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  1. Avi! Your such a boss! Thanks SO much!
  2. For a second, I thought you were leaving lol But, really looking forward to the pack Avi! I hope its almost as awesome as you as a person! lol Your a nice guy for sharing your resources with the community.
  3. 7/10 Looks pretty nice haha
  4. No, I did add some effects, but it didn't work the way I first wanted it to go. And, if I continued it would just look like the cover of Starcraft I. I am possibly change it up on my free time. And, see if I can add more effects then right now. As, I have many ideas I wasn't sure how to do some of them. I will change it, and add more effects soon. Sorry for the problems.
  5. Yeah, I haven't made a sig in over a year, and I forgot the dimensions. Also, the name thing came out a bit bolder on PS, but I just want it to be simple, some things look better with little text. And, thats what I did. Thanks for the feedback though! EDIT @ Avi: I didnt really use a lot of effects since I'm not really that good at PS. I haven't gotten my new brushes or anything yet. I'll be practicing a lot more though. This is just to help me and kinda warm me up for other projects I do.
  6. I just wanted to make it really simple. I was going to do it in a way so you could see half of Human Kerrigan's face, but there were no good HD pictures of what I wanted. I did submit this for SOTW 64. I'm posting this here to just get some criticism for next time I make one. I haven't made a signature in ages! lol So, tell me what you think! (It is mine. I blended my name on her face if you don't see it.)
  7. I wanna sig D:> Can someone make me one? :D Message me if you can! Thanks,

    1. Yugnoswam


      Post a request in the media section with more details of it.

  8. 1/10 Who are you? lol jkjk, 10/10 Never really raced with you that I remember but I think I demo'd against you a little when I raced. (And Hardcore or something. Cant remember it was a while ago.) but yeah, your known by a bunch of people. lol
  9. I'm really bad at like holding my breath and stuff, I ***ed that up myself though... It was around a minute though.
  10. 2/10, never have talked ot you....ever. lol but I've been around here for a while. Longer then my join date says lol Swat: 10/10 known about him for a long time Ice: 10/10 Known about you for a while also Yugnoswam: 2/10 Have seen you recently but haven't talked to you. Also, I used to be an Elite Tester xD
  11. Well, I like turtles. lol
  12. Not only was I laughing at the OP, but the sig is funny as hell xD
  13. Avi! A person I never really talked to but I like his work lol
  14. I don't really know who I would want to meet the most, but probably smm, and a couple others.
  15. Swat, your so helpful and polite! lol jkjk but yeah. To lazy to read what everyone else is doing so meh...