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  1. How come you seem to keep logging on even though you "retired"

  2. Well, for those of you who don't know, I have left HaloTracks mostly due to the fact that I don't have time for it. 1. My sophomore year in High-School has just started. 2. I'm on the basketball team and have practice everyday. 3. I have pounds of homework that need to be done each day. 4. I get up at 5:30 a.m. everyday. 5. I have a girlfriend. (YES JBARRON!!!) 6. Guitar practicing 7. Time with friends. 8. Drivers Ed soon. Sorry guys but I have removed EVERYONE on HaloTracks off of my friends list, not because I hate you or anything, but because you will hardly ever see me anymore. I only had time for my duties and tournaments because it was summer break, I really just barely have time for Xbox360, but being on HaloTracks is too much PS: The site changes SUCK SERIOUS cock, I mean a blam!ing store?!?! seriously?!?! That's straight up retarded. PSS: Why the blam! is draco an admin, but I guess it doesn't matter to me anymore. PSSS: My gamertag is ApocalypseDuck, not ApocalypticDuck. Well, farewell guys, but this is probably it.
  3. Hey guys this is my new account, FrenchFries expired and I won't be playing on that account anymore. Loco change my HT name to ApocalypticDuck. Anyways, yeah so add this tag cuz it's FrenchFries.
  4. You need to say what kind of tournament this is and how it will be played. Maybe it's a point style tournament, but you would need a points system Maybe it's a knockout tournament where whoever comes in last place is eliminated. BTW if any of those maps are yours, you can't use them. Only maps made by approved HaloTracks MapMakers are allowed to be used in tournaments. You have 48 hours to fix what I told you to or this tournament will be locked and cancelled.
  5. lol

    Watch Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) Free Here!
  6. The host has PM'd me and asked me to cancel this tournament. Topic LOCKED. Tournament cancelled.
  7. The host has failed to set a Time & Date in which the time I gave him. Topic LOCKED. Tournament Cancelled.
  8. Hey if you aren't a mapmaker than you cannot use those maps in this tournament. Only tracks made by approved HaloTracks mapmakers are allowed in tournaments.
  9. Thanks for fixing what I told you to fix. This tournament is no longer in danger of being locked. I will add the +++ now.
  10. Very Beautifully organized. I will add the +++ now.
  11. You need to say what kind of tournament this is and how it be played out. Maybe it uses a Points system and you would have to create a system of points rewarded to each racer. Maybe it is a Knockout Tournament where whoever finishes last is eliminated. You have 48 hours to fix what I have told you to fix. Failure to do so will result in your tournament being locked and deleted.
  12. This looks very nice and organized. I will add the +++ right now.
  13. I hope to see more tournaments from you in the future. This looks like it went very well and people had fun.
  14. You have 48 hours to post a Time & Date for when you will hold your Tournament. Failure to announce a Time & Date in 48 hours will result in your tournament being Locked and Deleted.
  15. Topic Locked due to the fact that the host has cancelled the Tournament.