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  1. Well the reason I don't have a specific date is because we are unsrue when we are getting the tv, however I'm hoping its by next week
  2. Ok....I'm sort of bored since my TV broke a week or two ago ( as said in another topic ._.) Not too much to do, so when I do get a new TV, I'm thinking of holding a marathon. Games that can be included: Rock Band 2 Left 4 Dead Res. Evil 5 Halo Wars Halo 3 CoD 4/WaW Red Faction Guerilla Gears 2 Castle Crashers So if you want to join or something just post here
  3. Alright luckily I will have a new tv by at least this week hopefully so I hope to see you guys again soon
  4. Same thing with me Dropsnap. Fortunately, I saw that Snipe is now getting the ForgeSchool program up and running and Im glad for that. Idm if this topic is locked now, however I would like my helper sign up to be used by Snipe because we need sufficient help for a program like this.
  5. Sandbox definitely for forge ( even though I haven't made a real racetrack YET) Sandbox and Foundry for custom Matchmaking would be Orbital/Standoff
  6. 1. Yeah it sucks alot ;-; 2. I am inactive atm 3. I try to post when I get the chance, kind of get myself out there
  7. Hey guys sorry for the inactivity (especially for HT RR) my TV is messed up and won't work so I could be inactive for quite a while so...yeah D:
  8. Ah now I see why nobody else has been posting in my program topic xD Well, hearing of this, I am glad and hoping that this can be a success. Good luck making it work!
  9. And you get Fried Chicken I put in Rotissery chicken ( good with hot sauce )
  10. FUN

    I recently thought up this because of SpongeBob. All you have to do is tell us what your acronym for FUN is example Plankton's FUN F IS FOR FIRE TO BURN DOWN THE WHOLE TOWN U IS FOR URANIUM...BOMBS! N IS FOR NO SURVIVOOORS WHEN YOU...! () My FUN F is for Farts U is for more Uranium Bombs! N is for No idea what to put
  11. You get knuckles ;P I put in myself
  12. Im thinking of getting some of the management/staff around here to help hold it up, maybe also create a new forum for the program
  13. You get DEATHBEAR I put in Sony
  14. Well, I had an idea, and I thought HaloTracks should hold a forging program type thing I was thinking it would be like people who sign up would be good and bad forgers. These people can group in 2s or 3s (good and bad) The good forgers might gice tutorials to their group members or help them out with new tracks. I think this could remove laziness in forgers and help rookie creators become experts. Please vote and tell me what you think! Alright, because it seems that most are agreeing with me, I will open up a helper sign up. I'm going to need 5 people to "sign". If this goal is reached, I would like this program to start and to have a forum of its own please 1.killer200o (assuming from his post at the bottom) 2.ghostrider655 3.gogetarulez 4.Lewis(?) 5. Gold(?) Ok so like in my post VVVVV Snipe is setting up his ForgeSchool now so lets gear up for that
  15. Now I know there is campaign and firefight, and I am hoping there will be forge for ODST. It would be fun and interesting if it happened. It's just that everyone is forgetting the multiplayer o.o I saw somewhere (Xbox or ign I forget) that ODST is 1-16 players, and firefight is only 4 people, so it is something to look forward to!