is the perfect example of this when you read the story of Jesus.) The reason companies fall apart is because of bad management and leadership from the top, and you 2, especially as of late (I know killer is pretty much gone, but C u take this into account) have not done anything for the past year or more that I can recall, to improve this site. Instead, the decisions you've made, as well as by some of the other staff, have crippled this site's image and ruined the popularity. You were barely around C u when I was, which is a bad sign, because killer couldn't do it all. And you see how that ended up? As well... you need to be more open C u, so does killer. You guys are hard heads. I'm saying that flat out right now, which is what led to killer getting banned, the near site sale, etc... I have a feeling you are going to fail to see that within yourself, which, God love both of you, really is what caused our problems and the downfall of what was such a strong community. Which... that leads me to this: my farewell. Avi, Joshness, Deano, Yugno, Swat, Jeff, purple, chilly, wrangoth, Vapoo, nugget, those whom I really got to know as well as a few others, I wish you the best. Hopefully I'll see some of you guys on Xbox or another site soon. For the rest, I hope this new Trigger Smash site turns out well for you all and I also wish you all the best as well. I hope this becomes a topic of mature discussion for everyone to ponder about what I have talked about. That was my purpose in typing this, and I hope some good will come out of it. There, my wall of text is done (no need for China wall jokes... Josh or Deano >_>) Fin. God Bless, Jake Dillon
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    Being a former staff member you should know that there is not a lot of secrecy in the staff forums. We have a very leaky front door. I think that you do raise a good point in that all staff should be accountable to the community. This is why we are here. If we wanted a private club everything would happen in the staff forum. If this incident does shake the community representation of staff then that is a serious problem. I agree with you here that it is not a huge deal. I may be new to the whole internet culture thing, but that may not be a bad thing with how some people are acting in response to FSUFMX's actions. I think drama is the reason some people have remained on this site. I mean that's what high school was all about and that was pretty fun. I think we all need to step back and be a lot more welcoming and inclusive as a community. This is FSU's topic and he can answer the question only if he wants to. I don't know about the history you two have but it seems like this is about much more than 1 point. I think he shouldn't answer it the way your tone is. Asking please would be a much better was to get a clear answer out of someone. Fighting can solve stuff but only the physical kind. Bickering like my female roommates just ends in a bunch of people leaving. I think the quote that Ice shared about TJ's conversation was a strike against FSU and he knows it. I'm not sure what protocols we have in place for dealing with such a high demotion but I would think c u or smm would know. I think a 3 strikes rule or something like that would be applicable in this case. FSUFMX has been great in welcoming me in as a Head and while i'm not sure of all his history, he seems to be filling the position well for me. I don't think he should be demoted for this but a strike should be against him for that convo only. Editing 1 point as a joke cannot be taken as a slippery slope argument. Substantial point editing could be a real problem, but I am not a fan of Zero-tolerance policing. I am exhausted and I have to go to work 5 and a half hours so I should get some sleep. I think that community consultation and influence should always be a huge part of the staff organization. However sometime an authoritarian model is just easier in quick situations. I hope that everyone can look past this and start to just have a good time with the people we do have, and this will attract many more new members in the future. Lets all get back to the racing and have a good time. That's the only reason I'm here.
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    Lewis's sig shop. 50+ posts required If you need (or just want) anything at all. you can order it here. wallpapers, signatures, avatars, logo's and anything you can make up. but there is a small chance I decline if its too much work. (I dont want to be designing characters for you new manga or anything, keep it simple) ordering If you want to order, I would prefer if you'd add a render or stock picture. You need too add the size you want (especially on wallpapers) optional colors style etc. I work with PM's alot so ill PM you when its done or when something is wrong with your order. I might come up with multiple versions my photobucket profile for my previous work. Sig Pick-up (willing to make adjustments) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Database -------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolfy -------------------------------------------------------------------- smm2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------- ODST Reconsniper -------------------------------------------------------------------- Banditball -------------------------------------------------------------------- Arbr -------------------------------------------------------------------- sstormlai33 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Frodo24 -------------------------------------------------------------------- /XISHKABOBX -------------------------------------------------------------------- King Edward I -------------------------------------------------------------------- DaReconGuy -------------------------------------------------------------------- Altair1121 -------------------------------------------------------------------- vVt3hJoShn3ss -------------------------------------------------------------------- TJmax -------------------------------------------------------------------- Fleck
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    Well, seeing as Halo Reach is coming out, I started thinking of awesome forge items that could be added. We are going to be done with Halo 3 maps soon, so what could be in Halo Reach? ...So I took the liberty of creating this state-of-the-art Forge Wishlist....but these aren't regular forge items, oh no. These items are meant to make you lol, rofl, lmao, and, more importantly: LAWL Exploding Warthog: explodes upon press RB Zombie AI spawn point: Brings Infection to a whole new, but rather confusing, level Remote Control mongoose: Imagine the look on your enemies faces when they try to dirve away! Automatic Traffic Cone: you can never have too many lol's Imatation Teleporter: For those midbattle "WHAT THE HELL?"'s Women Cannon: turns red, and'll refuse to catapult you once a month, guarenteed Shrinking Wall: I could've sworn there was a base RIGHT HERE The Covenant Scorpion: Is it a Wraith? Is it a Scorpion? Who the hell knows? The Lead Bubble: ...once you enter, you'll never exit again Active Cameltoe: this one speaks for itself Overkill: Hey! an overshield! BOOM! overkill Reverse Rockets: Take aim at your enemy, next thing you know: you'll entire team has been blown up right behind you. Spartain Laser-pointer: Confuse your friends with an infinatly charging Splaser! Despawing Banshee: Despawns when someone gets within 5 meters of it. Car Bomb: Looks like a tripmine, explodes like a tripmine, but f**k you, its a car bomb Deployable Tank: F**k your enemies up when they are coming at you. Drivable Forklift: Rearrange the entire map, in midfirefight English to Blarg-Blarg Translator: For use on maps like The Pit where there is a megaphone. LAWL, plasma grenade: Will stick to somebody, but will never explode. Great for LAWLs Joke Gauss: A regualar Guass Warthog, that fires a boxing glove attached to a spring. Holographic Ghost: Ohh, the Irony! Kill Shield: A red shield door that has the effects of a killball when crossed Mini-elephant: It's about the size of a model car, and it's still slow as hell Grunt Birthday Party Gun: A BR that fires Confetti! Submitted Content: Hogwart - Kind of like the Warthog, except everything about is stupid as hell. If you guys come up with anymore items that you feel should be added, please, suggest away.
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    Member Of The Month Banner in the making! :] Hello HaloTracks! I know everyone has been wondering what else the Journalists are going to be doing besides the HT Updates (which as we mentioned in the last update will only be monthly, for now). Well this is just one of a few things we will be doing to help get the community more involved. Member of the Month will be run like Member of the Week was back in the older days, but only monthly for now. We are hoping to get things moving more smoothly around here and trying to get people more involved! Anyway back to November's Member of the Month! Chosen for his contribution to the site over the last few years, @WhiskeyWarm has kept with HT through thick and thin. His dedication to HT DRL has really shown, and he has always been a big helper as a mapmaker too. What is it like to be a member here on HT? I literally can't remember how I got started on Halotracks. I think I made a track on The Pit and searched to see if anyone else had done that. From what I remember in the beginning nearly all tracks were very tight. Which then became wider terrain tracks followed by some awkward tracks on Foundry and then the birth of double wides. Throughout the years on HaloTracks, I believe I have gone inactive twice. I wasn't around much in Reach, but what has always brought me back is map making. When I popped in the H4 disc and looked around the maps I couldn't help planning out some tracks. Are you active in any squads? I think most people on here know of my involvement in the Dirty Racing League which is where I run the leaderboards. DRL keeps me around not only because it has a million tournaments a week, but it's also great fun filled with great characters. However I've been in some other squads over the years. I was in HT Velocity back in H3. Although I wasn't very good, and I think I got second in a race once. I was in HT Hardcore as well and hit it's high during Halo3. I also ran a weekly GooseBattles tournament which was my take on Battle Tracks. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, or just want to remember how fun H3 was: .What is life like for you outside of HT? I got my A-levels in 2008, so I have been out of school for 5 years. I have a Masters in Math and I am currently studying in London for a Masters in Computer Science. I just started a new job working as a software engineer for a small start-up in London. I'm currently helping build their web based product. As for pets there's my large shaggy haired mongrel, but I don't have any pets. At the moment I do not do much outside of HaloTracks. I do play guitar and watch the F1 for enjoyment. What do you hope to bring to HT to help further it’s future? At the moment my HT output is limited to a bi-weekly DRL update, and a terrain track that's half finished. However, I'm moving houses very soon to be closer to work so I should have more time. If I do ever get more time, I expect my contribution to HT to continue to be in the map making category. I still think there's lots of original race content to be made in Halo 4. Before I got this job I had a collaboration contest planned, team race tournament idea, a very cool train station themed track in the works and some cool ideas for some new gametypes. Aside from my creations I also plan to continue the success of the DRL and help HT in which ever way I can when the Race playlist goes live. I believe the race gametype will be a great opportunity to get our community in the spotlight. What is your favorite thing about the race gametype? Spawning on gooses and the ability to make crossovers probably. I enjoy making and racing on Terrain tracks, it has always been my favorite. However, I do like the creative style maps and also Hardcore in H3. I think my least favorite thing about race in general is that I have never been a massive fan of double wides. However, I do remember seeing Shaddoblade's first map on Sandbox and being amazed. You’re an active mapmaker, what got you into that? As I mentioned I made a map before finding HaloTracks, but I don't really remember how I got into competitive Terrain maps. I made Verge quite early on when most tracks were still a little awkward. In terms of my more creative maps I was inspired by Hardcore maps in a H3. Favorite Map Created: H3: Between Corners 3.1 and Pow. H4: Tough one, Chratos, Canine, Lothario, Lioness, Lowline, Vestige. I can't choose. Favorite MapMaker: Hmmm, there's too many...I'll say I'm a big fan of maps by Bean05, NukedlceCream, i ImpROBable and many more. If you ever decide to depart from HaloTracks, what do you want to be remembered as/for? As WhiskeyWarm, the Australian double-wide maker . Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
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    NPR MX Creators: Casselfied & MtnDewX97 Track Name: NPR MX Map Name: Impact Supported Gametypes: Race v2.1 Download Link: Click Here Description: NPR MX is a well built motocross style track on the smaller asteroid of impact. This track has consistent jumps as well are various terrain aspects making a well balanced track for competitive racing. Interview What is your personal favorite part of the map? MtnDewX97 "It is hard to pick favorite parts, but I would have to the whoops section, and the rollers following it. The whoops just give you a nice feel when you run through them, mainly because you can take many different lines through them that all have different consequences. The rollers also give a nice feel, they can definitely effect your lap time, and help make the map feel more realistic because motocross tracks aren't just jumps, terrain plays a big factor as well. Of course the map is on an asteroid though..." Casselfied "It's hard to pick one section. I think each section of the track offers something different and unique, making the map feel very well rounded. I can't decide, really." What inspired your creation? MtnDewX97 "When Edward posted his contest, Cassel soon came to me and asked me to coforge, obviously I said yes after he bribed me with a Cassel Crasher Userbar. I wanted to make a track anyway, but I'm pretty lazy unfortunately when it comes to forging. Having someone else on the map made it easier to get motivated enough to actually forge, and motocross tracks were always my favorite to forge, so I wasn't going to pass down the opportunity I had." Casselfied "Mikey (Purple Dinosaur) challenged me to make a map for Edward's motocross track contest to rival his. Even though I only had 2 weeks (roughly) to make one, I took up the challenge anyway. I went searching for a forger to co-forge with because I thought it would make forging in that slim time period possible and because I was lazy. MtnDew wasn't occupied with anything, so I asked and bargained to forge a MX track with him and he agreed. I've also had a deep down itch to make a motocross track for Halo 4 and to 'shut up da haterz' once again." What aspect of the track took you longest to make? MtnDewX97 "By far the clashing of ideas. The constant arguement of 'this should go here', slowed down the process a lot. But overoverall no friendships were broken, and even though we made each mad about half the time we were still able to come to agreements, and still pulled of a pretty solid track. Although it was stressful, I would definitely forge with Cassel again. We definitely make a good forge team. If anything else took long, it would be the bordering, but once we knew what was going where, it all went by pretty fast." Casselfied "I think everything took an equal amount of time to build, but deciding what was going to be built took the longest. MtnDew had a lot of different ideas that clashed with mine, which definitely created some frustration. But eventually we were able to work things out and come to an agreement."
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    General Hello Halotracks, the Staff apologizes for not providing an update to you in over 8 months. There was intended to be one back in August to help inform you of some new things to HT/Halo 4 but our beloved Admin has been very busy with many things on his plate while he battles leukemia. In other news and in case there are any members on HaloTracks that still have not heard about the newest gametype for race on Halo 4, @synth92 has created a new modded gametype that 343 has allowed Halo 4 gamers to use. Synth was also on HaloTracks earlier last week to see if there were any requests on how he could improve the gametype. Although this update is not intended to be used toward his question, if you have anything you wish to inform him of please send BreMerie93 a PM about it before Friday, November 1st. Also @DemolitionTurtle created a thread on HT that can also be used for suggestions which will be taken up until Friday. Please do not spam Synth with PM's as he is a busy guy! Congratulations to for being featured for his map Chratos! You can download his map here. Promotions: KSI MilkMan - Elite Map Maker Orion Hardy - Events Manager BreMerie93 - Head Journalist Tripmine - Journalist RealDealD - Journalist Masta Hippie - Admin Miss StarStrukk - Map Maker Neudlez - Map Maker The Fuglystick - Map Maker Staff would like to give a little shoutout to Smm2010 for helping out with MapMaker applications while they are deciding on who will be promoted to HeadMapMaker! Demotions: Aviator - Media Director Masta Hippie - Head Journalist HT 5.0 I know everyone on HaloTracks has been waiting for more news about HT 5.0 and sadly this update will not have much. On a good note though, the Journalists are currently working with Jeffh3962 to create a different update completely dedicated to HT 5.0. Also, Jeff would like everyone to know that he is still taking suggestions for HT 5.0 in HT 5.0 Community Requests until after Thanksgiving. Maps! Halloween is just around the corner and even though these two created their maps for KSI Milk Man's Halo-ween Spooktacular which was cancelled due to low submissions, the Journalists would like to give them a chance to be seen by HaloTracks again! Title: The Shmeeforcist Creator: Dom motionless Download Title: El encantaminento Creator: Neudlez Download Thanks for your contribution to the site guys!!! Tournaments Open Tournaments: October 27th ~ ORL/HT Rallycross Season 3 Week 8 ~ Hosted by Unrealiztic November 3rd ~ TJ’s Mapmaker Spotlight Tourney #3 ~ Hosted by TJmax November 5th ~ Classic Halo 3 Throwback tournament #2 ~ Hosted by RealDealD Completed Tournaments: October 24th ~ RealDeals GP Extravaganza Results ~ Hosted by RealDealD October 25th ~ Orion's Wrecking Warthogs Results ~ Hosted by OrionHardy HT Squads Before we continue with the squads section, the Journalists would like to make note that HT Strictly Stock and HT All Terrain have been moved to the archives due to inactivity in their squads. Maybe in future months and increased activity on HaloTracks, we will see these squads make a return! HT Grand Prix a place where racers can just do their thing and have a fun time doing it. The squad gets a fairly decent amount of racers each week and I love every second of it. The HT Grand Prix squad races on a variety of good and competitive Grand Prix tracks coming from many very talented forgers. If you like racing on GP tracks that are fun, competitive and a blast to race on then HT Grand Prix is the squad you're looking for. Talk to BxA Real Deal D if you have any further questions about the squad. If you would like to sign up then click here! (S1) Race 10 - Wasteland GP will be hosted on Sunday, November 3rd so be sure to sign up for that if you are interested in joining a squad! Welcome to the Dirty Racing League! DRL tournaments are mainly casual with a competitive twist. Positions matter, and winners are rewarded. However, the DRL is a bit different to other racing leagues and squads. Here in the DRL, we encourage crashing, shoving, wrecking and trolling. This makes races more interesting and fun, and can cause leads to change rapidly. We race on a wide variety of maps that are largely competitive, but also have good spots to wreck others and areas where players can easily mess up. Our current tournament hosts are RealDealD, TheOffice1808, Miss StarStrukk, WhiskeyWarm, NukedlceCream Bean05 and OrionHardy. Tournaments are hosted every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Evenings, with varying times for Americans and Europeans. DRL members are welcome to sign up for any of these tournament. Anyone is welcome to sign up to the DRL at any time by making a request here. So sign up and be prepared for some weekly amazement! HT Supercross centers around one thing: High octane, adrenaline pumping, eye bulging, palm sweating supercross racing. With a new champion being crowned in our 6th season, expect new challengers to step up and contend for this widely coveted title. Season 7 is just around the corner and we’re going to be doing some new things to promote not only our squad, but the racers within it. If you’re looking to experience just how intense competitive racing in Halo can be, join HT Supercross. We're just hope that you’re ready for it. Contests/Challenges TRED's Best Stunt Build-off TheRedEyedDevil created this contest to test members skills in forging stunt coasters. Stunt coasters are a colaboration of rollercoaster style maps that have stunt variables in them. If you feel that you would like to test the waters and have some fun creating a map for this contest. Please be sure to have it posted by November 15th. Make sure you read all the rules and restrictions before posting to elimitate any problems during the voting period. DemolitionTurtle's Raging Rocket Race Cacophony Rocket Race has recently become popular on Halo 4 and that is why DemolitionTurtle created this contest to have members make Rocket Race/Rocket Hog Race maps for the community to enjoy. Please be sure to have your map posted by November 17th. Also make sure you read all the rules and restrictions before posting to elimate any problems during the voting period. If you have any questions about the gametypes check the media section below to watch DemolitionTurtle's tutorial below. Graphics @Unrealiztic Media DemolitionTurtle ProForgeRacing HaloTracks Studios: Closing Thanks for reading this months update, stay tuned for the HT 5.0 update within a couple of weeks! ~Journalists/Jeffh
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    Dear HaloTracks, I just checked my profile to see, and it turns out that tomorrow marks the three year anniversary of when I joined HaloTracks (which was not even planned, but is pretty cool regardless). Over those past three years, I have enjoyed an unimaginable amount of hours playing video games, laughing until I started crying, and generally just having an incredible time with people that I can honestly call a family. Yes, we are all quite aware that this community has had its debacles, but the genuinely amazing experiences that I have had completely outweigh any of the bad times. Sadly, I firmly believe that the time has come for me to step away from Xbox. The next four years of my life—going away to college—are going to be the most important of my life up to this point, and you have no idea how excited I am to pursue my passions and the things that I love. Everything in my life up until now has been the prologue in this story, and college is pretty much where Chapter 1 begins. I am so anxious to see what happens, and to meet new and amazing people. With that being said, it wouldn't be fair for me to move on without addressing the amazing people that have already made an impact on my life...That includes you all. It is very easy to take this website—this community—for granted, and I'll admit I have been guilty of doing just that. However, now that I can take a step back and look at the last few years, everything that I have been a part of in terms of this site has helped me to grow as a person. I can't possibly thank you all enough for the experiences that I will always hold close to me, and there are some people that I want to specifically address. Jeff, I know that you would never ask for it, or even accept it, but you don't receive nearly the amount of recognition that you deserve for running this site the way that you do. You are a fantastic leader, and I have full confidence in my knowledge that HT is in good hands. You are also one of the funniest dudes I have ever met, and you don't take yourself too seriously. You are a warrior, and the fact that you continued to manage everything and everyone in this community, all while kicking cancer in the butt, is incredibly inspiring. I'll add Purple into this one, and continue with the fact that HT Supercross is bar none my favorite thing that I have ever been a part of concerning Xbox. You two have always run it so professionally, and to be a part of it is an experience that I will never, ever forget. Soda, you're such a good friend to be, dude. Yeah, the racing between us was always super fun and super competitive, but you are more to me than just competition. You are one of the most driven people I have ever met, and when you want something, you work for it. I respect that so much about you, and you can do anything that you put your mind to. Don't let anyone ever convince you otherwise. Jab, Office, Eddie, and Tyler; There's so much that I could say about each of you, but you have all been incredibly good friends to me over the past three years. There have been so many good times and hilarious moments between us all, and I'm honestly nearly tearing up thinking about it. I honestly hope that I've had a positive impact on all of your lives, and that I am a person that you all can respect. To the rest of you all, just because you weren't specifically mentioned in here doesn't mean that you haven't had an impact on my life, and this entire community and everyone in it collectively is what made my time spent on HaloTracks so memorable. All of you who were my friends know who you are, and I'm thankful for every single one of you. I don't see myself completely leaving the site, at least not yet. I'm sure my activity will slowly start to fade, as I won't be on Xbox any longer (trust me, it's already packed up and stored away), but there will still be time for me to talk to you all before life completely moves forward. Of course, I am hesitant to hang up the gloves in terms of gaming, but I know it will be in my best interest as time moves forward. It's not going to be the actual games themselves I will miss—not even the racing or anything like that—but it will be my friends that have truly made this period of my life a part of what it was, and you all were always my motivation to hold down the middle button on my controller. To put it simply, thank you HT. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me, and the countless amount of memories that I have made with all of you. If there's anything you want to tell me; anything you want to ask, feel free to do it in this topic. Like I said, I'll still be on the site for a little while, hopefully. I love you all.
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    Is this ever going to go anywhere or is the plan to just wait until halo 5 at this point. I believe the quality of tracks in the game have improved significantly and with how close the voting is i think some people might rethink their votes after seeing some of the new supercross and nationals tracks in the game. I know everyone just wants a proven competitive supercross or nationals series to race in, even if there is no incentive with prizes or anything of that nature. Even if it isn't considered Season 8 it would still be nice to have something going on. I think having 10 racers at this point would be easily attainable with what we know about forging and how custom games works, and we could have another poll if necessary to determine if that would be acceptable or not. I understand you both (Jeff and Purps) are very busy so that is why I say this be sort of an unofficial season considering we don't know how this could go being on MCC. Perhaps we do a preseason to see what the turnout/attendance would be and how the game would handle racing with so many people.
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    Hai me for sign ye? PS. Why are we doing this shitty track?
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    Believe it or not but there are racetracks built by people other than TheRedEyedDevil.
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    He wrecked both of us in this wreck? Why don't I get anything? MEG needs all the points it can get.
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    What other line could I have taken? I was on the inside and had to take the berm to make the jump. How ironic.
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    General Hello HaloTracks! Many of you might have noticed some problems with the site this last week. We experienced unexpected complications with our server, which forced us to make a premature server upgrade. HaloTracks is now on a dedicated server and you may notice a smoother running website! Over the last couple months there have been a few changes around the site. First, we would like to note that has finally found some time to work on the HT 5.0 Interview. The HT 5.0 Interview will give the community more information about the future HT update and transition into the 5.0 skin, as the other changes to the site that will be made. Another thing to note that has happened in the last month, is February's Member of the Month, which was given to @DemolitionTurtle for his dedication to the site over the last few months. DemolitionTurtle was recently promoted to Code Monkey as well, and he will be helping to develop HT 5.0. The Code Monkeys seem to get little recognition for their time and efforts to make HaloTracks a better place, so please give thanks and support for their hard work and dedication to the site. Promotions: @DemolitionTurtle - Code Monkey - Journalist Demotions: @OrionHardy - Events Manager Orion resigned from his position as Events Manager on Sunday. Everyone would like to give a huge thanks to you, Orion, for your time and dedication to HT as an Events Manager. Tournaments Tournament hosting takes a lot of skill and patience, but the outcome of knowing you have completed a tournament successfully is very rewarding. If you think you have what it takes to host a tournament, check out the rules, regulations, and posting format here. For those who do not feel they have what it takes to host a tournament, keep an eye out for new tournaments to be a part of. Participating in tournaments is a great way to get to know people for those newer members, and for older members to reconnect with racing! Open Tournaments: RealDeals Endurance Series Date: Fridays at 6:00 PM Eastern Get ready for some endurance racing! Your host @RealDealD will be bringing you 30 non-stop minutes of racing action. Test out your skills to see how long you can keep your composure on the track! HT Squads There is currently a new squad in the making, HT Terrain. As it says in it's title, this squad will be all about terrain racing. Being able to race terrain maps takes a lot of skill and agility, but there are many people who can handle it. HT Terrain is not a squad just yet, but if you believe that you would be interested in joining @NukedIceCream would love your vote to make it an official squad. HT Partnered Forging Events is a squad all about forging maps. HT Partnered Forging has forging contests, and tons of ideas for maps if you are stuck and need a little inspiration. This squad is also great if you have been looking for someone to forge with. If you have any questions about this squad please feel free to message , or visit HT Partnered Forging for yourself. HT Supercross begins their 7th season on March 8. Season 7 promises to be bigger than ever, offering a cash prize for the top 3 finishers at the end of the season and streaming for races throughout the season. They are currently about to end their preseason on Charlotte SX this Saturday. This season, teams are being structured a little different. Immediately after the last preseason race, the team leaders will congeal for a draft. You can participate in this draft by signing up here. Catch the streams beginning on March 8 on the HaloTracks Twitch channel. HT Dirty Racing League will be starting their first season on the 14th and 15th of March. The DRL is all about dirty racing. If you're one of those people who dislike the traditional form of racing on tracks, this squad might be for you. Who knows, you might end up being crowned the dirtiest racer. If you would be interested in being apart of the DRL's first season, please sign up here. HT Grand Prix will be starting their second season soon. There is little information out right now about the seasons start date, but if you are interested in joining HT Grand Prix you can sign up here. This squad is all about Grand Prix, and for those who are unfamiliar with it the racetracks involve circle tracks, and road courses. If you have any questions about HT Grand Prix, feel free to message @RealDealD. Activities on HT There are many things to keep you active here on HaloTracks. There have been very few contests, and challenges lately on HaloTracks. If you are interested in learning how to host a contest or challenge for the community please visit here. We would also like to encourage everyone to be active on the forums by entering events, posting your tracks in the gallery and commenting on other people’s maps. Commenting on maps does contribute to your posting count, but please be responsible about your posts, and be respectable to the map maker's map. If you are new and interested in getting to know people but not quite sure what you would be interested in here on the forums, look into posting in the New Member's Forum. You can find a list of current Staff members, as well as information on how to post your maps to the Gallery. Map Maker of the Month Map Maker of the Month spotlights a member who has actively been contributing to our map gallery. The first winner of this award goes to TRED, or BRICKxTRED on XBL. He has shown growth in his forging skills since he has started posting on HaloTracks and he will improve as he makes more maps. His maps show originality and creativity which make him stand out from the rest of the Map Makers. I advise you to download and check out all of his maps to see his growth as a Forger yourself. How did you get into forging maps? "I got into forging race maps midway through the release of Halo: Reach. I did forge a Halo on Halo map in Halo 3, but I was not quite into racetracks yet. It always felt good to show off my racetracks to friends after I created them, as none of them made tracks. I still love hearing everyone's reaction to my tracks, as it helps me create bigger and better things." What is your favorite type of map/racing? "I really enjoy making all sorts of racetracks, but my favorite would have to be Motocross tracks. I'm not a huge fan of racing in tournaments, though, as it causes me too much stress and makes me feel unsettled." What will you be trying to do to improve your forging skills? "As far as my forging skills go, it's forever improving. I will admit that to me my first 25 or so racetracks weren't that good, but the last dozen or so have been really good. I feel that in order to improve my skill even more, I would have to stop using rotation snap. I stop using it when I make turns like the one on my "J 4 Jungle" map. Although I would love to stop using rotation snap, I can't give any guarantee that I will stop using it altogether because it really is a great function to have!" Halo News Have you heard, the Chief is the word? Rumors of a Halo 2 Anniversary edition have hit the streets, and they are spreading like wildfire. It is still unstated that if the re-release will contain its own multiplier, or if it will just be an HD version of the campaign. Halo 2 was the starting grounds for many things that gives and makes Halo 4 what it is today. Team vs team play online was highly competitive, and you had to earn your stripes to show you were good. It had many glitches that I'm sure many of you were very fond of, but those glitches made all of the other Halo games less deceiving making an even playing ground for players. Another notable thing about Halo 2 is that Bungie and 343 have both recreated maps from Halo 2, bringing back some memorable times for those playing. IGN also posted in February about an interview with the voice actor of Master Chief who made hint about the Halo 2 Anniversary, here. What are your thoughts on this? Are you happy to hear Halo 2 Anniversary might be coming? Media This video was created by for the beginning of HT Supercross' Season 7. Closing Thank you for reading this months update, please remember to give thanks to @OrionHardy for his dedication to the community! ~Journalists
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    In terms of HaloTracks, here's what I have in mind for the good old days.
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    Jeff the whole reason I mentioned you was to pretty much summarize that the race would be based on a coin flip and not to judge you as a racer but the actual track itself. As for colliding with you three times (if I remember correctly) I am sorry I got randomly thrown out of line by the track (as did everybody else, occasionally) and I couldn't do anything about it. I give you guys these ideas because they could actually turn things around and make things better but you and Purple have a complete negative view on how you see it. Purple joined my party and mentioned some issues with some of the tracks, I assured that some of them would not be an issue and that they were easy fixes. But you and Purple clearly misjudged and bashed (not so much you) almost all of the maps for the wrong reasons, so I stepped in and spoke what I believe to be the truth. Why don't you also mention that I had to make up some sort of an argument in a cluster of a lobby while I had to take on you, Purple and Edward ganging up on me and somehow stop you guys from misjudging. You act like I have something to be responsible for when in fact it is you guys who should look at yourselves. As for the whole complaining thing, funk you. Don't even give me that shit because through the whole race I barely said anything at all. Minne, didn't say much. Outbreak, didn't say much. With Global you got me there, but regardless you have bitched when you don't do well either and everyone else does. I am not saying it is justifiable but I am sure as hell not the only one. You think I am the only that has these issues and I am not, its just that you only hear it from me ususally. Many other people complain just as much as me, about the exact same thing. "Cynical", lol I could run a list of people that have complained and/or left HTSX because they are over it and tired of this bullshit with you and Purple. Purple, are you funking kidding me!?!? Are you really that pathetic that you don't even listen to yourself when you speak? Because after that lobby, you are probably the biggest sky high ego, spoiled little snobby shit I have ever met. You openly bashed almost every map I showed you, bashed and talked shit about Xreignz and blh's forging, ignorantly stated "I am the best supercross forger" and said a very judgmental conclusion that (almost word for word) "if any map has an 'ORL bounce' in it, then the map is bad and it will automatically be declined". All I did was try to defend rightful map makers from biased misjudgment and try to give them the credit that they rightfully deserve. Besides, all of your maps have at least one inconsistency problem and I called you out on it in the lobby because you are not in any position to talk bad about anybodies content. You judged Xreignz maps for funking bordering. Bordering is not even a 10 minute fix! You couldn't stop whining about the frame rate (which really isn't that bad) on Stonepoint RD1 and I assured you that framerate would be an easy fix. When you started to misjudge BLH and Xreignz tracks, thats when I stepped in to tell you that you are misunderstanding something. Then it got into a clusterfunk and I had to say something because I wasn't going to let you run your mouth like a little shit. I said it once and I will say it again: I would rather race an easier track and be separated from racers by raw skill then race on a track that decides the race on a coin flip. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and personal preferences as you and Jeff are, just like everybody else. There is room for criticism as no track is perfect, but that lobby wasn't criticism! That was straight up senseless bashing! After Poppin Zone, that should definitely say something about you and your forging if you haven't figured it out yet! I didn't even mention the ORL stuff. I may not really like the ORL, but you shouldn't bash and talk shit about them for anything because if it wasn't for the ORL members participating in your tournies, then HT Supercross would be DEAD. lol and if I labeled the thread "ORL/blh HTSX Track Testing Tournament" then you would have already made up your mind that the tracks were going to suck, because that is truthfully how selfish and ignorant you really are. I don't know what floats your boat but sooner or later, it is going to sink. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The argument that I have been trying to get across is that the whole skill thing sounds good but it isn't when you take it from paper to the actual. That is because the ability of the mongoose physics engine is extremely limited and strict, also with the population of HT Supercross racers (let alone the entirety of Halo racers) is nowhere even near big enough to create that kind of a replica reality. It is not physically possible to duplicate it in Halo. Supercross is won or lost based on a combination of years of practice, fitness, raw skill, consistency, a good bike, a good team and the ability to do something that others can't do (you could tie that in with raw skill). But this is Halo, so scratch fitness, good bikes, good teams. tweak the trait of the rider ability and practice. HTSX has been stuck on this mindset of over thinking raw skill. Its not hard to double, double, double, double, double, double, double, double...etc a rhythem section, so it shouldn't be made harder in order to try and make up for the limited ability of the mongoose physics engine, which is what Jeff and Purple have been trying to do all along IMO. Instead, the tracks should be slightly easier (not too easy) to bring everyone closer together. At the top level of supercross/motocross, the only thing that separates the riders is raw skill. All of them have equal bikes, teams, fitness, hours on a bike and rider ability. So why not try and replicate that instead? It would bring all the racers closer together, still separating the top racers with raw skill on their side and create a more casual/competitive/all around good environment. The attitude which you hold that goes with that environment is up to you. HT Velocity and terrain track racing in general worked the exact same way, because it isn't hard to ride a terrain track but the skill gap is created from knowing how to ride one fast. The whole reason I wanted to showcase these tracks is because Xreignz, Jab and BLH have these qualities/features in their tracks. Each of these forgers have created sections on their tracks that require skill: -BLH (Akaline Stadium) features a double before the finish line that you can either safely roll, or gather speed and jump it. It is a bit risky, but thats just risk factor. -Xreignz (ASX 2012: Dubbo) features a triple/double,single before the finish line that you can either triple in, or double,single safely and sneak up the inside. Once again, a good example of risk factor. -JAB (AMA Indy 2013) features a replica of the rollover sand section that you can either safely roll, or gather lots of speed and jump the whole section. Risk factor is higher for this section. -PANCAKEMUFFIN (His newest track that I haven't showed yet) features a double,single/single,double that you can go inside and single,double or get speed on the outside and double single. Risk factor is best shown on this section. There should be somewhat of a risk factor involved while making SX tracks but not anything extreme. If people don't take berms before sections that require speed, then that is the racers error. The whole 100% consistency if done correctly theory works, as long as there is a 50-75% chance of taking the correct way. You can have an awesome section that works every time but it doesn't mean shit if hardly anybody can take it. HT Supercross needs to be become actual racing/battling for positions and less "who crashes the least" and passing racers who crashed. Closer racing would allow a more competitive, fun and alert mindset for a racer, instead of going over a section and not knowing if you are going to win the lottery or go broke. Jeff mentioned something and brought up a point. He said "So if we race on these easy tracks where everybody is close to each other and someone wrecks, then its over." The stay up concept ties in with racing and connects with racers skill. If the wreck is by racer fault, then tough shit. If it is by racing incident, tough shit. If its by track fault, then the track is slightly improper and should be fixed or reconsidered for another track (depending on the level on inconsistency, but on a smoother track, it shouldn't be a very big issue). Even with that being said, racers should rely on raw skill to make them come back to the front. But its not like raw skill is going to hand you 1st or even a top 3, as that is how real racing works in a stacked field. The Minnie was almost a perfect example of that. To anybody questioning my knowledge of this sport, I will have you know that I am a B class (intermediate/semi-pro) competitive amateur motocross racer and I compete at the national across the United States. I have sacrificed so much to be able to do this sport and I won't let anybody here try to tell me that they know better. If I am correct, none of you have ever ridden a supercross track, let alone thrown a leg over a dirtbike, with the exception of two or three people (umpdoubleump, Jeff, MttnDew, Sodapop and Jab). There is more to it then just watching it Live on Speed or CBS as many people really underestimate the science of motocross/supercross. I gather all of this information and present it because I wish for this squad to be better and I hope for the best. HTSX has so much potential alone and it is sad to see it go to waste by simple misjudgment/misunderstanding. That is why I am still here, but I have reached my breaking point and I have had it as many other people have too. If nothing will change then I will leave and I mean that. All I am trying to do is help out but instead I keep getting a "lol funk you" back and I am very tired with it. Thats my 0.02$. I am probably going to get a warning or a ban after this. But whatever. I have said almost everything I wanted to say.
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    The story keeps changing...Who will be blamed next. This seems pretty childish, but makes for good entertainment. Just saying.
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    I don't give a rats ass that you think this was good or awesome. I can read it for myself to determine that. So instead of saying "good job" in every single update and announcement how about we start commenting with posts that might be worth reading. For example: Dude smm I had no idea you were interested in model cars. The closest thing I have ever come to making a model car was in boy scouts when we made the little pinewood derby cars. Do you have any pics of some of you work? You should post em up!
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    How to prep for the RACETRACKS game type By Goldleader5 Into Hey there. Today I’m going to show you all how to prepare your map for the racetracks game type. This is a very simple set up that a lot of new forgers don’t know how to do. Part 1: Spawns The first way to improve the setup of you map is by configuring the spawn points. 1. You’ll need to start a forge game on your map. 2. Turn into forge mode and then press start. 3. Scroll to “Change game type” (this option will only show up if you are in forge mode). Change the game type to “VIP”. This will start a new round. 4. The default position of the spawns and goals will look like this. VV 5. Delete all of the goal points and starting points. You will have a total of 20 starting points and 12 go to points. This will also stop th VIPs from spawning on the main level. 6. Line up you mongooses in 2 rows of 4 (unless other setup is required) 7. Place one starting point behind each of the front four mongooses. 8. Put four standard spawn points behind the back four gooses. This setup will put priority on the front four mongooses. Everyone will spawn in the front before people spawn in the back. This way, people won’t be fighting over the front mongooses. Part 2: Finish line Now I’m going to show you how to make the finish line in order to let racers get points. 1. Repeat steps 1-5 from above. 2. Find a level peice of track where you want your goal line to be. 3. Place ONE of your “go to points” on the center of the track. 4. Apply these standard settings (you may require different settings based on you track)… a. Shape: Box b. Top: 0.50 c. Bottom: 0 d. Width: 3.50 e. Depth: 0.50 5. Now we have a goal point, time for some anti-cheating. 6. Place sender nodes across the goal point to prevent people from walking through. Put the receiver node where ever you want (back at start, inside a kill ball, ect.) 7. Place weapon holders with grav-lifts in the goal point to keep people from parking and driving backwards. TIP: When you are in human mode you have a compass point on your AR. Lets call the direction its pointing north. When you put weapon holders down in there default position, north is the direction the gravity lift will point when placed in them. To save time, rotate the holders accordingly to point the grav-lifts with the track. 8. Put about 3 spread out weapon holders with lifts in them pointed in the direction of the track. 9. You now have a successful anti-cheatable finish line. Other options: 1. You can replace grav-lifts with man-cannons to get a faster anti-cheat finish. 2. Have the finish line in a jump. In this case I reccomend making a larger destination. Teleporters & lifts are optional. If you can't jump on foot to the goal, don't bother using teleporters and if you cant make the jump backwards, lifts or cannons are not required. Thanks for reading this tutorial and I hope it will help all of you future mapmakers with your tracks. If you have any questions pleas leave a comment. ~Goldleader5
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    1-19-10 - 1-26-10 General Hey everyone, back again to inform you of what has been going on lately. First off I’d like to touch on a topic that many have and still have to find out about. Vapour Knuckles has been demoted, his rank is still being decided. As he was one of the Admin's for HaloTracks, his previous rank was Head Map Maker. He was demoted for reasons not to be discussed without permission. So if you have any questions about his, or comments please PM him, or the other Admin's. Do not post a comment about this below. As for the promotions, Mr Frodo 24 was promoted to Admin. He was not taking the place of Vapour, but since he was demoted they were in need of another Admin. So as for another Promotion, Killer200o was also promoted to Co Founder with full power. So him and Frodo will be working side by side to keep the site going. JBarron was promoted to Map Maker, as a welcome back. He will be sticking around the site for a while. As he comes back and hosts a tournament for the community, to get the feel of things again, check it out, and Sign up. The HaloTracks Terms and Rules have been edited/updated. The rules are a little bit different, featuring a new punishment style. Make sure to check it out before you get banned for something you may not know about. The user groups were also updated. The forums have a new look, as many can see. killer200o arranged the sections according to halo based events. Also as many can see, the Bungie posts have been switched to the homepage. If you were wondering where they went, they're on the top left hand corner on the homepage. Another major event: The Shoutbox is back. Go to the board index/main forms page to participate in the shoutbox. You must be a member to post in the shoutbox. Make sure to follow all rules as inscribed in the HaloTracks Terms and Rules when you post in the shoutbox. There are a few new features coming out as well. With some behind the scenes scoop on these features, I’d like to announce that there will soon be a new Forge school coming out, hosted by SpEcTaCuLaR Ra. Along with that, there is a new Featured Map system coming on its way. And last but not least for the features, there is going to be a new rules format posted sometime later this week, so keep a watch for that. The Staff vs Community Game 2, was some what of a success. It had some down falls with lag, but that didn't stop us. In the first game Masta Blastr raced TJmax, it was laggy, but that didn't stop the Staff from keeping lead. Masta won the race with 15 laps, and TJmax ended with 13. The second game was raced against Derk and Deathlord. The staff had the lead for the first 5 or 6 laps before the lag got to everyone, causing the community to take the lead and winning the game. With the blocking being at a minimal because of lag, it was definitely a challenge to overcome. Being that no one was able to stop anyone, it was interesting to see everyone's reaction towards the lag. Our third race was between BreMerie93 and Goldman010. With the objects flying everywhere while trying to race, it was hard to sustain control of the mongoose while getting hit, or running over things. There would be random boxes spawning everywhere, as your mongoose is flipping, so it was very frustrating when trying to keep the lead. In the beginning of the game, the staff had the lead for the first 3 or 4 laps, until Goldman passed BreMerie, keeping the lead throughout the game. The last race was between Smm2010 and Ske7ch. The staff had lead for almost the entire game ‘till about the 10th or so lap where the community took the lead. It was still being laggy, and was affecting the blockers, and eventually caused the staff to lose the lead. Thus ending the tournament with the Community having 3 wins, and the Staff having 1. Here are some screenshots from each race of some of the few collisions that happened. The community ganged up on the Staff racer. The community racer was not expecting this encounter with two Staff blockers. I think it's easy to see what happened next. Both racers coming through with 2 of each team's blockers waiting. You don't want to know. Masta Blastr of the Staff dishes out a hard collision to the community racer. The Staff racer had no idea he was jumping right into a community blocker. What is that staff blocker doing in the background? Watching or shooting? Ummm... no comment. Denied! Userbars created by Baller1710: Bungie Bungie has posted an updated Halo Reach Project Page, with a new look on how things are going to run. They share some more information about what is going to be in Reach. Check it out for more information about characters, looks, and you can even get new screenshots and concept arts. Tournament Here are some recent tournaments coming up, hope you check them out. Also, there is a video at the end of the Update that JBarron has posted. He wanted to show the community the Demo Video so check it out as well. Open January 29th - Tj's Dedication Tourney(Smm2010) - Hosted by TJmax January 30th - Drag Showdown III - Hosted by BreMerie93 January 30th - Twisted Metel Demo Clash - Hosted by JBarron January 31st - Events Manager Vs. Community Tourney - Hosted by Baller1710 Febuary 13th and 14th - Hells Pro Tourney 4 - Hosted by Deathlord Closed Edward's Turf Tourney Results - Hosted by King Edward I 1st Team 1: King Edward I: 42 points Derk921: 47 points Ordinaryy: 53 points chiefdelta147: 33 points 2nd Team 2: xdeathlordx: 37 points ix Ske7ch ix: 55 points xxepicforgerxx: 35 points TJmax2509: 35 points The Demo Cup - Hosted by xZ BignosE Zx Winner's - xdeathlordx RattlesnakeRay ixSketchix TJmax Loser's - MC Nick05 BrEzZiE22 cLaS1c X NosE Sarratory Carrot Graphics These are all of the entries for the HT SOTW 33, So give them credit, and vote for the one you like the most. Go to the link to make your votes and see more details. locoskier78 Masta Blastr SAVExTHExWHALES Lewis KF22 Fleck Media This was created by SDTxPappys r us for Banditball's Editing contest. Nicely done Pappy's. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=AUWVvlPwYsI This was created by JBarron, to represent HT Demo, along with his tournament coming up on Saturday. Check it out, and sign up. Make sure you read the rules before signing up though. Closing Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed it. ~Breonna~, Mr Frodo, @Vapour knuckles, Banditball, SDTxPappys r us, and all others that have been apart of this Update.