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  1. Banned for deez nuts.
  2. first login in two and a half years, my longest hiatus from the best Halo community ever. 

    What's up, everybody?1?

  3. For some odd and wheelchair special reason I thought we switched over from IPB to vBulletin when the site was revamped. Whoops lol. It really sucks to see HT as dead as it is right now. Hell, does Halo 5 even have a Race gametype? I only played it within maybe the first couple weeks after it launched and I haven't touched it since so I haven't been bothered to check, you know, since 343 decided to put out this monstrosity of a Halo game that essentially killed the entire franchise and buried it in a shallow grave with no tombstone. If only we could go back to the glory days of Halo 3 and Reach. If only...
  4. Happy 10th anniversary as an independent website, HT!!!

    1. Camonized


      We actually hit our 10th anniversary back in October. But nonetheless, thanks Steve!

    2. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      march 10th was when website was created; hi smm :)

    3. killer200o
  5. What's good, HT? Good to see the site still alive and kicking!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      We're alive, but I wouldn't say we're kicking, lol. Things have just been really chill... too chill. I'm doing some stuff behind the scenes, but not much is happening on the surface right meow. How are things going with you, bro?

    2. smm2010


      I take it Halo 5 still isn't up to par?

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Everything but the Mongoose is, at least for us. I think the vanilla gameplay (competitive and stuff) is still garbage, but the Custom Games options are magnificent.

      The Mongoose is a total dumpster fire, though.

  6. raced on some old maps from Halo 3 and Reach. The good old days...

  7. I've enraged the Cassel. XD

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    2. smm2010


      If you leave lava buckets in a house made of wood, you're gonna have a bad time.

    3. OrionHardy


      Should have done that trick that AH pulled on Jack.

    4. Rob
  8. What brand of TV do you have? I've been told by a couple Gamestop employees that less popular brands such as Westinghouse and RCA have terrible input lag on most of their TV's bigger than 32". My brother has a 60" RCA and the input lag is heavy when he's playing certain games; not to mention the picture quality is subpar. I have a 50" Sony Bravia and I've had no problems in terms of lag; my previous TV was a 40" Westinghouse and it randomly started dropping frames and had about a half second delay after only having it for a year and a half.
  9. This is why I have absolutely no reason to play Halo 5. Matchmaking and custom games is so goddamn boring without these gametypes. Might as well accept the fact that they don't care about community feedback, and managed to turn a hugely successful franchise into a dispicable pile of garbage. The only good thing that 343 was able to produce was the new forge, but we, as a community, can't put it to good use with the lack of gametypes. Even Forgehub is hurting which was unheard of until Halo 5's release. Maybe they'll learn from their mistakes when they release Halo 6, but I highly doubt it. It'll most likely be an incomplete release like H5. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  10. Three days late, but, happy eight year anniversary as an independent website, HT!

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    2. Camonized


      Here's to many more!

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      I'm a terrible leader. I completely forgot about this, lol.

    4. PurpleDinosaur
  11. Roll tide.

    1. Offrce


      Too soon bro. It's not funny to talk about tragedies like that.

    2. Jake Bobius

      Jake Bobius

      Dont talk crap about Sodas teAM

  12. I got nothing for Christmas. #JewProblems
  13. So they will spend months and months working on the newest forge capabilities but not a funking file browser? What a waste. With yet another browsing system failure coming our way I guess I will not be wasting my time with the forge. Their lack of understanding of a file browser is unacceptable. Thanks for info, nuked. Time for me to get my money back.
  14. Not gonna lie; I was pissed when I saw that Forge was not included with the launch. Then again I'm slow with the times and haven't really kept up with news about Halo 5 and was told it will be launched some time in December. I hope the wait will be worth it. I honestly was not looking forward to Halo 5 since MCC was a complete bust without a proper file browser and random custom game crashes and heavy frame rate lag. Hell, I didn't pre-order the game until the day before launch. I decided to go along with my somewhat of a douchebag yolo persona and took a risk. Here are my thoughts on the game so far. Campaign: Don't read this if you haven't completed the campaign, hence the spoiler below. Matchmaking: Matchmaking was a little above par with my expectations. The arena playlist selection really isn't all that bad despite the low number of options to choose from, although hopefully 343i will have this fixed soon, especially when forge is released and maybe some community maps will be added in to matchmaking. But, all in all, just like everyone else, I'm patiently waiting for forge to be released. I have not forged/released a map in three and a half years and I would love to get back in the groove. I hope 343 will pull through and have a proper file browser (in-game and on the web) on the release day of forge, if not, shortly afterwards.
  15. Dealing with a badass over here.