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    When will voting open and close on this?
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    Some remarks/notes that don't fit in with the initial contest post. I've uploaded a canvas map 'C' to my file share (NukedLceCream), feel free to use this to create your map Save often, there are still some glitches that can cause your forge monitor to freak out and get objects lost out of bounds. This is particularly apparent near walls. Take note that while the budget is increased, the hard cap on items is not. Be careful with your item budget, there is only about ~280 objects you can spawn.
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    Map Name: Raildoors Creators: NukedLceCream & Rob Chokes (Nuked's fileshare)
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    HOLY MOLY I NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WILL COME! im all in on this unless im a judge and im not allowed to enter.
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    First MCC Reach tourney was a success! Thank you to everyone who came out. Had a lot of fun hosting and racing! @Le Hefe @Mad Hatter @KINNZE @NukedIceCream @Populare @Rob @Sqeazu FULL RESULTS: http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=tournaments&module=tournamentresultview&section=tournamentresultview&id=508 Stream VODs: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/537628250 (twitch.tv/halotracks) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/537605519 (twitch.tv/sqeazu) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/537632090 (twitch.tv/rob_chokes) BreakNeck: NukedIceCream would grab the early lead on the first lap, followed by Mad Hatter, Rob, Camonized and Le Hefe. Nearing the end of the 2nd lap, Cam opted the shortcut jump, who collided with Rob on track re-entry, while Hatter lost control entering the lower pass into the split corridor before the tunnel causing a chain reaction pileup. Hatter and Cam recovered 2nd and 3rd respectively, Hefe emerged 4th and Rob 5th. Cam got around Hatter on lap 3 and gained the lead after Nuked also hurtled into the split corrider, Rob died and rejoined the race in last. Hatter spilled around the 2nd corner the following lap and fell back to fifth, Nuked bobbled through the split corridor and handed 3rd to Populare, Cam began pulling away. Hatter would crash twice more in the corridor, eventually handing 5th to Sqeazu. Hefe crashed out of 2nd with two to go and lost two positions. Cam cruised to the win, Populare climbed to 2nd after a last place start and Nuked gutted out 3rd. Top 5: Cam, Populare, Nuked, Hefe, Sqeazu Nuked (pink) struck first on BreakNeck Rob Chokes Gold Trails: Cam hugged the patch of land on the watery start to initially pull into first, only to throw it away 2 sections later. Populare would inherit the lead, followed closely by Hefe , Cam, Nuked and Rob at the end of the opening lap. Cam slipped past Hefe and the two began pressuring Populare, meanwhile 6th-8th were gridlocked in a tight battle. Hefe moved back in front of Cam the following lap while Rob trimmed his gap from Nuked. Populare retained the lead while Hefe and Cam dueled for 2nd, Rob eventually moved past Nuked for 4th. Populare endured the pressure all the way to the final checkpoint, taking the win and the points lead. Hefe brought home 2nd and Cam salvaged 3rd. Top 5: Populare, Cam, Hefe, Rob, Nuked Edward stole the show and briefly the points lead Kinnze (front) got his first taste of racing against experienced, stiff competition Xerosere: Rob avoided the chaos from the first turn to grab the holeshot. Shortly after, Rob relinquished the lead after crashing in spectacular fashion over the step down and rejoined the race in 5th, moving Cam into 1st, Hefe 2nd, Sqeazu 3rd and Hatter 4th. As the early laps played out, Cam and Hefe dueled for the lead, while Sqeazu and Hatter battled for 3rd. Populare continued to make his way up the field after the first turn carnage and passed Rob for 5th, while Sqeazu and Hatter's fight for 3rd allowed Populare to gain massive ground. A few laps later, Cam careened over a berm granting Hefe 1st, but a mistake by Hefe a few turns later immediately closed the gap back up, Populare moved into 3rd. Cam eventually got impatient and wrecked which allowed Hefe to get away. Rob would eventually overtake Sqeazu for 5th and Sqeazu fell to 7th. Hefe earned a convincing win, Cam recovered for 2nd, Populare made it back to 3rd. Points lead splits between Cam and Populare. Top 5: Hefe, Cam, Populare, Hatter, Rob Rob's starts were on point A classic Ionized track saw a classic duel between two SX thoroughbreds Epcot SX: Cam grabbed the lead and immediately created a gap from the field, with Hatter, Kinnze, Rob and Populare trailing through the opening lap. Rob made quick work of Kinnze and made it around Hatter the lap after, Populare also moving past Kinnze. Opening of Lap 3 saw Kinnze obliterate Nuked after passing him for 5th, effectively deflating his race. Kinnze relinquished 5th to Hefe and began to lose sight of the top 5. Around halfway through, Populare flipped in the whoops moving Hefe into 4th, while Rob and Hatter continued to duel for 2nd. Cam checked out and never looked back, collecting a dominating win and the points lead. Rob grabbed a stellar 2nd, Hatter 3rd. Top 5: Cam, Rob, Hatter, Hefe, Populare There was no stopping Cam this time Rob bested Hatter to earn an impressive 2nd place on a highly technical track Sandstone MX: Rob sprinted into the first turn to grab the holeshot, chaos ensued behind him and the top points holders in the tournament were scattered. Rob commanded the opening lap, followed by Sqeazu, Cam, Kinnze and Populare. A four way battle was going down for 2nd and Rob continued to pull away. All was well for the Chigaco native until he over jumped the water rhythm section and kart wheeled out of the lead in dramatic fashion. Cam gained the lead, Rob recovered to be neck and neck with Sqeazu, then Nuked and Populare. A brief mistake by Cam after the finish line created a four way train going into the first large hill, ultimately causing Sqeazu to bobble back to 3rd and for Nuked to flip, moving Hefe into 5th. Populare moved into 2nd the following uphill and kept within sightline of Cam for most of the race. Cam coasted for another win, Populare briefly came under fire from Rob on the last lap but still retained 2nd, Rob closely behind in 3rd. Top 5: Cam, Populare, Rob, Hefe, Sqeazu Rob raced a career performance despite crashing out of a convincing lead The freight train Valparaisa MX: Hefe got a killer jump on the gate and pulled the holeshot, but Cam took the lead and once again began to pull away, with Hefe, Populare, Sqeazu and Nuked rounding out lap 1. Sqeazu would make a mistake inadvertently causing both him and Populare to stall, allowing Nuked into 3rd with Hatter gaining on the top five. Hefe hit a rock and slipped into 3rd, but managed to get back around Nuked shortly after, Hatter then moved into 5th. Cam was gone in 1st, Hefe was comfortably sitting 2nd and a 3 way battle raged for 3rd. Populare and Hatter both navigated around Nuked. Populare held off Hatter in 3rd up, until the last lap when he spun out in the first corner, moving back to 5th. Cam crossed the line and clinched the tournament overall, Hefe claimed 2nd in the final race and overall standings, Hatter completed a come from behind effort in 3rd, taking 6th in the standings. Top 5: Cam, Hefe, Hatter, Nuked, Populare Nuked (pink) and Sqeazu (blue) mixed it up with the favourites once again Hatter (left) and Populare (right) duel for their standings in the final race, albeit for completely different standings Extras: Props to Kinnze for coming out and giving racing a shot! Ay, you-a pretty good-a, see you next time!
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    Its been 4200 days since Ive been on HT, legit tears in my eye just thinking about the good ol days.
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    Hey guys, Now that we can have 16 mongeese on Halo 3 I have been messing around with making a halo 3 racing gametype that will work with 16 players. I believe that I have found a successfully way to make it work. I’ve made a new H3 racetracks gametype using the crazy king variant that can be found on my share. All you have to do is make a hill with 4.5 length and put 2 gravity lifts (on weapon holders) near the entrance to the hill and two near the exit of the hill. Using this method all players each get one point for going through the hill and the gravity lifts will push players through making sure they can’t sit in the hill. The 4.5 length of the hill is enough that the racer will only get one point. You can also put teleporters on the grav lifts exiting the hill so that players won't be able to get points on foot. The only downside I’ve noticed so far for this variant is that most of the OG Halo 3 racetracks are budget glitched and won’t let you put down the spawn points, mongeese, and other objects needed for 16 player racing. This new variant would be ideal for 16 player racing on new maps and old non-budget glitched maps. Here’s an example below on my new avalanche map, Meliora: Racetracks (KoTH) example Let me know what you think!
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    HT Supercross Official Videos: HTSX Preseason Race 3: HTSX Preseason Race 4: No Laws Claws Onboards: HTSX Rd. 2: Round 3 Hammerpoint Stadium: Round 4 Victoria Field 1:
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    One important feature that should be added next: Display everyones rank images next to their names under the "Tournament Participant" list in each tournament page.
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    This list contains feature requests from the community that have been expressed to me, but haven't found their way to the forums. If you have any specific requests for Aaron and I, please post them here or create a new topic. It's much easier for us to track what features you want from our applications when it's in writing! Requested Features Display the date map was posted in Map View. Implemented Features Rejected Features
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    Hey guys, I'm running through this version of HaloTracks in an effort to increase its efficiency. A lot of HT 4.0 was built on images. Lots and lots of images. As such, the load times on HaloTracks are less than I'd like them to be. So I'm combing HT 4.1's markup to eliminate as many unnecessary images as possible. This will be a continuous process, as I will not shut the site down to perform these tasks. You will, however, begin to notice some changes here and there. Additionally, I'll also change the look of a few things when and where I see fit. You might be asking yourself why I'm spending time working on this old girl. HT 5.0 sits on a development board... and is definitely much cooler... and is a more worthwhile venture, right? My answer to that is I simply want HT to function well in any state. HT 5.0 isn't out yet, leaving this version of the site as a source for many first impressions. At the very least, it's important that this version is also somewhat presentable. I will not be making this version of the site to be mobile friendly! Doing so is more than possible, but would take a development period akin to the tournament system. In short, that would take weeks; possibly months to do. I'll post an update to this topic once I have completed the changes. If you have any concerns or possible suggestions, please post them here and I'll respond as quickly as I can!
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    (Shameless bump to put this on front page of announcements so more people see it don't @ me) : )
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    Voting has closed. Congratulations to purpledinosaur0 for winning the contest with Straights MX! A very close competition with 2 points separating the top 5 tracks, with meliora coming in 2nd 1 point behind, with Whitehorse MX, Tsavo Reduz, and Glaciation coming a tied third.
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    1- Tsavo Redux 2- Meliora 3- Straights MX
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    1. Frostbound - I just liked how this raced a lot and has a good flow. Lots of passing opportunity and a fair balance of ground/sky. 2. Meliora - Same application as above. I'm a fan of xbox tracks so i felt obligated to place this higher as a result. really cool jumps. The only reason it didn't get 1st is that it felt a bit long for a 10 lap run and the opening right side didnt flow as good as the left side did. 3. Tire And Ice - I dig the skytracks element more. immediate bias, however this being said it didn't flow as cool as it looks in the early banks of the track. Definitely well forged and I'm extremely critical of forge cleanliness in the PC environment.
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    DescriptionIt's been nearly a decade since the last Halo 3 forging challenge, so I think it's about time to dust off that old forge monitor and get back to work. With Halo 3's PC release comes a plethora of new features and tools for forge, including the elevation of avalanche to a full on forge canvas. With that elevation, avalanche will be the centre point of this challenge, where forging your map on it will be required. JudgesNukedlceCreamPopulare Rules1. One map per person. You can change your submission choice before the deadline, but must do so here in the thread.2. If a map is co-forged, each person involved must receive the proper credit.3. Any map started after July 13, 2020 (H3 PC Launch date) is accepted.4. The map must be forged on Avalanche.5. The map must be 16 player compatible.6. The map must be compatible with the RACETRACKS gametype, which can be found on NukedLceCream's fileshare.7. Entrants will not be allowed to vote for their map during community voting.8. It is strongly recommended you forge your map on the Xbox version of MCC if possible due to lack of PC file share. However if this is not possible, I will be accepting both Xbox and PC submissions.9. If you do make your map on PC, you must include a download link to the .mvar file of your map. You can use this guide on how to if you are unsure how to access this file. This file must be accessible throughout the entirely of the submission and judging stages. How To SubmitMap Name:Gamertag(s):Download link to .mvar file (if required): The map must stay on your fileshare for the duration of the contest. If it is removed, your submission is forfeited.Rewards1st Place: 200 HT Points, Youtube feature on NukedLceCream's channel in the quality of that era, TBD2nd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map3rd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 mapJudging1. Maps will be judged on the following: How fun they are to race, how well they are forged, and how well they look.2. The judges will decide on their top 5 maps to go into community voting.3. If a low amount of maps is submitted, we will head straight into community voting.4. The community will vote for their favorite maps, and the scores will determine the final result!DeadlinesMap Submissions: August 21st 2020, 11:59PM ESTContest Judging: August 26th 2020, 11:59PM ESTCommunity Voting: After judging ends, lasting for 2 weeks. SubmissionsMeliora by xDangles25xWhitehorse MX by Populare (PC)Glaciation by NukedlceCream (PC)Frostbound by IceyOtt3700 (PC)Tsavo Redux by Sir ShivershaftRotundra by SXR Wahrheit (PC)Tire and Ice by SeanAxxx (PC)Straights MX by purpledinosaur0
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    Map Name: Straights MX Gamertag: Purpledinosaur0
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    Unfortunately not at this time, they're working on a pc file share that consoles (hopefully) will be able to access to download normal pc maps but we don't have any details other than it's coming in the future. I'll be uploading 5 lap videos of all of the tracks when it comes to judging so people that can't play all the maps can still have a proper say in the contest.
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    Map Name: Tsavo ReduxGamertag(s): Sir Shivershaft I am Netherious on the Discord, as a heads up as well.
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    Map Name: FrostboundGamertag(s): IceyOtt3700Download link to .mvar file: Google Drive Thank you for making this contest, this was loads of fun to work on and it inspired me to both make my first Halo 3 map and my first Racetrack!
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    I'm going to forge one. Not looking forward to how long this will take, but thankful that it's a little more convenient.
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    1 v 1 me scrub. ill pwn you ******.
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    You should increase the voting deadline to at least a week, this gives people time to actually play the maps before voting like you're encouraging. You should also include a rule where a map creator can't vote for their own track. It's always been an honour rule in contests we've done but it's better to have it written down. With that being said, my votes (with respect to the honour system) are: 1) Spam Fritter 2) Reset 3) Mt. Lelsuvius
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    Creator of this thread looks just like The Kazoo Kid.
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    Map Name: Reset Creator: xv Reflex II
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    My map is done and posted: Mt. Lelsuvius. Thanks for testing it out last night guys that was a ton of fun!
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    Well, @NukedIceCreamand i have made a proper co-forge 10 years after we met.
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    map is done. Bucky Chokes MX. Also will extend the deadline a week for others to finish or create maps from scratch. Appears that we may be approaching a full lock down in the USA.
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    This is sweet. Thanks for doing this, my man
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    I eat at Chipotle whenever I can. Chipotle master race.
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    Banned for joining Global after me.
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    Correction: Big Yellow AX was a co-forge between Purple Dinosaur and I. You have myself as the only forger.