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  1. Bad camero. No wee.
  2. In case you guys haven't noticed, this kid hasn't responded to this in a full week and hasn't given out a requested tag in about 2 weeks.
  3. I hope not too. He could make epic godly-ness with that pitchar I gave him. Very sad impatient face.
  4. no u.
  5. I hate to sound impatient but its been about 5 days now. Did the post move or something?
  6. I didn't notice. Sorry Face.
  7. Wow, Snakebite. You ask him to take his time out of his day so he can make you a sig and you don't even use it? Scum.
  8. Can I have one? Image/Render: Text:seamonkeymadnss Veteran and Mapmaker TeamBombSquad Extras: Make the drivers stand out a bit and explosions and whatnot are welcome
  9. Can someone put up all the true canvases for all the maps? It would be much appreciated.
  10. Loco's just afraid people will make fun of him because he's a pansy. Sack up loco. Sack. Up.
  11. Yes you are fat. And goofy. And you're touching yourself.
  12. first above average girl ive ever seen that actually plays halo
  13. Draco you told me you like dragons on xbl when I asked you about you're name. by your voice I couldn't see you liking dragons but I can now from your picture for some reason. my brother did that last post from my tag. I had nothing to do with what he said.
  14. Draco im pretty sure the only thing your weiner (they would block the word blam!) has ever been remotly close to going in to, is the world of dungeons and dragons and your own mothers mouth Sincerely, seamonkeymadnss' brother (dynastysmac1234)
  15. Couldn't find any regular pictures of me so here you go.