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  1. Happy Birthday Jeff and Jake. was there someone else who has a birthday today as well??

  2. Dangle!!!!!!! It's been so long my old friend. How have you been??
  3. I can only say that I became 5 years old again when they announced the re-birth of Crash Bandicoot. Hopefully they give it proper justice unlike they did with Spyro the Dragon.
  4. Well the Force from the lightsaber was calling Rey is how they found it. I forgot why they said it was there.
  5. I saw the movie last night and have to say that I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I hated that I didn't go to the opening day because the crowd atmosphere would've made the experience amazing. Overall I would give it the second best out of all seven. At first before seeing the movie, I had a strong assumption that Kylo Ren was Han's son Jacen.SO in the scene where Snoke said that Ren would have to kill his father blew my funking mind. Han's death hit me like a train considering the wait from Episode 6 to Episode 7 built that up. I also think it's cool that they kept Luke out of the movie until the end. Mark Hamill looked to be in great shape for the movie.
  6. I think there should be a contest simple because of the fact that it would bring some activity to the community. I don't forge and haven't raced since Halo 4, and if work and other things didn't block my time I would race more often. I give mad respect to the members of this community who have made maps on MCC simple because they have a passion for building whether MCC was good or bad. I think there should be a contest just to reward them for their hard work.
  7. Am I the only one that wants Battlefront before anything haha
  8. No, Jeff don't care about Season 7. Does baby got back??
  9. No, baseball is dumb as hell. Can you believe that it is not butter?
  10. Banned for not owning a real castle....
  11. Damn the s. Still I'm going to the midnight release of that movie
  12. Dropped my iPhone 4 in my HiC fruit punch :(

    1. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      Why would you ever do something like that?

  13. I thought it was called "The Force Awaken". But if this movie was about the force unleashed it would be amazing. I also love the new sigh lightsaber
  14. I did not have to wait but for 10 minutes after 6 my time for the 1 hour guarantee at Walmart. They had about 100 iPads and I was 53 in line.
  15. ^ On the plus side of things, just got me an iPad Mini!!!!!!!!