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  1. That way curious people don't go and read from bottom to top.
  2. Yea, the gamertag is just for the squad. Cause if you have to change your name I'd be upset since I like my name, and emblem is already taken for the other clan(not HT related) and my armor is just great.
  3. Your actually happy someone got the Red Rings of Death? Your a cruel cruel person. If it was me I'd just drive to the bank and take out the money...oh wait...I have a job...meh bad...yay money?
  4. Sparten off the pic: Shouldn't it have exploded by now? Elite: No Sparten: Why not? Elite: Because your mom exploded last night... Sparten: So mature.
  5. Actually it's booted. And we know your not a noob it's just one of our things to explain why you got booted.
  6. It's spoilers....
  7. These are the official scripts. I have finished episode 2 as well. Now Episode 3
  8. just have this ability to annoy me you know that?
  9. So far I think we're going to have it raced on Sunday, July 6th at about 8 Central time. This may change all depending on what I work that week but other than that it's set in stone.
  10. Oh and he, rogers, and I all are close friends.
  11. The race will be resceduled because of those two and that I'll be out of town for part of it.
  12. The guy who plays Tobias.
  13. That's alot of should be fun.
  14. Yea, he told us about most of it so Goldie and I are going to script it.
  15. A bunch of my friends are going to be in it and Loco is going to be in it as well. And yea Loco Rodgers told me when we went to get food yesterday. That'll be episode 4 or something because we have a rant from Nate and Tobias about Flag and Oddball soon.