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  1. Quitting Xbox right before Christmas break huh? Uh huh ok we see you denton
  2. If i dont need to talk to anyone in game ill plug my turtle beaches into my pc then record the audio while im playing on audacity or some other software. Then again i have an elgato so some things may be different.
  3. Forge and Custom Games were both just officially confirmed by Frank O Conner for Halo 2, 3, and 4
  4. Tell me I don't look pretty
  5. Sign me up
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  11. Sign me up I'm off this weekend
  12. Do you think we can move the time back to earlier now since ORL is over so I can actually race in it?
  13. Is this time final for the whole season? If it is then I won't be able to race for the whole season haha
  14. Sign me up
  15. Wolf I'm pretty sure you just gave up because you realized you're never going to win this fight. Anyways, as much as I hate racing in Halo now, for the past month each time I race in the DRL I have quit midway through almost every time. This is not because I was losing or even because I was mad. It was because I was simply tired of not even being able to finish a race because two shitty racers decided that they're going to have a field day with sitting in one spot on the track. It began to be such a huge funking waste of time for me and I wasn't having fun at all. For example, during one race there was a jump where if you didn't make it you would have to drive back around and try it again. The first time I went off of it someone wrecked me off the side (which is perfectly fine), the second time I went off of it the same driver was waiting at the top of the jump for me and did the same exact thing. This happened 4 times in THE FIRST LAP, then he continued to do it throughout the race. I have many other examples such as people wrecking me into walls and sitting in front of me to where I was trapped and couldn't get out. This is what I'm talking about, complete bullshit that makes the league a waste of time for everyone. Obviously I don't make the rules so I'm sure nothing will be done about this, but obviously many people are having a problem with it and it should be fixed.