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  1. Gonna bump this forum, hope you don’t mind love the tashe Jeff enjoy a drunk pic folks
  2. Jeez it has been a while since I have posted anything here, but I like to visit every few months to see what’s going on. I may have lost interest in Halo but this community will always be in my heart. But enough of the soppy stuff, you see the question in the title; what has everyone here been up too? It is nice to come back and here what old friends and new members alike have been doing in life, so I thought I would drop this post to see if anyone would reply with an update on thereselves since joining or leaving or just whatever in the last few years For example, I joined when i was just 13 and in my second year in high school, now I have just graduated college and starting university to become a PE teacher. I’m currently learning to drive and, I feel old for saying this, I turn 23 in a few months. I hope everyone is doing well and I will drop by soon again, I promise :)
  3. Coming back here is such a throwback 

    1. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      i know right; Jeff should somehow figure out how to keep this version of the website alive along side the new version that they are working on right now. 

  4. oh wow this site looks beautiful on mobile! Will definitely be back on my laptop tomorrow to look around 

  5. Wish you all a Happy New Year..... even if I'm late...

  6. I wish I had the time to fully return to HT

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    2. Camonized


      Long time no see. Wish you could stick around because we miss you!

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      "Bet chya can't stick it" - Cassel's meem 2016

    4. Nugget


      I miss you guys too! Just college and stuff has gotten in the way, I got a new laptop so I will try and come around more often

  7. From the looks of things, the community seems like it is still really active. I'm happy to see that and hope HT becomes as big as it was back in H3

    1. Offrce
    2. Camonized


      Good to see you Nugget! Would love to see you stick around!

    3. Nugget


      I would love to stick around! It's just college and work has just taken over for now :/

  8. I really hope TimeSplitters Rewind finishes and doesnt get abandoned

  9. So......anyone enjoy the World Cup? Im weeks late but still

  10. Its pathetic that people are selling destiny codes on ebay for more than theyre worth

    1. gogetarulez


      I should do that lol.

    2. Nugget


      Going for £10 at least

  11. Sign me up
  12. Well that trial was a waste of time now
  13. 6/10 I remember you from somewhere
  14. I used to drive a tank around in GTA V multiplayer before the money hacks and kill everyone. Id blow up barrels and tankers when doing missions to try and teamkill. Drive vehicles off cliffs in Halo. Fly helicopters out of bounds with others in them on BF. Id trap people in corners with riot shields then drop care packages on them on MW3. Commit suicide if i was the last person alive in Search and Destroy.
  15. Told some kids i could hack mw2 to give them 10th prestige (i was 10th at the time) by hacking the game if they would let me get some headshots. 12 nukes and a few fall camos later i "disconnected and got banned" and blocked them
  16. It could be fun to have a WSOP tournament

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    2. eNJayDizzle
    3. Populare


      No. Real Deal.

    4. Offrce


      Yeah Real Deal would get last because he goes all-in every hand lol

  17. Fitness test and written test on Thursday. This might be difficult....

  18. I have an interview for college on Thursday! :D

  19. Started watching RWBY, its pretty good

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    2. Nugget


      Im not much of an anime fan. Its pretty funny

    3. OrionHardy


      You can definitely see the Monty's Love for Final Fantasy. It feels like what you'd get if you put Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX into a blender.

    4. Em0


      I stopped watching about halfway through, but from what I saw it was ok. The fight scenes were excellent considering that is Monty's specialty, however the animation seemed rather stiff and just awkward looking a lot of the time compared to RvB and the story was really bland and cliche.

  20. Man Utd drew Bayern Munich in the Champions league. Im so done :(