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  1. That video reeks of badassery, the new grenade varients and character customization lus the varied enviroments are all awesome
  2. assuming this topic metamorphasised into a borderlands 2 topic by forces unknown Hell yeah, i am very excited to see where they are taking one of my favorite games
  3. halo tree for mee ha hee!
  4. ill probably wait to buy it like i do for all things maybe a month, maybe 3 or 4 then by happenstance ill buy it on a whim and probably love it and play it too much ...probably
  5. This sites heart just keeps beating huh

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      You know it grrrl

  6. sounds like something he would make, i remember spending too much time trying to make a logo way back, it probably sucked lol
  7. i might've made it back when the site was undergoing skin changes, probably not but maybe
  8. made some memories here, like backing off the track while in the lead, and getting stuck on the sonic hc jumps with church and bobius
  9. by "same" you mean similar core elements, these games are not all the same, and that's not even the point the same thing can be fun a million times over again, its all about perspective, change your perspective and you wont be bored. if you think playing games equates to going to something in which you would be miserable then i guess you should just accept its no longer for you and find something else to entertain you
  10. everyone's so quick to blame the games... blame the develpoers... blame the communities
  11. We've got reports of the funk, gotta have reports of that funk
  12. maybe theres a ghost using your spine as a stripper pole but yeah that type of pain is up there on the list
  13. maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.....
  14. everyone should get -1 every once in a while, life experience
  15. if i ever feel bored i imagine that i'm stuck prisoner in a concentration camp in poland and i instantly enjoy whatever i'm playing a lot more its just your perspective of the game or games your playing, when your younger you imagine more and find games wonderous you could always play some crappy indie games, make you appreciate what you have more?
  16. if im feeling impatient and want to find diamonds or gold quickly i make a 1x2 tunnel and every two blocks i mine a 1x1 hole on my left and right as far as i can which is like 4 blocks deep for more... long term mining situations i do plus signs that intersect
  17. shaders are probably among the most amazing mods out there, my computers cant run anything that demanding though havent played PC for ahwile all my favorite servers went down and xbox leaves some things to be desired Edit: Found a picture of the first server i joined
  18. I can do it captain just give me charge of the ship!
  19. cant.... view... hardcore map... gallery.... new... egg..... wtf...

    1. DemolitionTurtle


      You on mobile device? I get that error on my iPod touch...

  20. ill play 360 with peeps, sounds like fun
  21. your going to sit at the movies for 6+ hours.... :o Put me on the bench coach!
  22. thanks for the heads up on the sale
  23. these points might feel more "accurate" if you divided by 2 since theres 2 destinations, and round up for odd balls
  24. Clip clap clippity dip dap boom shappa lappa clappa dappa do snappa clap HC is good times for all
  25. ok... my halo 3 disk is broken, gonna try to pick up a new one tomorrow before the tourney, but consider me a 50/ 50 shot of showing up