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  1. When you still haven't hung out with Cassel even though you guys live in the same city XD So far the only people I've met in person that are from HT are Joshness and Decimal. People in general I've met from over xbox in person is probably well over 20. Even lived with 2 of them.... Don't do that though. REGRETTABLE.
  2. Help, where am I ? D,: 

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    2. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      You are on a website you never visit.

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      You'd know if you FUCKING SIGNED IN MORE.

    4. StOrMii x33

      StOrMii x33

      funk I think this was an accident guys I'm sorry D:

  3. I try to go on Xbox and talk to people as much as possible but college work has me busy haha. This break was pretty cool I guess. Right now I'm in Canada though. I was visiting like 13 friends that I met on xbl. Some from even 6 years ago ^^

  4. You should hop on more often :p Should play in the DRL some :)

  5. Overall, I think mine would be to just not let things get to me. I get anxiety and stressed out for little things and when I'm too busy stressing out about something that's not that big of a deal, I get distracted from my goals. I really need to start eating better again. I was last year but like I was saying, shit happened, I was too busy stressing out to care. I would say I should stop staying up till 8 in the morning almost every night but eh. I also want to get better with my art shit. Not just stuff I have to do in school but get better at watercolors, get into a little digital painting, edit more, create stuff. All this stuff I want to do but I get held back by myself so.. yup bhaa
  6. Last day in Canada. Holy, it went by fast o: Going to miss everyone but since we've went 2-6 years without seeing each other in person I'm sure we can all manage until the summer :p

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    2. Camonized


      oh well next summer i guess lol

    3. StOrMii x33

      StOrMii x33

      I'm going up again during the summer. Idk if I'm going to be in the Toronto as much though. It depends :p

    4. StOrMii x33

      StOrMii x33

      I'm going up again during the summer. Idk if I'm going to be in the Toronto as much though. It depends :p

  7. Same here! I haven't really been on HT much the past couple years. Nice to meet you (: How are you?

  8. Never got to really talk to you at all miss Stormie. Hi! :)

  9. I was sitting at the 'session loading' screen for about 3-4 hours and then finally I was able to play GTA V online @_@

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    2. Truly Elusive

      Truly Elusive

      Took me less than a minute, lucky me :D

    3. Masta Hippie

      Masta Hippie

      24 hours of trying and I only started a race once then my internet disconnected

    4. StOrMii x33

      StOrMii x33

      that blows masta :/ does it work now???

  10. I'm ready to go home already. I want to play the BF4 beta and GTA V onlineee.

  11. Where has time gone? I remember joining HT when I was like.. 14/15. Now I'm in college D: DAFUQ

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    2. StOrMii x33

      StOrMii x33

      ew. Its so cute.. everyone is growing up (,:

    3. Moto


      I remember joining when I was just a middle schooler. Now I'm graduating this year. DAFUQ

    4. StOrMii x33
  12. Gimme suggestions for editing and stuff then Hatter. ermagurd plssssss D;
  13. Totally. Sadly we didnt get to play it during the tourney but we played after. I destroy on that mini game, baha.
  14. I agree. It was a great game, though I don't enjoy the second one that came out for 360. Guess that's why no one heard of it, haha.