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  1. If you do decide to do this, I think I would be willing to donate 50% of the points.
  2. Sure, we can all play black ops together, but a squad? I don't think so. HT Modern Warfare failed epicly (I would know, I started it!)
  3. Gonna trade in some games. Hoping gamestop will give me enough for black ops

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    2. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      You will get more money for your games off ebay.

    3. Guest


      yea what he said

    4. MISTA 305

      MISTA 305

      gamestop is a ripoff

  4. Yo mama so poor that she saw the double rainbow in black and white.
  5. :/ MM apps that were submitted after mine are almost all reviewed... mine is still testing.... SUSPENSE!

  6. I hope my MM app will be reviewed today... Can someone get online and help me with scenery? I wanna add scenery to the tracks that I make from now on

    1. Das TeknoViking

      Das TeknoViking

      send me a message on xbl. I'll help you out. gt is the same as my name.

  7. Hey smm check out my 3rd (and hopefully last) MM app!

  8. Subscribe to me on youtube! I'm rendering some cool clips and so far I have one uploaded to youtube. My youtube name is ExawtiiC
  9. NOOOOO... actually yea probably. I just made this one:
  10. Pretty ninja riiight?
  11. Yea... it's a lot harder to outline the eyes and mouth than it is to outline the whole outside of the mau5.
  12. I got you the avi! [img=http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad98/DaReconuy/deadmau5avi.png] How much will you pay?
  13. Welcome to the site! You can add me if you want, but I can't play much lately. Hope you can learn some stuff about forge and racing and whatever else you wanna know!
  14. Welcome to HT! I'm glad you are impressed with the layout/skin. If you wanna learn how to forge there is the HT Forge School (I think we have it up and running). Hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. I recently raced on Funkzilla, and I noticed that there are MOVING KILL BALLS! Not only were they moving, but they were moving along the track! My question: How do you make things like kill balls move?