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  1. Hi friends. Been a looong time since I've been on. Hope you're all doing well 

    1. Camonized


      Good to see you! We're still here!

    2. Le Hefe
  2. So Halo 3 is being ported to PC by modders using Halo Online as a base game. Gotta love the PC community

  3. RIP Monty Oum =( Absolutely heartbroken. He was a huge inspiration to a lot of people and far too young to pass.

  4. Hype train for OR/AS still going strong

  5. Really great deal on some quality games if anyone's interested (PC)

  6. Freeystyle MX cancelled at the X-Games because of Wind/Rain and they stopped doing Moto X Best Trick. Worst X Games ever ;_;

    1. Populare


      At least we had MLG there to save the day! :)

  7. Finally done with High School. Off to college in the fall :D

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    2. gogetarulez


      Nice dude. Just finished my exams last week as well.

    3. Moto


      Thanks guys! And congrats Gogeta :D

    4. gogetarulez
  8. Surgeon Simulator 2013 is only $2 for the next 5 hours or so at

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    2. Moto


      Lol no...? Just thought I'd let my friends over here know they can get a fun game for dirt cheap. Is that a problem, gogeta? :p

    3. Offrce


      $2 is cheap? I scrap for nickels maine :)

    4. gogetarulez


      I know lol I was just keeding.

  9. Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire remakes (or sequels possibly) were announced today. I've never been more happy in my entire life.

    1. MikeEgan


      Fudge yea! Best generation.

    2. Em0


      My childhood is rejoicing. So many fond memories of the Hoenn Region.

    3. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Would bang.

  10. Red vs Blue is back :D

    1. gogetarulez
    2. Offrce


      I still need to watch Season 11 lol

    3. NukedIceCream


      I stopped really liking it after season 10, but I still enjoy it though.

  11. MXGP is 15% off if you pre-purchase it on Steam. The demo is pretty fun :)

  12. Really disappointed with that Supercross. Bleh

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    2. Camonized


      Dude, that race was awesome. Stew was just on another level.

    3. Moto


      Which like I said, bummed me out, because he's my least favorite rider.

    4. Camonized


      Whats not to like about Stew? Dudes a beast and the coolest guy ever.

  13. Detroit Supercross was fun as hell. If you ever have the chance to go to one, do it.

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    2. Moto


      It was pretty sick! The track going into the stands was an awesome little throwback to the Pontiac Silverdome.

    3. Camonized
    4. gogetarulez


      I almost cried when I saw Roczen though.

  14. Stallion83 hit 1,000,000 GamerScore yesterday O_o

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    2. Nugget


      Imagine how much he spent on the games

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      All the effort that went into getting that instead of getting laid...

    4. DemolitionTurtle


      C'mon Jeff, we all know he could get anyone he wants with a million gamerscore!

  15. If you're a fan of the sport, you should definitely watch Supercross: Behind The Dream. It's an amazing series.

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    2. Moto


      XD Episode 3 isn't until March D:

    3. gogetarulez


      Yeah I saw the first too :D

    4. Moto


      I love it. Now I have something to throw in people's faces whenever they say "the bike does all the work, motocross is easy". ;D