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  1. RT @KwikTrip: RT for a chance to win these 2 gift cards! Rules: https://t.co/rTWspYLGMb (& remember to enter our Holiday Giveaway https://t…

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  3. Season 1: Series 5 Series 4 was a vast improvement over the first 3 so hopefully that will continue into Series 5, we are now half way through the Season! I will hopefully do a bonus even which will allow people to get an extra few points, it will most likely be 5 tracks in a row, and your total score divided by 5 is the amount of points you recieve as a bonus although this may only be for the top few people. This is a series tournament for the squad HT Shift, there are 10 series per season so make sure you attend at least five. These races will follow the rules, no exceptions; if anyone breaks the rules they will receive the appropriate punishments. Please make sure that the follow these rules: - No intentional wrecking. If someone accuses someone, send the host a message with the time remaining on the clock with the accused members name, it will be reviewed. - Any major annoyances such as going backwards will result in immediate dismissal from the race and a ban for the remainder of that series. - No whining or having meltdowns. Handle all problems maturely. - All races will start at 20 seconds unless the clock fails to spawn immediately in which case, a later time will be set. There is no jump starting, this will result in a -1 for your total. - HT Shift has a Blue Flag flag rule. This means that if a racer is being lapped, he must move over and let the leaders pass. However, if the leader does not call a Blue Flag, then the lapped rider does not have to pull over although it is recommended so as not to cause wrecks. - Intentionally wrecking is not allowed. If you intentionally wreck a single player you will receive -1 points. If you wreck two people, you receive -2 and anymore will receive -3. If you intentionally wreck more than 3 times in a race you will receive -5 from your total and a 1 series ban. If this is then repeated, you are banned for 1 season. No exceptions. - You must not speak over the host when the rules are being read, gametypes such as battletracks and demotracks have honour rules which will be specified in the race lobby. Failure to follow these honour rules result in -1. - There is a limit of 14 people per race so as to keep lag to a minimum. If there are more than 14 racers in a race, the lobby will split into two and there will be heats where there is a 3 lap race and whoever is in last after 3 laps, is booted. Events: Friday 5th August, 2011 6:00pm Eastern 5:00PM Central 4:00PM Mountain 3:00PM Pacific 11:00pm United Kingdom Race on Narwhal MX (19 Laps) Results: Saturday 6th August, 2011 9:00pm Eastern 8:00PM Central 7:00PM Mountain 6:00PM Pacific 2:00am United Kingdom *Or after Formula 1 Dirty Racing on AYM City 2 (9 Laps + Fastest Lap = 100 HT Points) Results: Saturday 13th August, 2011 8:00pm Eastern 7:00PM Central 6:00PM Mountain 5:00PM Pacific 1:00am United Kingdom Dirty Racing on Cobalt Circuit (19 Laps) >NO ANIMATION AVAILABLE < Results: Saturday 13th August, 2011 8:30PM Eastern 7:30PM Central 6:30PM Mountain 5:30PM Pacific 1:30am United Kingdom Dirty Racing on Foggy Ridge (19 Laps) >NO ANIMATION AVAILABLE < Results: Saturday 13th August, 2011 9:00PM Eastern 8:00PM Central 7:00PM Mountain 6:00PM Pacific 2:00am United Kingdom Hardcore Racing on Dusk HC, Immersion HC, Retract HC, Bruxism HC (3 Laps per round, 3 rounds per track) Results: Saturday 13th August, 2011 10:00pm Eastern 9:00PM Central 8:00PM Mountain 7:00PM Pacific 3:00am United Kingdom Dirty Racing on Backyard Derby ST (19 Laps) >NO ANIMATION AVAILABLE < Results: Saturday 13th August, 2011 10:00pm Eastern 9:00PM Central 8:00PM Mountain 7:00PM Pacific 3:00am United Kingdom Battle Snipes on Abstract Europa (10 Laps) >NO ANIMATION AVAILABLE < Results: Saturday 20th August, 2011 8:30pm Eastern 7:30PM Central 6:30PM Mountain 5:30PM Pacific 1:30pm United Kingdom Race on Big Bear Speedway (60 Laps, Pit Interval: 20 Lap/40 Checkpoints) >NO ANIMATION AVAILABLE < Results: How To Line Up: - When the amount of laps are up or the host says to, line up at the end of the lap. You must line up in a straight line and stay in the position you finished. - Do not get off your mongoose, change positions, throw grenades, shoot or ram into the line when you come to line up. This will result in a -1 or you will be booted from the game in extreme cases. - Listen out for when you have to stop, if you carry on you will receive a -1 or if you complete another lap/end the game you will be booted and receive -2. Sign-Ups: (By signing up, you acknowledge that you can attend a minimum of 3 races) 1. Yugnoswam [Host] 2. HLG Belly Hop94 3. Itz Nugget 095 4. vinnyownsu 5. vitaisnipe (Vital SniPe) 6. bountyhunter932 (SnDxG0dxsK1llzz) 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Overall Series Results:
  4. Yay were only at %0.5672994327005673 to 1,000,001 Posts. Will be there in no time!!!!!
  5. I think it looks very pretty as it is now. just need s more navigation selections for "maps", "apply" and what ever else new there is . again with the hexagons. when i first saw that picture i went straight to those and not looking at the text like aviator said. the opacity is too high. maybe like %60? just some suggestions.
  6. Time to manually remove 4 Viruses from 3 different PC's. Then i finally get to Alpha test Windows 8. Had this for 3months now, just never used it.

    1. DemolitionTurtle


      How do you get windows 8, Did they select you or do you work there or something?

    2. HLG Belly Hop94

      HLG Belly Hop94

      Got windows 8, cause i work at Microsoft.

  7. time twister 500 likes to tickle a whales blam! > タイムツイスター500は、クジラの膣をくすぐるのが好きだ > Time Twister 500, likes to tickle a whale's blam! Looks like it came out the same but added commas and capitalization.
  8. Your banned for being a BLAM!!!! and whining about how you such a BLAM!!!!!
  9. guess ill be there
  10. yay finally done with the business trip traveling!!!

  11. Im sponsered by Huggies cause im S hit-in on kids!!!. 2nd place out of 273 in the national BDPA Computer compition. BEAST!!!

  12. It was a mobile version. Works for me Click Here
  13. yugno use's "signavatar.com" Its really easy to just to view the code on any website.
  14. It's the same thing. Rotates sig's
  15. This is what masta hippe uses Sig Rotator i use it too, but i don;t have any other sig's i uploaded yet. lol.
  16. I will stick to saying more specifically, I had sign up for THREE New Members Tournaments and out of those THREE. They NEVER happened, about 8 people signed up in each of them. Then TJ Max had to host one and he's not even an ambassador and he showed up. That's all i have to say
  17. Exactly why theirs no ambassadors, because NONE of them really ever did there job.
  18. This is my car i drive. I paid Half for this and my parents paid the other half, but its all mine Looks pretty nice for a 2003 huh? It's a 2003 BMW 745Li
  19. What ever floats your boat mister
  20. Dude i know. obviously everyone knows its a joke? dont be retarded u mad bro? lol
  21. No you just photo shopped it in there, you can look real close and see its messed up parts. PLUS its the exact same picture sooo, what does that mean? lol Still no proof until you take another picture and put something with you in it.
  22. wow you would live 5 Miles away from me and not want to go to the Rosevile shopping center with a complete HaloTracks random, Then have your birthday the day after mine. LOL