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  1. Don't worry, I didn't take it the wrong way or anything! I understand!
  2. To reply to everyone: The problem with being active is that I am in college, and trying to make videos. Unfortunately I haven't had any time to make maps of my own. I have been active on here, and many other sites in the past when I was actively making maps. However, I haven't had the time to make maps. I still am somewhat active, I come to HaloTracks to check out maps made I just usually don't post an actual comment. If anyone would rather me not advertise the Top Ten series that I do that I am more than happy to not post it on here. I just know that a lot of people here care about racing, and think that they would love the Top Ten series, because so many people have loved it in the past. I don't want people to think I don't care about the community or anything because my main goal is to grow it back to were it once was (Halo 3 days, and Halo Reach). I loved it when I was getting over 80 map submissions and would love to get back there at some point. The reason there is not a thread on here is because I haven't actively been looking for a site to do my submissions. I though commenting on youtube had been working out fine. However, I would be open to allowing people to just comment on the threads that I post each month if that proves to be easier to some people. However, It is all around better to keep the submissions centered to one location so I don't have to jump around to find submissions. Ducain recently made this site and approached me asking if I would use a section dedicated strictly to the Top Ten series that I do. I was happy to do so, and I am hoping that some people will use that forum, as I think it would make it easier, but no one has to. Hope this clears some things up, and if not feel free to ask any other questions!
  3. Submit your racetracks for the Top Ten Racetracks of August! You can either comment your map and gamer tag on the youtube video, or you can go and submit your maps here: Top Ten Racetrack Submissions Remember, only 2 maps per gamer tag. Thanks guys! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjUmHrv0mFw
  4. Thanks! I am hoping more people from HaloTracks will continue to make future videos!
  5. Hey guys! The top ten racetracks of summer 2014 video has just been uploaded to my channel : LayedBackGaming I know there are a few HaloTracks guys in the top ten so hope you enjoy the videos! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, love hearing any constructive criticism. Halo 4 Top Ten Racetracks (#6-#10) [/youtubeHD] Halo 4 Top Ten Racetracks (#6-#10) [youtubeHD=Gs0B3zOZ-K4]
  6. Thanks for promoting the series!! If the top ten video does well then I will definitely try and bring the series back to where it once was!
  7. Welcome to HaloTracks HJ117!

  8. Im joining lol you better put me oin the members list coookkie! haha
  9. well everyone is posting pics of them selve so why not post a few of me here is me wakeboarding last year: Skiing last year lol: and a random pic of me :
  10. Thanks alot man! it means alot to me also yall are doing awesome with your channel as well and dont worry ill continue to make them
  11. haha yea i did fix the song part! lol
  12. My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LayedBackGaming Here is LayedBackGaming's next top ten and yes the are skytracks!! lol so if your going to complain plese leave this post now! (please no bad comments like last time.. i could care less about how bad the video is i like the video and enjoy making it so i will continue to do them) I apolojize if its boring... lol hope you enjoy it though *Also when i made the video i added a shaking camera for the breif scream parts it was synced well but for some reason when i uploaded the video it was made off key sorry about this there will be some random shaking parts for no reason apologies for that as well * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34WTuhNeblU youtube description: Maps: #1 Abstract Distorion by: v Ionized DL: http://www.bungie.ne...yer=v%20Ionized #2 Stratholme by: Stoyben DL: http://www.bungie.ne...&player=Stoyben #3 Entwine by: Xx ZOR xX DL: http://www.bungie.ne...r=Xx%20ZOR%20xX #4 Retricept by: Stoyben DL: http://www.bungie.ne...&player=Stoyben #5 Prodigy by: Chung Wii DL: http://www.bungie.ne...yer=chung%20wii #6 Danish by: CoookkieMonster DL: http://www.bungie.ne...CoookkieMonster #7 Dreaded Sea by: xNiGhtMaRex98 DL: http://www.bungie.ne...r=xNiGhtMaRex98 #8 Beachline by: Boyd Da Milkman DL: http://www.bungie.ne...%20Da%20Milkman #9 Blob Monster by: vowxyx DL: http://www.bungie.ne...0&player=Vowxyx #10 Lacustrine Lagoon by: CoookkieMonster & iTz DriFTinG DL: http://www.bungie.ne...CoookkieMonster Other maps not featured in the top ten: HFR Elegance by: HFR Founder DL: http://www.bungie.ne...r=HFR%20Founder Rocky Marsh by: Trickybear21 DL: http://www.bungie.ne...er=Trickybear21 Platypus Pass by: Trickybear21 DL: http://www.bungie.ne...er=Trickybear21 Complication by: MY CHUNKY GOOSE DL: http://www.bungie.ne...0CHUNKY%20GOOSE Songs: Justify by: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Pride by: Seether Simpliest Mistake by: Seether Cry for Help by: Shinedown *i do not own this music* Thanks again for watching remember to comment, rate, and subscribe!!!
  13. ill prob name my next one top ten skytracks haha