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  1. RT @KwikTrip: RT for a chance to win these 2 gift cards! Rules: https://t.co/rTWspYLGMb (& remember to enter our Holiday Giveaway https://t…

  2. Time to manually remove 4 Viruses from 3 different PC's. Then i finally get to Alpha test Windows 8. Had this for 3months now, just never used it.

    1. DemolitionTurtle


      How do you get windows 8, Did they select you or do you work there or something?

    2. HLG Belly Hop94

      HLG Belly Hop94

      Got windows 8, cause i work at Microsoft.

  3. yay finally done with the business trip traveling!!!

  4. Im sponsered by Huggies cause im S hit-in on kids!!!. 2nd place out of 273 in the national BDPA Computer compition. BEAST!!!

  5. wow you would live 5 Miles away from me and not want to go to the Rosevile shopping center with a complete HaloTracks random, Then have your birthday the day after mine. LOL

  6. Welcome to this wonderful site call "HaloTracks" Enjoy your stay.

  7. I like how they labeled your reputation "BAD" lol.

  8. Welcome to HT. If you need anything you can ask me or anyone else.

  9. Hey Belly Hop. I just got my IPad2 today.

    I'm disappointed In you for getting a applenproduct.

    I know. O well.

  10. I know i don't like apple products, but I Gotta say HT looks even better on the IPad2 than the android motorola xoom.

    1. HLG Belly Hop94

      HLG Belly Hop94

      I spoke way to soon. IPad2 Is retarded on HT. I can't even reply in ANY forms.

      going back to the xoom.

    2. DemolitionTurtle


      You can on ipod touch

    3. HLG Belly Hop94

      HLG Belly Hop94

      i know right? so wtf.

  11. Just cause i responed to a personal conversation doesn't mean im here.

    1. a Deanosaur
    2. cookie


      You are here because you posted a status.

  12. I was going to say welcome to HT first :(

    Lol WELCOME !!!!!!!!! :D

  13. Intresting how at the bottom of the page with the shoutbox, Where it has the list of titles at the bottom the "Jr Staff" group brings you to the New Members group. LOL

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    2. blackthunderbird


      Thats ture. You should get a reward for that or something.


    3. HLG Belly Hop94

      HLG Belly Hop94

      Yes i should lol idk k.?

    4. jbpressure66


      i already noticed that.

  14. Welcome to HaloTracks.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.

  15. Hey. Welcome to HaloTracks. If you need help with anything, you can ask me.

  16. I like how your profile picture is in reference to the blue waffle disgusting picture of a female.

    Lol :D

  17. Nice Profile Background. I see you recently got it :D

  18. Do you see my special Signature about you ;D

    lol, Thats my favorite Points donation i ever got.