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  1. Okay so i'm a little late for that "few days" kinda thing but. Having seen the fact that activity is, well, down the shitter as of i'm not sure when, shouldn't the update focus primarily on creating and maintaining opportunities for new members to stay on the site medium-long term? Personally i'm not sure how this would be applied, although having said that, i like the idea of points to win and things along those lines, everyone likes to win and get things. Also there could be a reward for staying for a period of time on the site / posting a certain number of times i.e. a title, considering MANY other forums have titles depicting the activity of a person because they have so many posts etc.. I find that the more little tweaks here and there are probably going to be better than massive changes, such as removing the shoutbox lol. I would also love a mobile version of the site, i spend like 24/7 on my phone. And for the love of god, add an easy time converter somewhere on this site as a widget, figuring out american time zones is hard enough for Americans, let alone a Brit. Overall my idea from all that text and rambling ^ #1 Post titles - Give people more than just "member" to show that, while they may not be active, that people don't just see post count and there's something creative gone into the backstory of the names, such as head ghostmerger, lol. #2 Mobile site - PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD OPTIMIZE MOBILE VERSIONS OR MAKE AN IPHONE / ANDROID APP. #3 Time converter - A useful drop down menu tool for helping tournament creators better decide on a time to fit global racers, and for shits and giggles for knowing what time it is Hopefully some good ideas?
  2. Cookie, I know i haven't known you very well, but i've known you for years, back in the old halo 3 demo days and racing with you, safe to say you're a great guy and i'm sure you'll be fine and if you put as much effort into the rest of your life as you did with youtube and mapmaking and this forum, you'll be absolutely fine. I also appreciate everything you've said, i myself having had a year from hell, so i hope, personally, that everything turns out well for you in the future, and that one day you can return to your brothers in arms and race with us, but for fun and in a non addictive way. Good luck.
  3. Sony vegas works well with most files, it's just a case of either changing the executable on the file to change it in to a different type or using third party software (there are a lot of free things around to do this) to change the type of file it is. Hopefully this helps
  4. Cookie! I remember you And mastr blastr nah m8 hu r u? I'm working on a pretty decent map right now! Hatter man, i still have on of your F1 tracks on my harddrive (': old times, i'm lucky that i have this spare time right now! Glad to be back all!
  5. Banned for not joining in '09
  6. What's up one and all HaloTracks members! Most of you will not remember me, on the other hand, some of you will. For those who don't, my name is Jaymz, and yes it is spelled that way *prepares for astounded gasps* And i've been a member of halotracks since back in '09 when it all started. I come back every now and then to check up on things / people that are old friends, and well, now is the first time that i've felt like REALLY getting back into halo / forging / racing! Due to some nostalgia earlier speaking with some old friends, i'm going to be making a racetrack this week, and before i had to grow up quickly due to things in my life and leave most of my gaming in the past, i can finally start to get back in to what i love doing most. Posting this topic to find out how everyone is, whether you all still love halo as much as i do / playing good old halo 3 and doing mongoose supermen (if you don't know what this is you haven't played enough racetracks brotha's!), and if any of you remember me! So yeah, Jaymz out. /Peace
  7. Decent, has an MLG theme to is 8/10
  8. 8/10 apparently you've got da smoove mooves
  9. Jaymz is back you bunch of bitches.
  10. You have my undoubted signature. Jaymz <3
  11. Wait, sorry. 1.Looks like u just added some effects and erased them over the tree, not that impressed 2.Text is also a failure, too bland and 3. You are still at your beginner stages, you need more effects in your work rather than (from what it looks like) just shoving some text in which u havn't thought about. Most of your time and concentration should be spent on the text, it is the 2nd part people look at. Red is just criticism. Green is constructive criticism and help. Tell me how i'm being ignorant about what you're saying? C u was nice about the faults, and explained them clearly, he didn't just shove it in my face. And again, i'm not begginer.
  12. I know it's strange but i think it should support minecraft. If you look at the hype, joins, and downloads over the last year you'll understand why, it's becoming a very big game!
  13. Thank you C u for the actual only bit of helpful advice (: I know the rule of thirds, except I didn't see how I could work it in this picture, being that, half of the most important points to show were around them, not along them. And thankyou (': That was one of my first photoshop's, it was already existing large text that I placed on then stamped on a background image over! But again, thankyou (:
  14. You don't understand, i'm not complaining, i'm voicing my opinion. As i've stated, the last decisions C u made for this site cause a numerous amount of people who kept this site alive to leave. Even Killer. Fogehub is still alive, hell, I hate to talk about them, but they do exactly what we do, make maps, either race of slayer, and are based around the halo series. We make maps based around a gametype, and some slayer, and some infection. I myself have taken to making slayer maps, I quite enjoy the challenge. You find that, with great ideas come great fails, and this site will be one of them. Sorry.
  15. The less the better, you don't seem to understand, you're not supposed to focus on the text in a photo, you're supposed to focus on the picture. Stop being obsessed over text, if i really wanted to i'd thin it, darken it, blend it into the leaf and then brighten the leaf to make it stand out. I just don't want to. I'm not beginner, i just don't think you thing simplicity is the key.