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  1. A decade of Halo brought us up to the release of Halo 4. A decade of traditions, rivalries, and memory. In 2012, we contentedly purchased the first Halo FPS title not created by Bungie. After many of the racetrack community members found after finally launching their new game, we saw that something was missing. Something that was, more or less, betrothed to us via outside sources. The way we all play Halo in this community and others was missing. Despite this, we once again showed that we're a community comprised of innovators. Little has ever brought us down, so we fashioned the King of the Hill race gametype. From there, we forged our own path through Halo 4. Old ways adopted new twists. Gametypes like Demo took on new forms. Supercross racing became one of the most popular forms of racing on HaloTracks. Terrain tracks made a large comeback thanks to squads like the DRL. Every Forger and racer rushed to challenge the status quo. All of which was sparked from the desire to innovate, driven from the innate power of curiosity. We made Halo 4 our own. A new modded gametype set the final stage for Forge, and let us push the game to its limits. Best of Halo 4 was a celebration of those limits. Now, racing is faster, the standards for map making is higher, and we carry our curiosity into Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In lieu of the challenges we faced throughout Halo 4, I believe our desire to innovate and push the limits of Forge is higher than its ever been. With the abundance of tools at our disposal in just a few hours [as I type this], it's impossible to predict just what wonders our community will produce. Thank you to everyone in the HaloTracks community. You guys make this possible. You guys make this fun! It was a spectacular 2 years on our last Xbox 360 Halo game. Here's to many more on the Xbox One! ~Jeffh3962 - HaloTracks Owner The full results of the Best of Halo 4 are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners and to Sodapop Remix for winning Best Racer and King Edward I for winning Best Overall Track and Best Map Maker. They have both earned their copy of Halo: MCC. Best General Track: Underpass by AlexJ189 Best Tournament Track: Wasteland GP by DARKSTAR o72 Best Terrain Track: Lioness by WhiskeyWarm Best Motocross Track: Whitewater National by King Edward I Best Roller Coaster Track: Noble Coaster by Noble Forger Best Demo Track: Demo City by Purpledinosaur0 and Masta Hippie Best Mayhem Track: Chratos by WhiskeyWarm Best Aesthetics: Radiator Springs by Masta Hippie and I improbable Best Map Maker: King Edward I Best Overall Track: Whitewater National by King Edward I Best Racer: Sodapop Remix Full Results: General Track Results: 23 – Underpass by AlexJ189 13 – Allspark by Noble Forger 13 – Rock Rock Raceway by l PVT Partz l 10 – Funky Factory by Masta Hippie 8 – Overlook by AlexJ189 7 – Masta Challenge 4 by Masta Hippie 6 – Fossilized by Noble Forger and Oss1m Poss1m 5 – Decay by Noble Forger 3 – Big Blue by l PVT Partz l 3 – Hectare by Anopisthograph 2 – Clutch by NukedlceCream 2 – Finale by NukedlceCream 1 – On Cloud Nine by Boyd Da Milkman and MrDizeel 0 – Crystal by MuggyNickel4 0 – Filtration by Anopisthograph 0 – Incendium by Oss1m Poss1m 0 – Kinich Ahua by GOLDENLINER 49NER 0 – Rise by Noble Forger and Bowzir Tournament Track Results: 26 – Wasteland GP by DARKSTAR o72 17 – Cratopolis GP by romansoldier35 16 – Shazzle’s Surprise by Shazzle4 and AlexJ189 10 – Stockholm RX by Purpledinosaur0 and King Edward I 8 – Rio Grande GP by romansoldier35 7 – Speedway MT by Purpledinosaur0, MtnDewX97 and Casselfied 7 – Stoney Creek by King Edward I 7 – Webber GP by Unrealiztic, xDOMdaBOMx and C4M3R0N B3CK 5 – ERMERGERD RACEWAY by DARKSTAR o72 4 – Mongrol MT by Pancacky 1 – Laguna Seca Raceway by DARKSTAR o72 0 – Euler’s Arena MT by King Edward I Terrain Track Results: 27 – Lioness by WhiskeyWarm 25 – Solitude by Bean05 13 – Sorrow by NukedlceCream 10 – Ridgecrest by King Edward I 8 – Viking by WhiskeyWarm 7 – Jotunheim by Jeffh3962 7 – Lothario by WhiskeyWarm 6 – Congo by WhiskeyWarm 5 – Bailiwick by Pancacky 4 – Floccinaucinihilipilification by NukedlceCream 3 – Nordic by Boyd Da Milkman 3 – Ridge Racer by NukedlceCream 2 – Gotterdammerung by NukedlceCream and Tripmine413 0 – Emerald Valley by ImSOshiftfaced and Bean05 Motocross Track Results: 28 – Whitewater National by King Edward I 22 – PPL Park SX by Purpledinosaur0 11 – Enigmatic SX by King Edward I 11 – NPR MX by Casselfied and MtnDewX97 11 – Olancha Peak MX by King Edward I and Pancacky 7 – Victoria Field SX by King Edward I 6 – Box Hill SX by XreignZ 6 – Moonridge National by King Edward I 4 – Andromeda National by King Edward I 4 – Charlotte SX by Casselfied 4 – Vantage SX by Purpledinosaur0 0 – Richmond SX 2.0 by Casselfied Roller Coaster Track Results: 12 – Noble Coaster by Noble Forger 9 – Beelzebub by Soar StyleZ 9 – High Point by NukedlceCream 7 – Drop Off by NukedlceCream 7 – The Milk Man by KSI Milkman 7 – Volcanic Panic by KSI Milkman 6 – Nuclear Milk by NukedlceCream and KSI Milkman 6 – Powerbomb by GOLDLINER 49NER 5 – SKYTRACKS (6TH) by TheRedEyedDevil 4 – Crystalize by DjV RazoR 0 – Thunderbolt by NukedlceCream 0 – Villaggio by JDOG0604 Demo Track Results: 20 – Demo City by Purpledinosaur0 and Masta Hippie 17 – Acrophobia by King Edward I 15 – Gravstation by Purpledinosaur0 14 – Corridors by King Edward I 14 – Railcar by MtnDewX97 13 – Sewer Raceway by Purpledinosaur0 and King Edward I 10 – Starside Hall by WhiskeyWarm 3 – Benukdem by NukedlceCream and Bean05 2 – Canals by Possante and Bean05 0 – Boarding Action by King Edward I and Pancacky 0 – Ramiform by TheOffice1808 Mayhem Track Results: 45 – Chratos by WhiskeyWarm 13 – Vegetable Medley by NukedlceCream and Bean05 10 – Collidact by AlexJ189 9 – Station City by GOLDLINER 49NER 7 – Crazqwert by Bean05 6 – omg rce005 by NukedlceCream and Bean05 4 – Civic by TheOffice1808 4 – Crusty Lopez by NukedlceCream and Bean05 3 – Buckshot Valley RR by King Edward I 3 – omg rce00bowt by NukedlceCream and Bean05 2 – Conglomeration by TheOffice1808 2 – Outlaw Plaza by DARKSTAR o72 0 – Coprophemia by OrionHardy Aesthetics Results: 34 – Radiator Springs by Masta Hippie and I improbable 17 – Notademo City by Masta Hippie and Purpledinosaur0 15 – Empire Strikes Back by KSI Milkman and JDOG0604 10 – Pokecoaster by NukedlceCream and Lord Fluffball 10 – Splashdown by TheOffice1808 9 – Stockholm RX by Purpledinosaur0 and King Edward I 4 – Racers City 2 by Lord Fluffball 1 – Ho Ho HC by Masta Hippie 1 – Into Darkness by Anopisthograph and Lord Fluffball 1 – Sherbet Land MK64 by TurbTastic 0 – Hydro Lane by ImSOshiftfaced 0 – Krusty Bottoms by TheRedEyedDevil and Pancacky Map Maker Results: 128.5 – King Edward I 103 – WhiskeyWarm 77.83 – Purpledinosaur0 63.5 – NukedlceCream 53.5 – Masta Hippie 49 – AlexJ189 47.5 – Bean05 34 – DARKSTAR o72 33 – Noble Forger 25 – romansoldier35 21.83 – MtnDewX97 17 – I improbable 16 – l PVT Partz l 16 – Shazzle4 16 – TheOffice1808 15 – GOLDENLINER 49NER 14.5 – Pancacky 11.83 – Casselfied 9.5 – Lord Fluffball 9 – Soar StyleZ 7.5 – JDOG0604 7 – Jeffh3962 6 – XreignZ 5 – TheRedEyedDevil 4 – DjV RazoR 3.5 – Anopisthograph 3.5 – Boyd Da Milkman 3 – Oss1m Poss1m 2.3 – C4M3R0N B3CK 2.3 – Unrealiztic 2.3 – xDOMdaBOMx 1 – Possante 1 – Tripmine413 1 – TurbTastic 0.5 – MrDizeel 0 – Bowzir 0 – ImSOshiftfaced 0 – MuggyNickel4 0 – OrionHardy Overall Track Results: 27 – Whitewater National by King Edward I 22 – Chratos by WhiskeyWarm 18 – Underpass by AlexJ189 18 – Lioness by WhiskeyWarm 11 – Radiator Springs by Masta Hippie and I improbable 9 – Demo City by Purpledinosaur0 and Masta Hippie 6 – Noble Coaster by Noble Forger 3 – Wasteland GP by DARKSTAR o72 Tournament Results: 1. Sodapop Remix 2. Pancacky 3. Casselfied 4. Jake Bobius 5. King Edward I 5. MtnDewX97 7. Hatter is Mad 7. TheOffice1808 9. xTheSully 9. AlexJ189 9. B2T Kambi 9. AdamMc66
  2. 1. Blackout 2. Baked Falls 3. Violent Storm 4. Death Run 5. Frostbite 6. Acid Rain 7. Fixed Ankle 8. Calamity 9. Afterlife
  3. We could make it to 10000.
  4. Are we close to 1,000,001 yet?
  5. I claim full bragging rights.
  6. Did this actually happen? I don't remember winning a season.
  7. So... I'm better than all of HT ever.
  8. But we can reach my post count.
  9. Six thousand, seven hundred and ten
  10. Thank you for sharing your story with us Nuked. Talking about it is one of the best things you can do about depression. I had no idea you were going through this and I hope things have improved for you during the last week. I'm heartened to see that our little community has had a positive impact on your life and glad that your new Minecraft community is continuing to do so after racing's decline. Whether we're active or not, we'll always be here for you if you need us. I just have to say to anyone else reading this that is going through similar issues that no one will think less of you for dealing with a mental illness and no one will think less of you for talking about it. People will always be there to support you but they can't if they don't know what you're going through.
  11. Jeff you should have got that useless second admin to help you. He hasn't been pulling his weight at all. Now that we're getting race I finally have the inspiration to finish that little project I've been working on since forge came out a year ago. That way all my Masta Challenge fanboys will stop messaging me as well.
  12. Happy birthday, Hefe!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Thanks, Masta! Miss you, bby

  13. *poop
  14. Hey Koga. If you still need challenging tracks to train your skills then you won't find better than my Masta Challenge series. They're mongoose obstacle courses that test different driving skills. Halo Reach Masta Challenge Masta Challenge 2 Masta Challenge 3D Halo 4 Masta Challenge 4 Halo 5 Masta Challenge 5 (under construction)
  15. There is finally a file browser on

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      xSODAPOP 13x

      Go 343! Add it 5 months into a game when we had it 10! Count it. 10! years ago in halo 3

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      ^play halo again scrub

    4. Jake Bobius

      Jake Bobius

      Now everyone can enjoy Masta Challenge

  16. It's 75% complete. Just need a few more ideas and some free time to finish it.
  17. It's been a pleasure having you part of the community Pancake. All the best for the future and come back to us soon. I will now bestow upon you the greatest honor that I have ever given. You shall be the Guardian of my 8000th Post.
  18. I like this idea. I've wanted to make a Jurassic Pork map for a long time. And yes I did mean say "Pork".
  19. I'm finally moving out of home. I'll be getting ultra fast broadband so this might be the end of the masta lagger

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      Le Hefe

      How many kiwibits per second will you have?

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      Masta Hippie

      100 Mordorbytes per second

  20. Just a little thing I like to call... I bet you weren't expecting such an explosive response.
  21. Hi Phoenix, I do remember you. I'm sure you remember me too because I have been here far too long. I may have been Masta Blastr the Head Map Maker with the golden posts back then, I don't remember the exact timeline. I became the Head Journalist after Bre because she left for a while as well. She's back now and currently holding the Head Journalist title (although a bit inactive at the moment). It's good to see you back. Let me know if you need any info on what's happened and changed over the last few years that you've been away.
  22. YES!!! I'll test it for mongooses and then have a lot of fun with this. We could use this to make hardcore racing traps or a very complicated scoring system.
  23. I want hill markers. Then we can set up scripts to activate when you enter the hill marker which would be awesome for hardcore traps.
  24. Nope. I had the same idea but there's no setting for it in the gametype options.