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  1. 1. Calamity HC 2. Acid Rain HC 3. Baked Falls HC 4. Violent Storm 5. Fixed Ankle HC 6. Blackout HC 7. Afterlife HC
  2. Track name: Acid Rain HCTrack Creator: xDangles25xMap post: http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=maps&module=view&section=view&id=2904 Track name: Death Run HCTrack Creator: xDangles25xMap Post: http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=maps&module=view&section=view&id=2905 Track name: Blackout HCTrack Creator: xDangles25xMap post: http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=maps&module=view&section=view&id=2903
  3. 1. Whitehorse MX 2. Glaciation 3. Straights MX
  4. Hey guys, Now that we can have 16 mongeese on Halo 3 I have been messing around with making a halo 3 racing gametype that will work with 16 players. I believe that I have found a successfully way to make it work. I’ve made a new H3 racetracks gametype using the crazy king variant that can be found on my share. All you have to do is make a hill with 4.5 length and put 2 gravity lifts (on weapon holders) near the entrance to the hill and two near the exit of the hill. Using this method all players each get one point for going through the hill and the gravity lifts will push players through making sure they can’t sit in the hill. The 4.5 length of the hill is enough that the racer will only get one point. You can also put teleporters on the grav lifts exiting the hill so that players won't be able to get points on foot. The only downside I’ve noticed so far for this variant is that most of the OG Halo 3 racetracks are budget glitched and won’t let you put down the spawn points, mongeese, and other objects needed for 16 player racing. This new variant would be ideal for 16 player racing on new maps and old non-budget glitched maps. Here’s an example below on my new avalanche map, Meliora: Racetracks (KoTH) example Let me know what you think!
  5. Map Name: MelioraGamertag(s): xDangles25x This map is mostly terrain with some big jumps and two short skytrack sections. I used both sides of the map and some unique parts of the terrain. Best fit for DRL racing.
  6. Shift, I will send you $10 if you actually forge a track this time. It would need to also get at least one vote.
  7. I’m down. I wonder what type of tracks will come out of this... lots of different options.
  8. 1. Reset 2. Raildoors 3. Spam Fritter
  9. My map is done and posted: Mt. Lelsuvius. Thanks for testing it out last night guys that was a ton of fun!
  10. Awesome I really hope we can get some great new tracks out of this. I am currently finishing up a new track but have a great idea for a new one I’ll start this weekend for the contest.
  11. Hey TJ! I've been well, just working a lot. Trying to get back into Halo. Hbu?
  12. Hey guys, It's been a while since i've been on here. Still missing the old halo 3 days though. How is Halo 5? If it is worth it I would definitely buy an xbox one to be able to take part in tournaments/ racing again. Thanks, Dangles/Tay25
  13. Back in the halo 3 days my best friend and I made two silver accounts: Danglesinurpant And Dangleinurpants. We played multi-team daily and would leave the headset by the laptop speaker while its playing porn. Was pretty immature but also hilarious. Also in Modern Warfare 2 my friends and I would follow team mates around trying to trap them in corners with riot shields.
  14. Team Ramrod was the best no doubt, because with master hippie and his crap connection he would glitch through anyone who tried to hit him.