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  1. Hey TJ! I've been well, just working a lot. Trying to get back into Halo. Hbu?
  2. Hey guys, It's been a while since i've been on here. Still missing the old halo 3 days though. How is Halo 5? If it is worth it I would definitely buy an xbox one to be able to take part in tournaments/ racing again. Thanks, Dangles/Tay25
  3. Back in the halo 3 days my best friend and I made two silver accounts: Danglesinurpant And Dangleinurpants. We played multi-team daily and would leave the headset by the laptop speaker while its playing porn. Was pretty immature but also hilarious. Also in Modern Warfare 2 my friends and I would follow team mates around trying to trap them in corners with riot shields.
  4. Team Ramrod was the best no doubt, because with master hippie and his crap connection he would glitch through anyone who tried to hit him.
  5. I would consider myself an OG. I am so down for the good old days of demo racing!
  6. If anyone needs an extra player on their team pm me please.
  7. sign me up
  8. sign me up
  9. The variety of terrain maps in Halo 4 is spectacular. I have started forging a few and have already completed one on meltdown with short cuts and bank turns. It is still a figure 8 but I made it as interesting as possible with scenery and jumps. I also love the dominion objects, they help a ton for bordering.
  10. Dissapointed with the campaign, It felt like I was playing a completely different game instead of halo. Multiplayer is pretty good but don't like how they made it like every other game with sprint and kill cams, pretty whack. I love the forge and custom games tho, very pumped to start forging some tracks.
  11. You can put me down for thursday.
  12. I`ll be able to make the second one not so sure about first.
  13. Wow that`s a beaut, low price too. I just bought myself a 05 mazda 3 the other day, pumped to drive it when it gets dropped off in a day or two.