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  1. RT @KwikTrip: RT for a chance to win these 2 gift cards! Rules: https://t.co/rTWspYLGMb (& remember to enter our Holiday Giveaway https://t…

  2. 247 Left
  3. Yay were only at %0.5672994327005673 to 1,000,001 Posts. Will be there in no time!!!!!
  4. I think it looks very pretty as it is now. just need s more navigation selections for "maps", "apply" and what ever else new there is . again with the hexagons. when i first saw that picture i went straight to those and not looking at the text like aviator said. the opacity is too high. maybe like %60? just some suggestions.
  5. Time to manually remove 4 Viruses from 3 different PC's. Then i finally get to Alpha test Windows 8. Had this for 3months now, just never used it.

    1. DemolitionTurtle


      How do you get windows 8, Did they select you or do you work there or something?

    2. HLG Belly Hop94

      HLG Belly Hop94

      Got windows 8, cause i work at Microsoft.

  6. time twister 500 likes to tickle a whales blam! > タイムツイスター500は、クジラの膣をくすぐるのが好きだ > Time Twister 500, likes to tickle a whale's blam! Looks like it came out the same but added commas and capitalization.
  7. Your banned for being a BLAM!!!! and whining about how you such a BLAM!!!!!
  8. guess ill be there
  9. yay finally done with the business trip traveling!!!

  10. Im sponsered by Huggies cause im S hit-in on kids!!!. 2nd place out of 273 in the national BDPA Computer compition. BEAST!!!

  11. It was a mobile version. Works for me Click Here