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  1. im in. and none of those maps are "classic". they're not that old, they're just mostly on the heroic map pack (becides a few on others). by classic, you should put it for only the standard maps. therr are some good ones on valhalla, sandtrap, and others.
  2. yea but your better then me i got the outline of my track done. but it's really narrow cause of all the hallways and small rooms. probably only good for about 2-4 racers.
  3. hell i used to be one of the best racetrack makers back in the day. now with people like bball, masta blasta, frodo, and others making tracks with all these crazy stuff on it, i'm not that good anymore. started one a few minutes ago. hopefully will be done by wednesday night.
  4. they need to add an option to freeze an object in the air without saving and reloading the map. and also an option to delete everything off the map at once. and the best option is to group a bunch of objects together and save the design so you can copy/paste it onto another racetrack. that would be cool. but only on maps that you made.
  5. i'm going to start one after i finish my paintball map. the middle is great for designing a paintball arena. done with one side. i have a great idea for a racetrack too. but since of the lack of objects, you can't really do banked turns and stuff like that. that's what sucks.