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  1. I've got some pretty good ones How dare mike get out of my warhog Purple Meatloaf (unique) This one is hilarious (unique one) Jabble on the beat Rudy is now meatloaf (unique) Cassel was not pleased Puny definition: meat. loaf.
  2. Oops. Thought I already left a comment but I must have gotten distracted. I might have it uploaded on Saturday. Just depends on how much free time I get :)

  3. HELLO!?

    1. Shadow Forges

      Shadow Forges

      i can hear u saying this

  4. Shorn scrotum? Hey Jeff are you almost done with boh4?


  7. I heard this kid keeps all of his toenail clippings in a jar, so think twice before talking to him.

  8. Who even is he

  9. Somewhere deep deep down inside of me, is a very pissed off man... I'm sick. And tired. Of 343 taking out gametypes/features that were present in previous Halo titles AND were loved, like infection and race... Being able to watch Campaign and Forge games in theatre... Not having ODDBALL OR HILL?! Those gametypes are classic, and loved by the community since Halo CE! It's aggravates me. They add race in Halo 4 realizing we want it back, and then what do they do? Leave it out in Halo 5... It's liked they have a running disease or something, what is wrong with these people. Can someone tell me?
  10. I like milk with shakes, but I accept water as well.

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    2. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      Sweet. I bet it'll be a fun, rewarding experience.

    3. MtnDewX97


      First one to get banned gets the grills star. Game on!

    4. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      If you really want the Weber and to cook the food go for it. I'm lazy af. ;)

  11. you are sodamnbadddddddasssssss

  12. Pancake, you are a true friend. A feirce competitor and a good forger. Thanks for being a highly active person on the website and on Xbox. You brought tears of laughter, I don't know why driving through McDonalds drivethrough in a tank was so funny but it times like those I won't forget. The quality of excitement and just, this fulfilled feeling of pure fun came about a lot with you around. I love racing with you and I know you love racing with me. I believe we brought the most high qaulity rivalry ever, and it's cool everyone enjoyed watching you and me race. I think you brought a lot of vibrance to the community with how much you care. You impacted my experience massively on the website, without you there would have been much less light. Just remember that I cannot really use words to explain the memory's. All I can say is, is good luck for the future and what great things it has in store for you.
  13. No news from Stewy still...

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    2. Deacon


      Stewart shouldn't have cut down so drastically with Dungey right behind him, and Dungey shouldn't have gone so far inside seeing a battle right in front of him. Just a bum situation.

    3. Jab


      What about peick though, think he could beat mayweather

    4. MtnDewX97


      Why cant I plus one that.

  14. Warm Jacket Nice Shirt 2 Pairs of Thick Socks Good Lotion for my Dry Hands and other Stimulating Activities Pajamas Sick No-Fog Glasses for Work $30 in Cash from my Uncles and Aunts Edit: 10 Pairs of Long Black Socks