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  1. Wow, its been a while.


    1. NukedIceCream


      From a DRL tournament many a year ago:
      "(D MAGE hasn't raced DRL in months, wasn't in our game, and we weren't on his map or talking about him...just to be clear) Who would you rather be; gogeta or D MAGE? Sure if you're gogeta you'll win a Europe tournament once in a while when Bean05 isn't there, but the problem with being gogeta is that you're a little bitch! But D MAGE is a dominant mage!" - Bean05

    2. NukedIceCream


      (By many years, I do mean many, May 2013)

  2. Awh man, Tuesdays and Thursday are never good for me. Looks like I won't be racing for a while.
  3. Updating Xbox (it hasn't been online in a month or two) be there shortly.
  4. Sign me up prease
  5. Whiskey! Sign me UP!
  6. Well... Hi guys, back from a long, eventful summer and a Dead Xbox. Anyway, how's everyone doin?
  7. For me, just a couple minutes ago! Just ran through the campaign again while I have not had internet to my Xbox!
  8. Sign me UP! (Found another Xbox...)
  9. Did a little more than make a couple funky noises... I think the bearing for the fan was goin bad, the thing is 4 1/2 years old. The ole thing finally quit on vestige :/ Ah well, Should be able to find my brother's around here somewhere! I shall be back for Wednesday!
  10. I think I can be there!
  11. I will be there, Sign me up!
  12. I am Sorry Coookkie, damn storm killed my internet. I would have made it to. Maybe next time.
  13. Are there any DLC packs required?
  14. So Happy to be back! Sign me up for this!
  15. I is the Lead Programmer! What did y'all think of the video?