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  1. im back on halotracks after being away for almost 2 years!

    1. BassPro241
    2. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      yo yo yo welcome back

    3. socks9


      no just forgot about the site over time

  2. Mods: User has been suspended for 2 days, and locked out of posting for 5. Please keep any posts clean, and non-vulgar. An investigation into a possible Map Fraud is also underway. Please represent the Map Makers properly.
  3. hey does anyone want to make a race track wit me my gt is xXSnipeXx9 pm me or wuteva bye dl my mapmy maps
  4. there both really gay srry to say but ya terible
  5. i think girls should be aloud to play bcuz its sexist so ya but im mostly in a party but yes they have a right to play xbox and that guy that said u should be in the kitching u should of said back shouldnt u be giving ur mom a blow job that guys a stupid sexist blam! yes they have the right xXSnipeXx9
  6. Kody whoooaaa dude my name is kody wit a k too thats creepy
  7. sounds awsome but im only getting 1600 bcuz fallout 3 sucks and cod waw is really boring im a 7th perstige screw that game just halo3 sandbox looks amazing cant wait
  8. looks sweet masta blastr i will dl once i can since i made my new acount i have to make a new bungie acount bcuz that was chunkshuffles now i have to make one for snipe and they keep saying that there having tecenicle diffeculties so how long till they fix it? but nice track and the mancannons 5/5
  9. sweet i made 2 amazing tracks yester day they both took 25 hours total it was so frusterating and vapour ur racks arnt good give up on life u blam! and u think there so great its not even funny how bad they r i was trying to be nice when i said there good bcuz u were on my friends list so blam! u
  10. thx killer200o
  11. can any one help by decline me or accept me as a map maker? plz its my second try. if this is spaming the forums or anything im srry im new
  12. everyone shut up the maps come out for everyone april7 for 800 mp shut the hell up about it till then
  13. and me!!!
  14. k thx it helps
  15. i hate invertion its so anyoing inversion is for gays and faggets