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  1. Invites being sent out in 5 minutes. Party chat is encouraged not just for coordinating the lobby (patience is key sometimes) but to enhance gameplay.
  2. Steelers - Cowboys Steelers win 42-38
  3. Hey guys tonight, Wednesday December 31 at 8PM EST / 7PM CST / 5PM PST I am going to be hosting a custom games session that will last as much as the entire night. Games will include Halo 3 infection classics such as "Duck Hunt" on Foundry, "Halo" on Sandbox, "Drive or Die" on Sandtrap, "Close the door!" on High Ground, and much more. Please post your Gamertag here so I can make sure to add you and then invite you. Alternatively, can add my gamertag "" and send me a message on Xbox Live.
  4. Hey guys at the moment I'm working on a Duck Hunt remake in Halo 3's forge that is in the Master Chief Collection. As you may know the bubble shield is essential to that game. However, when I try to pick it up on my map I simply can not. I can pick up custom powerups and overshields, but not things like flares and bubble shields. How do I enable powerups in the gametype options? I looked everywhere maybe I'm not looking well enough?
  5. If Halo: MCC does support a file browser, will Halotracks support Halo: MCC maps? I really hope we can get some info soon about this.
  6. why can't I post a new topic in the forums? This account is like 5 years old too
  7. Guys will MCC have a file browser? Also, why can't I post a new topic?