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  1. how does it feel now that like every other person haz recon now.?? sucks 4 you


  2. bad girlfriend theory of a deadman
  3. 8/10 the background it cool
  4. uh what about around the middle of the day that way it's not too early, or too late, like from 12:00-3:00 i dunno it's just a suggestion, and if you need more people i would be happy to join if there's room
  5. cause god wanted short people why is the drinking age 21?
  6. 1/10 didn't kno you were in HT
  7. uhh i haven't done any of this kind of stuff yet, but this sounds fun, can i join ?
  8. Hey's lol i played with u eariler yesterday with storm... your pretty good.

  9. i thought the name used to be halo 3:recon, but they changed it to halo 3 :ODST
  10. that's more like it

  11. Yup. Of course. okay, maybe 100 a day. :p

  12. made that number up all by your self?

  13. Lol. You get asked that question like 120924 times a day. i think its funnii :p yea yea yea, i know i know. shutup >.>

  14. oh yeah my mom doesn't really care but my dad can get kinda pissed, i don't really even want to be on as much as i am.