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  1. I am resigning from the position of writer now that I dont check HT that much anymore. I am very sorry.
  2. Oceanic Signups are closing I think we've kept the signups open more than long enough, the onus has been with you to get your teams in and if you fail to do that before this Friday you won't be getting in even if you offer to do something outrageously impractical or seriously stupid (although if it's something I'll get a laugh out of I'm sure I could make an exception). So let me reiterate: Signups for Spring League close Friday 25th September If your entry (Team name, grifball.com team page, players) is not in my email inbox, message inbox on RT, or submitted to me by any fashion what-so-ever you will not be added to the season. OCEANIC TEAMS ONLY (no US or UK teams will be accepted) If for whatever reason the season fails to go ahead (and even if it does) we're going to be running a trial of the AUSTRALIA Tourney for the remainder of the year, so if you miss the season (or even if you don't), get into the Tourney. That is all, Scav Out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This post was made on grifball.com on September 22nd by Maj Scav3nger.
  3. You'll do fine nice job
  4. bummer what team
  5. US League Amateur League Info: LEAGUE PLAY STARTS MONDAY, September 21st, 2009!!! BE READY TO PLAY! Division 1: Mondays at 7pm CST Division 2: Mondays at 10pm CST Division 3: Tuesdays at 7pm CST Division 4: Tuesdays at 10pm CST Division 5: Thursdays at 10pm CST Division 6: Fridays at 6pm CST Division 7: Fridays at 10pm CST Division 8: Saturdays at 9pm CST Division 9: Saturdays at 9pm CST Division 10: Saturdays at 9pm CST Division 11: Sundays at 9pm CST Please check the Division Page on Grifball.com to see what division your team is in. The schedule should be up later tonight so everyone will know who to play. Here are some quick notes about League play: -READ THE GRIFBALL.COM FAQ!!! -It is highly recommended that you add the other captains in your division to your Xbox Live Friends List. -It is the captains responsibility to have their team on and ready to play at their assigned time. -You must play 2 games per scheduled night (Example: if in division 1, you will play 2 matches, the first being at 7pm CST on Monday, the second directly after). -If there is a day where you absolutely feel your team can't make it, contact you scheduled opponents and request to play that match during the make-up week. You must make that request at least 24 hours before the time of the match. -If you are scheduled to play any of the generic teams (Generic Team), please ignore that match and consider it a bye until we find someone to fill in the spot. -Regular season ends Sunday, November 1st at 11:59pm CST. After that there will be playoffs. As of now the top 2 teams per division as well as 2 wild cards will make the playoffs. Looking for teams: We are looking for teams to play in the following Divisions, if your team can play, please e-mail GrifballAmateurLeague@gmail.com Division 1: Mondays at 7pm CST Division 7: Fridays at 10pm CST Division 3: Tuesdays at 7pm CST Division 10: Saturdays at 9pm CST Pro League We are still working on finalizing Pro League. We should have everything up shortly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post was made on the 20th of september by PP MooCow PP at grifball.com Are we gonna join a league.... Oh wait i forgot that we don't have a full team yet
  6. Learn to Launch Blitz When? Friday, September 18th Where? A sign-up thread will be opened in the tournament's own forum at 6:30 PST/8:30 CST/9:30 EST. Sign-ups will close after 30 minutes or when we reach 32 teams, whichever comes first. Who? Rosters may contain up to 6 players and can change at any time up until the first game. Players may be added afterwards if given permission by an available GrifballHub Staff member, preferably the one running the event (Dragon of Exile). What?A single elimination tournament of Aerial Grifball (Gametype) on Grifball High (Map). MYTHIC MAP PACK REQUIRED! Anyone found to be breaking the Number 1 Rule of Grifball (Don't be a douche) will be banned from this event. Teams situated on top of the pairing are preferred to be the ones to invite the other team. Any team not using the proper Gametype or Map will be disqualified. Games are to be played no later than 15 minutes after the next opponent is decided. Any team delaying this will be disqualified. All results should be posted in the following format in the thread that will be opened after the bracket is up: Team Stitchpunks over Team Machine 9-0 (Bungie.net link) Teams should sign-up in the following format: Team Name: Team Stitchpunks Team Captain: 9 Player: 8 Player: 7 Player: 6 Alternate: 5 Alternate: 4 Any other questions, feel free to ask. Hope everyone has fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post from grifball.com was made on the 18th of september by puptastrophe Should we sign up
  7. sign me up
  8. Ill sign up red team please
  9. How are we gonna rely on our team captains for whenever we sign up for a season if they forget about a game!!!!!
  10. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME GRIFBALL!!!! Hey guess what!!! I went on and I notice the lewis is online but guess what? Nobody else is! So I'm sitting in front of my tv waiting for someone to log on but strangely.... NOBODY DOES!!! Come on you guess the tournament was today right!!!
  11. I hate time zones....... I wish halotracks had a clock so we can refer to like 2:30 game clock or something... In fact.. How do i message the leader of halotracks..
  12. Ill sign up and I dont care what team I'm on.