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  1. hey i will help u make one if u want plz message me back if u want me to...
  2. hey i will be one if you want ... will u msge me if i gt it plz...
  3. Why Not Just Get A GUMPERT as they are nice lol not a good chance of gettin one though
  4. You Know Your A NoOb When You Dont Know Who BUNGIE Is!!!
  5. You know your addicted to halo when u sit n build a map that takes months...
  6. Hey can i be in it???
  7. yes i know absoloutly frigging helerious definatly find it funny lol rofl
  8. ok i will search for your email address then i have added you accept it
  9. it same one but not linked dont know how to do that
  10. sorry was bored add me then you know my name dont you
  11. i added you accept it now
  12. Scott firmly rammed His father as He does every day and night
  13. SWATSPEEDMANS's was small unfortunatly he died (yes on now)
  14. had no protection