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  1. 1. Glaciation 2. Tire and Ice 3. Straights MX
  2. Map Name: Whitehorse MX Gamertag: Populare Link to .mvar download: https://tinyurl.com/y4mxechb
  3. HT Demo Revival This topic details the plan we (myself and Nuked) have laid out for the revival of HT Demo as a functioning squad. In the past, HT Demo has done traditional and pre-planned tournaments under multiple formats. Some have worked and some have not, and many have not lasted for a long period of time. The goal for this revival, and in the longer view for the squad, is to impose a system that hardly requires oversight on anyone’s part and doesn’t restrict the squad to brief (and diminished) revivals controlled by any one person. While the squad has its ups and downs, this system is intended to preserve continuity. Read this topic carefully, as we might add or remove some features. Questions and feedback are encouraged. Initiation of a Tournament The initiation of a tournament will take the shape of an in-between planned and impromptu event. Someone in the community, who we will call the captain, will form a team of 4 - Team A. For the tournament, Team A is the home team This will be important when running a tournament. The captain of Team A will post his team list of 4 people including himself to the Discord channel, and a rough estimate of what day and time they would be willing to compete. (A) Looking for Opponent. Friday/Saturday after 6pm ET. Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 The community will try to get together to form their own team of 4 to challenge Team A. The captain of Team B will post a response to Team A in the Discord channel with his team list of 4 people including himself. (B) Against Member1’s Team. Saturday 6pm ET. Member5 Member6 Member7 Member8 If negotiation for a specific day or time is needed, that will take place between these two captains and/or their team members outside of the Discord channel. This process can be flexible as needed, can be spontaneous (i.e. within minutes), and can take place using any form of communication method. Other teams can also be formed simultaneously to challenge future Team As but this must be acknowledged only after another team has posted as Team A. Future teams can take the initiative to be Team A by posting their team list first. Team A is reserved for the team who posts their team list first. Team B is reserved for the team who challenges Team A first. Team A is the home team only for one tournament at a time and can continue to be Team A for consecutive tournaments as long as they initiate the tournament first. Once a tournament is completed and results recorded, old team posts will be deleted from the Discord channel and old teams will have to reproduce a new post. This would also be required for back-to-back tournaments and rematches. Teams who cannot find an opponent immediately will have a week to do so, otherwise their post will be deleted. Conducting a Tournament Once Team A and Team B have agreed to a day and time, the lobby will be formed consisting of the team lists agreed upon (on Discord). A member of Team A will be lobby host, but if connection is an issue it can be the lobby’s discretion to decide who is best to host. If the team lists change at all between initiation and the start of the tournament, it must be run by the other captain(s) and agreed upon once again. If disagreed, the tournament is cancelled and Team A can (re)initiate their team list or see if another team will challenge them. You must run the entire tournament with, and only with, your posted team list. No substitutions in the middle of tournaments. If one (or two) people drop out in the middle of the tournament, the team captains can agree to run the rest of the tournament as a 3v3, or else the entire tournament will be null. In-game demo rules will be utilized. Reference the HT Demo rules topic. Only use maps found in the HT Demo Map Database marked with a ‘C’. Team A, unless for reasons agreed upon by both team captains, is host of the lobby. Team A, as home team, will have first pick in map selection. Team B will have second pick. This will alternate until the tournament is completed. Maps are not to be played on twice in a tournament. Teams do not have to disclose what maps they are picking until it is their turn to select one. Each team has one veto for the other team’s map selection. This veto must be sent by the team captain via Discord, or Xbox messages. The team picking the map must then select a new map off the database and that map cannot be used in the same tournament. Tournaments will be best of 7, meaning that the first team to reach 4 undisputed wins in 7 matches wins the tournament. Unless otherwise stated, all races will be 15 laps. Some maps can be negotiated for longer or shorter distances, but this must be understood by both team captains. The rotation of racers is not required. Team captains can rotate their racers if they wish, but it will not be mandated. A team member is able to race all or none of the maps. Teams will be in separate party chats, but team captains may float between party chats to facilitate vetoes and discuss tournament procedures. Team A will keep track of the maps played on and wins/losses. This will be posted to the HT Demo squad forum upon completion of the tournament. Format for posting results can be as simple as the following: Team A Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 Team B Member5 Member6 Member7 Member8 Map Name, 15-14, Member5 wins Map Name, 15-14, Member1 wins Map Name, 15-14, Member4 wins Map Name, 15-14, Member2 wins Map Name, 15-14, Member1 wins Overall, 4-1, Team A wins Leaderboard and Rank System We have not officially decided the proper way to go about this, but for the time being we ask that Team A record their results as shown in this topic. Perhaps if this system is successful in the long run we can incorporate the results into our own leaderboard with informative statistics. Seasons based on the amount of tournaments completed are also a possibility, but we won’t get ahead of ourselves. We have also made an executive decision to pass on using the tournament system for simplicity. Competitive vs Casual A huge question in response to these announcements might be: what about demo for fun, or casual demo lobbies? There is an obvious answer. You are absolutely permitted to have demo for fun. However, since we are defining what is competitive for squad purposes, we must define what is not competitive. Casual lobbies are what most people would be familiar with when they think of demo - testing new maps, messing around, and lobby hosts having absolute discretion over the lobby. We don’t want to tamper with these activities. In fact, we want to endorse it. The HT Demo map list will be cognizant of casual demo lobbies by inclusion of demo maps not recommended for competitive purposes, but are still acceptable to play demo. Casual demo lobbies and casual demo maps are still considered demo, but for squad purposes these will be unranked and not included on the squad leaderboard.
  4. 1. Raildoors 2. Spam Fritter 3. Lelsuvius
  5. battle tracks

    Respawn at checkpoint.
  6. How much support is there for demo right now? i.e. How many people are willing to make maps/attend tournaments?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      nobody ever clearly explained demotracks to me... Or told me who has the "official gametype". What does a map need to have?

    3. Populare


      @Kenjamin1 MI I recommend reading the first few sections of this. Basically you have two teams with a racer on each and three blockers on each. The racers try to complete laps while being blocked by the opposing team. Thus, the maps that are played have to be uncheatable and easy to race/block on. There are several examples in the gallery. I haven't bothered to make a guide on how to set up the gametype because there doesn't seem to be a demand at the moment.

    4. Bean05


      I'll definitely race in a tournament. 

      I just don't have the time to forge at the moment really :( 

      Maybe in a month or two.

  7. Ok these are my findings when submitting a map. 1. Map magnet should be called download link, or content browser link. 2. While submitting a map magnet link, you shouldn't be able to proceed without submitting one. *Create a cancel button. *If you submit without a link, no entry should exist. 3. You cannot upload more than one image in the entry process. 4. You cannot edit the images after creating an entry. 5. At any point in the entry submission process, if you exit or press the back button, it will create an entry. Not good because it should delete it if it is incomplete. 6. Not very obvious where to type in the map name, it doesn't look like a text field unless you click on it. ***General user friendliness i.e. retardproofing is not present in submitting a map. You should create a forum topic telling people what to do, it is not as polished as Forgehub - which is not a joke.
  8. http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=maps&module=view&section=view&id=2087 @Mad Hatter Halo: MCC did not have this map, Halo 4 did. There's a logo on the map post that is assigned to each map post that tells you what game it is from. This happened across the gallery. Is that simpler for you?
  9. I already talked to Hatter in the shoutbox about demo maps not in the demo category. However - there seems to be an issue with certain maps (might be all of them), not having the correct game logo on the map post. For example, Acrophobia, which is a Halo 4 map, was assigned to the Master Chief Collection when it is only available on Halo 4. There are many like this...
  10. Yeah I didn't spend time on that sand section, I was tired of looking at the track and just wanted to get it over with.
  11. I've been listening to a lot of 80's alternative. Here is a gem I found. [youtubeHD=kcouA8yXYPM][/youtubeHD]
  12. hey jake do you know matthew

    1. Rob


      no but he might meet Nicole

    2. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      Hey, Nicole's my sister! And if I had to guess I would say that Hurricane Nichole is gonna be a bitch!