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  1. OMG! Staff is corrupt.

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      We all just secretly want to build camps to house our members in.

    3. Masta Hippie

      Masta Hippie

      Heil, mein Führer!

    4. Jake Bobius
  2. I am too busy to stick around. I have been working on other things with no time for play. I was just dropping by to see how HT was doing.
  3. So this website is for little go karts that race on tracks made of blocks but inside of a first person shooter game? Psshhhh, like that will ever work! Anyways, hows everyone doing? Hope all is well.
  4. Sorry, I don't remember where I got it from. Just know that it was funny.
  5. I will start the transfer to TS when I wake up in the morning.

  6. If Apple dropped there prices at least 30% I would be willing to buy. Yeah sure there hardware is sturdy compared PC's. but... Why by an expensive sturdy Apple that lasts 10 years when its going to be outdated in 3? So here is my thinking. Buy a cheap flimsy PC that lasts 3-5 years and goes out of date around the same time. Then get a new one.
  7. Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple. What to do now? SELL, SELL, SELL!!!
  8. I got a chuckle out of this, just thought you might too. DC Earthquake Devastation
  9. Just 12 things left on my 2do list and then all hell breaks loose.

    1. jbpressure66
    2. DemolitionTurtle


      Woo! Wait, what hell? Are you talking about TriggerPoop? If you are I bet you will find more to do.

    3. Yugnoswam
  10. I am not a big fan of kinnect. I would just get a regular xbox and save the $100 for the next time it breaks down. Also, wireless controllers are just a hassle. I am always recharging the batteries and the play while you charge cable I had randomly stopped working. So if you can I would look for an xbox with wired controller.
  11. Lol is this a joke? Did you know that I was a national mountain bike champion, 2nd place national TT champion, on the USA national team for several years, and podium at UCI races? Not to mention I have also betten the world TT champion in a 36 min TT by less than half a second at road Nationals. Are you for real?
  12. I am getting rid of it because I am trying to eliminate things on the site that are redundant. (Just like I have removed the paging at the top of the topic list but kept it on the bottom) If you think about it all the links in the bread crumb are already located on other parts of the website. If your like me and you grown attached to using the breadcrumbs then it may take some time to adjust. All you have to do now is click on the back button or click on the main navigation link. If it turns out that everyone absolutely hates not having a bread crumb then I will add one back in.
  13. Its a trail of how you got to the page your on. Here is the bread crumb to this topic on HT. HaloTracks> Official HaloTracks Activity> Announcements> TriggerPoop Announcement http://www.halotracks.org/forum/topic/26015-halotracks-announcement/page__view__findpost__p__196291 Will send a PM. Other sections will be added over the next week. Also, because I am unable to make specific group names in the Leagues, like Map Makers. I will probably make another league called HT Map Makers and members of that league will be able to post maps while others will only be able to reply to topics. Navigation links will be added to keep things simple. May sound confusing right now but it should be clear as daylight when its done. Thanks for the feedback thus far, you guys have been very helpful. If I didn't quote and reply to you and you wanted me to then just let me know.
  14. TriggerPoop Announcement Hello HaloTracks members! I have been hard at work for the past couple of weeks slaving away at my computer. There has been many ups and downs but overall everything is turning out to be a great success. If you haven't already read my previous announcement introducing HaloTracks to TriggerPoop I would highly advise you to do so before continuing your read. You can find the announcement here. I have also recently posted a screenshot of the user profiles of TriggerPoop and I would like to thank everyone for contributing there feedback. It is much appreciated. If you haven't seen that then you can check it out here. Oh course, much has changed since then. Its been 4 months since our last announcement regarding TriggerPoop and so much has changed since then. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to work on the website until IPB 3.2 had been released. Therefore, most of the work was being done on mobile applications, probably around 80% of it, witch will not be released or talked about until a later date. The rest of the work was and still is developing the website. Witch I have accomplished a lot within the last couple of weeks. Todays TriggerPoop announcement will touch up on some of the things I have completed over the past couple of weeks. From there I will gather everyones feedback, finalize TriggerPoop, and prep for beta launch. In the meantime I ask that everyone please leave as much feedback as possible. This will certainly not be the last time I ask for feedback but it sure helps to receive feedback while everything is being built rather than after its already built. Also, keep in mind that not all requests, comments, and feature adjustments will make it to beta but may come at a later date. TriggerPoop will be releasing 5 major components from day one. These major components consist of user profiles, buzz, discussions, chat, and leagues. The main focus right now is to develop these major features until they work very well. I mean very very well and we aren't moving on until we are 100% satisfied. Today, for the most part, I will be showing you 2 of these components, the discussions and leagues. (You may now open spoiler) Eye Candy (Read ^^^ First) Once again, please let me know what you think. I will continue to make more adjustments over the next week and hopefully by then HaloTracks will be ready to make its transition over to TriggerPoop. No promisses. Perhaps there may be a present for those that contribute the most. Thanks for reading and I hope you are just as excited as I am for TriggerPoop to finally be released. Best, Travis - c u l8er
  15. Skytracks can be fun, its just they all have slow gradual turns which basically means hug the inside as much as you can.