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  1. i hear you man tournament tracks are usually more competive thats why i like them more. Dont get me wrong i like all the racetracks too though.
  2. o yea i forgot you told me. ill be looking for it.
  3. i like tournment the most
  4. all i want is 50 posts so i can get tester and money
  5. k thx im sure i wont have that much of a problem getting in but ill watch for it
  6. sign me up bro
  7. sign me up plz when is the recruitment tourny
  8. Whats up guys im gonna be backing out of the squad its just not my type of racing sorry.
  9. sign me up man
  10. sign me #17 sponser 1 Toyota sponser 2 Bud Light
  11. sign me up on Panasonic Toyota. Me and Cassel as a team since he doesnt have a team mate.
  12. sign me up
  13. sign me up
  14. yea we need 2 do sumthing about it. cause they are giving use a bad name. everybody thinks that velocity and ht is full of imature peole. cause they r the most active. and if u want guys i can make a list of the most mature people
  15. well i already knew how to race from skytracks, foundry, and some terrain like verge. i always liked racing ever since mario cart for the super nitendo. but when i requested to join velocity i thought it would be foundry trakes until bomberman told me it was terrain. i didnt do bad when he tryed me out, but compared to me now i did bad. when i got in bomberman taught me the lines for the most used tracks.