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  1. Avi! Your such a boss! Thanks SO much!
  2. For a second, I thought you were leaving lol But, really looking forward to the pack Avi! I hope its almost as awesome as you as a person! lol Your a nice guy for sharing your resources with the community.
  3. 7/10 Looks pretty nice haha
  4. I just wanted to make it really simple. I was going to do it in a way so you could see half of Human Kerrigan's face, but there were no good HD pictures of what I wanted. I did submit this for SOTW 64. I'm posting this here to just get some criticism for next time I make one. I haven't made a signature in ages! lol So, tell me what you think! (It is mine. I blended my name on her face if you don't see it.)
  5. No, I did add some effects, but it didn't work the way I first wanted it to go. And, if I continued it would just look like the cover of Starcraft I. I am possibly change it up on my free time. And, see if I can add more effects then right now. As, I have many ideas I wasn't sure how to do some of them. I will change it, and add more effects soon. Sorry for the problems.
  6. Yeah, I haven't made a sig in over a year, and I forgot the dimensions. Also, the name thing came out a bit bolder on PS, but I just want it to be simple, some things look better with little text. And, thats what I did. Thanks for the feedback though! EDIT @ Avi: I didnt really use a lot of effects since I'm not really that good at PS. I haven't gotten my new brushes or anything yet. I'll be practicing a lot more though. This is just to help me and kinda warm me up for other projects I do.
  7. I wanna sig D:> Can someone make me one? :D Message me if you can! Thanks,

    1. Yugnoswam


      Post a request in the media section with more details of it.

  8. 1/10 Who are you? lol jkjk, 10/10 Never really raced with you that I remember but I think I demo'd against you a little when I raced. (And Hardcore or something. Cant remember it was a while ago.) but yeah, your known by a bunch of people. lol
  9. I'm really bad at like holding my breath and stuff, I ***ed that up myself though... It was around a minute though.
  10. 2/10, never have talked ot you....ever. lol but I've been around here for a while. Longer then my join date says lol Swat: 10/10 known about him for a long time Ice: 10/10 Known about you for a while also Yugnoswam: 2/10 Have seen you recently but haven't talked to you. Also, I used to be an Elite Tester xD
  11. Well, I like turtles. lol
  12. Not only was I laughing at the OP, but the sig is funny as hell xD
  13. Avi! A person I never really talked to but I like his work lol
  14. I don't really know who I would want to meet the most, but probably smm, and a couple others.
  15. Swat, your so helpful and polite! lol jkjk but yeah. To lazy to read what everyone else is doing so meh...
  16. The awkward moment when you just realized you pooped a little.
  17. Hey everybody! Haven't been on this site in a long time.

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      Omg god, Kenny, I missed you so damn much! We should play sometime.

  18. Haha yeah, that would be rather creepy...
  19. Probably a request. He could have done work else where on another site, but I honestly don't know.
  20. Hey guys, it's bandit. I know a lot of you haven't seen me in a while, but thats okay But for right now, I need a new signature. Color: Green, black, dark green Text: banditball Image: An idea of Fallout 3 Link: http://planetrenders...search_b=Search Your awesome, and I'll pay 50-100 points. What I feel is necessary. Thanks guys!
  21. I like it, kinda (No offense) But, There wasn't really any flow, the text didn't really go well either. Umm, when I said those colors, those are the main colors in F3, so if you get the flow perfect then ill pay you like 150 points NOTE: I see that exact render a lot, I would kinda like a different one
  22. Ah, I only have Cinema 4D...I have some of my work on Facebook :p but, any games your looking forward too?

  23. Man, that blows lol So do you have Cinema 4D?

  24. Hey Jeff, did that music ever get made? You know when I asked you like forever