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  1. Actually I'm on the list twice!
  2. This track has amazing scenery good job!
  3. This sounds like a great idea!
  4. NOTICE: THIS IS A HALO 3 SQUAD. DO NOT SIGN UP UNLESS YOU HAVE HALO 3 AND ALL DLC!!! Here is the official members list of HT Fuel! If you want to sign up just leave a post saying you want in. Founder/Leader: Ice N1ne Kills Members: 1. Itz Nugget 095 2. super bad skittles 3. Spartan1122 4. Tdudes 5. Bounty hunter 6. Ice N1ne Kills 7. xxbaricade77 8. Time twister 9. Cassel 10. yugnoswam 11. Belly flop in da pool 12. The Under Dog 13. jbpressure 14. Yoshi 15. Xhamm3r 16. xdeathlordx 17. Unknown Regret
  5. Alright after doing a little investigating I found out the virus came from my hotmail getting hacked. So it do not come from this site which I didn't think it did.
  6. 8/10
  7. So since the new dirt 3 game is coming out I just wanted to know how many people were planning on getting it. Also what do you think about the game and if you have and information in the game please share.
  8. I get out in about a month and I plan on doing a lot of wrestling and lifting getting ready for my last year in school. Then plan in starting up an running HT fuel.
  9. Alright stop talking about other squads in this forum. This is for sign ups only.
  10. Alright one more sign up and fuel will be back in business
  11. Ahhhhh idk he must of been
  12. I'm not for certain it was from here but I do know the virus warning went off when I started loading a page on this site.
  13. Well yesterday when I was browsing halotracks my computers virus alert went off and now I have a bad virus in my computer were I can't even open Internet explorer. So has anyone else every gotten a virus from this site. Just wondering of it really cane from here or possibly something else.
  14. I'm unsure about it but for only $40 I feel more amped to buy it.
  15. Sounds good but what you mean the owner of the squad I'm the owner I founded it and I'm bringing it back but yea you did run it when I left so you can be have a staff position in the squad but just know I'm the leader.