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  1. Just got my new Labtob and I am finally back HT!! Whats up guys!!!

  2. I'M BACK!!!!!! :D

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    2. Populare


      Noooooooo! Jk. Wb.

    3. Guest


      welcome back, ambassadors have been slacking in your absence lol

    4. MISTA 305

      MISTA 305

      i was wondering why i wasn't getting my weekly list lol. Update your fantasy team. I need your help here

  3. Definitely beating you this week!

  4. Had a Family Emergency, I'm in San Jose with very internet access, we will be back on HT Friday. sorry for no being active this week, it been one hell of a week!

    1. Guest


      hope all turns out well

    2. xXIceBurnChaosXx


      GL with that.

      Hope evrything works out!

  5. Finally done with all my Mid-terms & I finally have a day off work!!!!!!

  6. Sign me up brotha!
  7. Just got the Came Here To Hear You Beg Achievement, check out my topic for it if you want to know how to get it easy & fast! :D

  8. So after literally 1000's of attempts and multiple assassinations on the Pillar Of Autumn without the achievement popping up for me, I searched on youtube & found the glorious solution to how to get this achievement way easier! Click for the solution!Big thanks to iStezzy801 for posting this video, I got the achievement in 3 tries and I am quite relief now! Lolz
  9. Lets just say that you have a certain AI lady to give to Master Chief!
  10. I Came Here To Hear You Beg Achievement isthe worst! I've seriouisly have tried this 1000 times and have assasainated the Elite and get no achievement, HELP PLEASE! Lolz :D

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    2. BEAR GRYLLS 805

      BEAR GRYLLS 805

      Still not working! I've tried both pf these ways @ they don't work. Theory: This achievement is patched!

    3. Jayuumz


      Ok, i tried this millions of times, it's not actually down to stopping sprinting, you actually have to hit the ground, loose all your shields and then assasinate him (don't know how to explain that other than doing it) and it worked for me, i have no idea how it worked it just did...

    4. BEAR GRYLLS 805

      BEAR GRYLLS 805

      I just got it right now, here's a way better place to do it at. Load up Nightfall @ Mission start on Legendary. Then beat down (Not assassinate) that first elite and then there was an elite on the side of the cliff, I jumped and assassinated him & on the 3rd try, I got the achievement. Lolz :D

  11. If you are new to Halotracks, feel free to sign up for New Members Tourneys & HT Rookies Squad Mini Tourney #1!!!! :D

  12. THEY TERK ER JERBS!!!!!!

  13. Alright, I'll be there!